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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Once Upon A Time

there was a beautiful fairy princess(she did not know she was beautiful because she was young and stupid).  She was carefree and she stitched in the evenings after work.  This is an example of one of her creations:

Posted by Picasa

I found these items up over the garage packed away.  The two ornaments were stitched by a very talented friend, Karen Van Wert of Flushing, MI.

Ahhhhh and now the fairy princess has 5 children and a home business.  Memories are so much fun!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daylight Needlework Up Light 65.99 Only at I Have A Notion

Here I am in my very clean house fully dressed with my spectacles on doing some stitching.  I have fresh flowers delivered daily and really enjoy relaxing during the afternoon with a bit of stitching. 

If you are a regular reader you are already rolling your eyes.  If not, you should roll your eyes.  This is not even my reality.....however needing more light is.  I find the older I get, the harder it is to see without very bright lights.  I prefer Daylight Lights because they are brighter (just ask my neighbors....I have them in every light on the first floor and my house looks like a landing strip).

The Daylight Needlework Up Light (suggested retail 89.99) is only 65.99 through December 15th at I Have A Notion.  Why such a good deal?  Because if you are like me, you wait to buy these types of stitching accessories when they go on sale.  We wait and wait and wait and typically don't get around to getting ourselves a nice light.  So if this describes you or a dear friend or family member, stop by I Have A Notion and see the good deals for yourself.

Bright Smiles,

Moda Bake Shop Sampler - 480 Fun Filled Charms ONLY 35.00

You don't want to miss getting one of these  Moda Bake Shop Samplers .  They are 35.00 and there are 480 mini charm squares for your creative pleasure.  They make wonderful gifts too.  There are 12 mini charm square packages in the newest of Moda's fabrics.  You could even break them up and give them to 12 of your quilting friends for an affordable and fun surprise or stocking stuffer.

Supplies are limited because these are a one time deal :)


May Arts Ribbon Stocking....Check this out.

Most of you know already that I love May Arts Ribbon.  The quality is tops.  Every now and again I get a chance to peak at their blog.  Look what I found:

I really like the close up photo of the top of the stocking.  Click here if you want the instructions to make one for yourself :) 


Monday, December 7, 2009

A wee bit of Cirque

I don't think I've shared with anyone about my big interview coming up here in January.  I'll let you in on a little have to promise not to tell a Soleil.  I have been invited to interview for a position with Cirque du Soleil.  Apparently someone from Cirque has been reading my blog.  They were so impressed with my balancing act they phoned me requesting an interview.  I need to be ready to replace one of these people by January.  Which one should I replace?  Hmmmmm....

I have been practicing......

How do you think I'm doing?  Do you think I'll be ready by January 2010? Me either.  But I sure had fun at the Imagination Station in Toledo this weekend.

Posted by Picasa

Aaron played fireman and had a ball.

The boys got to visit with St. Nick.

Zach was making a magnetic sculpture. 

Posted by Picasa

Yes this is my husband.  Rick was pretending to be moving in slow motion.  Makes you wonder why he would be married to someone as boring as me ay?  LOL

The boys attempting to walk through a room that is tilted on an angle.  If I just walk near the opening of this room I instantly feel ill.  I have no idea how children can play in there for so long without becoming sick to their stomach.

Zach busting a move on the piano.

All of that on a Saturday night.  Then on angel appeared:

To put a star on our Christmas tree.

The end to a fun weekend:

Waking up Monday morning to find some snow falling.  The boys had to see some tire tracks in the snow.  They jumped on their bikes and took a little spin in the driveway before the bus arrived.

Ahhhh....if every weekend were so much fun.  I guess it is all a balancing act ay?

Circus Smiles,
(Disclaimer-the stuff about Cirque calling me...was BS....well VBS...Very Believable Stuff....for those with reality problems...LOL)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tutto Sewing Machine Bags from 149.00 to 239.00 at I Have A Notion

No kidding...medium Tutto bags start at 149.00 , Large 169.99 and XXL 239.00.  That is a huge savings just in time for the Holidays. 

Stop by I Have A Notion to check out the Tutto Bags and all the other Recent Additions


These are just few of the colors available.  If you don't see the color you want, please e-mail .  Customer satisfaction is my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get Organized with the Desktop Carousel for 32.99

I was so tired of all those coffee cups fulled with my sewing tools next to my sewing machine.  I decided to get myself this very cool organizer and look at how nice it holds my tools.

Posted by Picasa
The Desktop Carousel is only 32.99 at I Have A Notion.

Display and organize tools and crafting supplies with this sturdy MDF 6-sided organizer with 10 compartments and 6 drawers. Each side features a metal label holder and each drawer features a metal handle & magnetic closure. Easy turn base.

I've decided that I'm done with being disorganized.  I may have to re-organize every so often....but at least I'm going to have some places to put my things to keep them together nicely.


Friday, December 4, 2009

I used my Quick Points Ruler

Quick Points 1 " Ruler at IHAN for 26.99.  I have one and I love it.

Over Thanksgiving I had a chance to sew with my dear friend Mary Jane.  We had a ball.  This is one of the things we made.  We used some of her turkey fabric and make some Prairie Points or Picots.

Then we made the Ric Rack.  We did just what the video told us to do and it worked out perfectly.  I'm going to add the Ric rack to my co-workers Christmas pillow cases.  When they are finished I'll post the photos.

In case you did not get to see this video the first time I posted it is again.  This is the Ric Rack video tutorial.

View all the Quick Points Rulers here.  These are great gift ideas.  How nice would it be to surprise somone with one of these under the tree?


Love Batik Textiles? Wondering what to do with them?

Did you know IHAN has over 60 one yard cuts of Batik Textiles?  It's true!!  They are one yard cuts and I only have one yard of each one.  You can purchase them in groupings here.  The photos below are just a few of the pieces I have for sale.

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Love Batiks but don't know what to do with a one yard cut. 

Besides the obvious purpose for fabric....have you considered giving it as a gift wrap?  You can and it is so easy.  Check out this video from YouTube about Furoshki.  My friends, Jim and Chika, came to visit from Nagano Japan in March.  They brought me a book about Furoshki and some lovely fabric.  I love it and I love the idea of using fabric as gift wrap so it can be re-used.  Think about don't have to buy paper gift is can buy just the one yard cut you love and tell the person if they won't use give it back and you can use it in your beautiful creations :)  You can also give a gift in it to a stitching friend.  I know they would love it and appreciate the gift so much more.


On the FOURTH DAY of CHRISTMAS at Sew Fantastic

Wow....check this out if you want to win some excellent books :)

My sincere thanks to Terri Harlan of Sew Fantastic for doing this wonderful giveaway and for saying such nice things about me and my store.  I hope to live up to every single word! 


Sewing Birds

Look what I got to touch last night:

It is a sewing bird.  I had never seen one before last night.  They were used in the 18 and 1900's for holding fabric.  The person stitching could hold the fabric tight with one hand and the bird was a clamp to hold the fabric so the person could stitch.

Here you will find some historical information about these beautiful collectables from the Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, NJ.  They have a collection of Sewing Birds and you can see some of them on their web page.

I went to a Christmas Party for one of my stitching groups last night.  The party was held at Joyce's house and I wish I had taken pictures of her decorations.  They were just beautiful.  A Christmas Village all light up, a beautiful Christmas tree, Santa Clause Collection on the mantel and Christmas music playing softly in the background.  Many of the ladys were wearing fun holiday clothing, not me :(   It was a mini vacation for me.  Joyce brought out some of her sewing antiques and the bird was one of them.  I loved it and of course now I want one....or 100...LOL

Joyce had an article taken from Mark Lapinski's Quilter's Home and I believe it was Aug./Sept. 2009 issue and there were lots of antique sewing clamps.  Check out the magazine to see more amazing sewing clamps.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Gypsy Sit Upon NOW AVAILABLE 22.95

The Gypsy Sit Upon is $22.95 and NOW AVAILABLE at I Have A Notion.  You ask....what is a Gypsy Sit Upon....well let me show you:

Posted by Picasa

I had the opportunity to sit on this purple nubby seat cushion and I could not believe how much I liked it.  It really felt like my tailbone was more relaxed.  I know I sit at my computer for hours at a time some days and I knew this would be an excellent item to have.  My only to keep my co-workers from flinging it around the house. 

You can use the Gypsy Sit Upon while driving, reading, quilting, sewing or any other time you are seated for a longer period of time. 

Softly inflated flexible disc prevents fatigue and reduces pressure on the tailbone.
Helps relieve lower back pain, strengthens core muscles, and improves posture.
Nubby texture allows cooling air flow, and promotes improved blood circulation.
Durable purple rubberized material remains soft and pliable. One size fits all!

This is another one of those products that I wondered about when I saw this a gimmick or is this really something that would be comfortable?  My 2 is worth the money and very comfortable.

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