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Monday, September 12, 2011

Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine Winner Announced

The winner is Nancy Sue!  Please e-mail me with your full name and address and I'll get the magazine in the mail to you asap.  If I don't hear from Nancy Sue in three days...I'll draw another winner.

Thanks for all the fun comments.  I do want to point out there were lots of No-Reply Bloggers...if the Random Number Generator would have chosen you....I would have had to re-draw because there is no way to contact you.  One way to tell for sure...if you didn't get a reply from me after you left a comment.  If you want to change your status if you don't know how:

•first, go to your blogger dashboard

•near your picture or logo on the left, click "Edit Profile"

•go to the first section labeled "Privacy"

•in this section, the third line down should say "Show Email Address"

•make sure the IS a Check Mark in the "Show Email Address"

•if you don't have an email address listed, you can fill it in in the "Identity" section

•The MOST IMPORTANT part when you finish, is to go to the bottom of the page and click "Save Profile" on the bottom left side. If you do not click save it won't work.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine 2011

Look what I got today.....
Quilting Arts Magazine is one of my absolute favorite magazines of all time.  Always something new to see and interesting techniques showcased including instructions....right up my alley.

I dropped everything I was doing (and supposed to be doing) and sat on my sofa and read the Quilting Arts Magazine Gifts Holiday Magazine.  If you like to make hand made gifts for the holidays you will certainly find many fun ideas inside....including ornaments, totes, covers, journals, table runners, place mats and many more projects to choose from. 

One that caught my eye immediately was the Nametag Pouches by Susan Brubaker Knapp (Blue Moon River).  I'll be sporting a new Nametag Pouch come Fall Quilt Market in October....thanks to Susan. 
I think these Nametag Pouches are excellent for travel too. When you have to go through so many checkpoints at the airport having your drivers license in the front is convenient and you can put your credit card and a little cash in the pouch so you don't have to dig through your wallet or purse. They are fun for guild meeting name tags too. I  made some, much different that these beauties, for my boys. I make them wear them under their shirts when we go to large places so they can be identified if they get lost (we write our cell phone numbers on business cards).

Jen Eskridge, Reanna Lily Designs, another gal I know....also had a fun gift idea.  Jen calls her project the Cold Weather Kit and it includes a coordinating scarf, headband and glove saver set.  Since I have three girls you know I was all over this idea.  The really cool thing about this gift idea is that it is appropriate for all age ranges.  I want a set for myself ....don't you?

I really, really, really like this magazine.....however.....what I didn't tell you is that I have two to keep and one to give away!!!  So, if you are an IHAN blog follower, leave a comment on this post and I'll draw a random winner on Monday for this years Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine.



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ- Quilter's Rule WonderCut Ruler Review

It is Wednesday again...and time to Raise Your E-Notion IQ!  Last Wednesday I was very Lazy and I let Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs, do the explaining for me(if you missed here).  This week....I'm even lazier...if you can believe that! 

A friend of mine, Karin from Sew Write Creations,wrote the following product review after purchasing the Wonder Cut Ruler from I Have A Notion (IHAN).  She did such a great job I figured I wouldn't re-create the wheel...I'd just let Karin tell ya!  So, without further's Karin's review :)

"I asked for it because I wanted to do a Carpenter’s Star wall hanging.  I watched the video (posted below) and read the directions (yeah, I know, that’s a first for me!) – they made cutting perfect half-square triangles look easy and fool-proof. You know I’m still a newbie quilter (and probably will be for years to come!) and you know how much I *hate* math. So, when I read that all the triangles could be cut out in just a couple of hours, using this ruler, I just knew I had to have this new gadget. You and  your elves got it to me in record time, and I already had the fabric, so I was good to go in just a few days.

Actually FOLLOWING the directions was a first for me. So, all I had to figure out was how big I wanted my wall hanging to be and how big I wanted each finished square. NO MATH – I just lined up the ruler and cut! Could it get any easier?? Oh yeah, baby, it can and it did! After I cut my strips, I sewed ‘em together down both long sides……still wasn’t sure how this was going to work, but, armed with faith and the computer nearby and tuned to the Wonder Cut directions I cut and sewed the other 2 sets of strips. Fabrics 1 and 2 together, Background and Fabric 1 and finally, Background and Fabric2.

Once more, I referred to the written directions and the video before I started cutting. Why, you ask? Because I haven’t got that Beam ‘n Read yet, and I cannot see well enough to rip out my mistakes, so I must do it right the first time (or buy extra fabric, which I’ve been known to do!). So, the video tells me to line the ruler up on the edge of the fabric, using the line that will give me the correct size square and cut on both sides, then flip the ruler to the other edge and cut down both sides again – here’s my first cut:

making them involved measuring (twice) rectangles, cutting them out, drawing a line down the middle, drawing another line making the triangles, sewing, cutting, cutting again, and hoping like heck I’d measured and figured properly. So, now, you can imagine just how thrilled I was to open up this perfect little square and know that I no longer had to waste time measuring, drawing, cutting and hoping!!
In no time flat, I had me neat little piles of perfectly sized half-square triangles:
Here’s what they all looked like as I started to put them together:

here’s the “pattern” I was working from, so you can see it was no small feat to get all my triangles lined up the right way:

it all turned out:

So, what’s all this mean? And what’s it got to do with the Wonder Cut ruler? Well, it’s taken me longer to write up this post than it took me to cut and sew all these pesky HST’s. Could I have accomplished it using my usual tool (a 6 x 24” ruler)?? Probably. Could I have done it right the first time, every time? Probably not. Could I have done it without using Driver’s math skills? Definitely not. Would I have even attempted it? Not on your life. Was there ever a moment of regret for spending that much money on a ruler? Well, maybe, but the beautiful finished product and the time saved have certainly outweighed the expense."

There you have it folks!!  Thank you Karin for your great review and honest review (and for doing my job for me today)!!! 

If you prefer written directions, here are the Wonder Cut Ruler Directions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sale Extended

I received some e-mails from some gals who were out of town for the holiday weekend.  I agreed to continue the sale until Wednesday night and thought I should be fair and keep it open to everyone.

Click here to see the incredible deals on Aurifil Threads, Wonderfil Threads, Slice Fabrique Design Cards and AccuQuilt Dies.


Sunday, September 4, 2011


Save on Aurifil Thread, Wonderfil Thread,  Slice Fabrique Design Cards and AccuQuilt GO! Dies

In Stock Only...order now because when they are gone....they are gone :)
Offer expires Monday September 5th at midnight

Attention All September FabShop Hoppers
Get a special discount on Beam N Read 6 LED Hands Free Lights when you enter "Bunny" in the coupon code in your shopping cart.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is National Sewing Month

Yes, September is National Sewing Month!!!  I am inviting you to join me in celebrating and honoring the tradition of the needle arts by recognizing those people in your life that have either taught you to stitch, encouraged you to stitch, given you time and support as you have pursued your passion for stitching.
 Who taught you to sew/embroidery/knit/crochet?  What was it about them that made you want to take up stitching?

We all have a story to share about those people in our lives who have given us the gift and love of stitching.

 I would like for you to send this person a hand written letter or card (send flowers if you and say Thank You and tell them what it means to you that they have shared their gifts with you.
I know many have already passed on (you can write those in your journal if you like) but there are plenty of folks who keep us inspired and wanting to learn more right here right now who would probably appreciate knowing how they touched your life.
It is also a good time to reflect on how you are or have impacted the life of another stitcher in a positive way....did you give them some thread or fabric to get them going?
Take time to be grateful for those experiences....really let yourself feel the treasure that we all have to enjoy and share with one another....our time and attention.

So often we are caught up in the project or technique at hand.....wanting it to be "wonderful" or as amazing as we see it in our minds even though many of us are not able to translate the exact perfection of our minds onto cloth or thread.

Take a step back, take time to reflect.....and take a crazy leap into the abyss....and enjoy what you have accomplished and created.  Isn't it wonderful?
Then take out a note card or piece of real paper....and write a note to someone who has impacted your stitching life positively. (no text messages, tweets, e-mails, etc permitted)

Feel free to enclose a little mug rug....a package of needles or even a tea bag....any little token of appreciation....people always love a little surprise....think of how many people's lives will be touched if every one of us just writes one note.  I know I have several to write :)

In closing, I'd like to acknowledge one woman who has taken on a huge mission to invite those who don't stitch to learn to stitch by giving them the necessary tools to begin.  She came up with this idea all on her own....out of the goodness of her heart....without being paid one thin dime....just to share with others the pleasure of stitching.

Who is this woman? 

 Madame Samm from Sew We Quilt and Sew I Quilt!  Did you know she has singlehandedly launched a 3 month campaign that includes daily giveaways to quilters and not yet quilters/stitchers?  She has given so much of her precious time and talent just to encourage others to learn to stitch so they too can share in the joy of stitching.  Impressive isn't it?  I think so....THANK YOU Madame Samm for being willing to do so much to share your joy with the rest of us :) 

At the end of September, I am going to invite you all back to share your stories about your experiences and the outcome of your sending notes....and of course if you received a note....that might be fun to share too.

With much gratitude and big smiles,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ - Lazy Angle Ruler by Creative Grids

It's Wednesday and this week....I actually know it is Wednesday....that is such a great thing!!!  It just so happens I was able to combine my visit with Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs, and Julie Herman, Jaybird Quilts, with the ruler I want to review.  All thanks to Checker Distributor Open House.

This sweet friendly face belongs to none other than that Lazy Girl herself, Joan Hawley.    She is holding the Lazy Angle Ruler she designed for Creative Grids.  The reason I wanted to review this ruler is because I'm one who does not like to have a "one wheel wonda" ruler (what I call a one purpose notion) they seem to be a waste of space.  The Lazy Angle Ruler is definitely no "one wheel wonda" and thanks to Joan's demo blocks....I don't even have to make these up for my post....she did all my work for me.  Now who is the Lazy one?
This is the Lazy Angle Ruler and I've been using it for my Hugs and Kisses Quilt (Julie Herman's Pattern).

This is Julie's version of Hugs and Kisses above and mine is below.  I am using a Bali Pop and joining the strips for mine.
So....this is how you use the Lazy Angle Ruler:
You saw the templates Joan used in the video.  Below you can see other templates that show how you can join any side seamed block (of the same size) making a huge variety of quilt patterns.
If you have some charm squares and you don't know what to do with you go:
Strips left over?  Here you go!
You can even use the Lazy Angle Ruler to cut the blocks you just made again to get really interesting designs.  So interesting in fact, Joan and Julie have tons of new patters that use the Lazy Angle Ruler :)
I think the designs you can make with this ruler are only limited by your willingness to play ...or if you are like me and want to buy the pattern....between Joan and Julie there are at least 14 patterns you can choose from.

I love the angles in some of these quilts.  Typically a quilter would either be darn good at piecing or use paper piecing to get those sharp points......but not if you use the Lazy Angle Ruler :)

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


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