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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentines Day Giveaway Alert

Quilting Can Be Fun is having a Valentines Day Giveaway.  If you may have to consider some sort of swap for the is just too cute :)  LOL

Good Luck to Everyone who enters!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Store Gets a Return AND A Gift???

I wonder how many stores get a returned item along with a gift for the owner?  IHAN does :)  I sent Barb Gaddy a Bendable Bright Light (actually my husband packaged it) and it had an international plug on the end.  The company had sent it to me in error and since my husband was helping with packaging he never noticed. 

Barb and I had several e-mails back and forth and we were both scratching our heads.  I did not understand what she was talking about and she had no clue as to what I was saying.  Then she sent a had the international plug on it.  ROFL

Once we discovered why were unable to understand one another....I immediately shipped Barb another BBL but this time it had the correct plug.  She sent me back the other one and inside the box was this beautiful fabric.  Thank you so very much Barb!! 
I have some of the best customers in the world!!
My family even received a lovely Christmas gift from Jocelyn, Happy Cottage Quilter.  Can you believe that?

I have always believed there were more wonderful people in the world than the not so wonderful one's you hear about.  It is true....and I am fortunate enough to know a whole slew of amazing people.

Grateful Smiles,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toni Whitney's Art is on E-Bay-What An Opportunity to Own An Original

Do you remember this post about Toni Whitney ?  She is the artist who has patterns at the Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. 

I recently learned she has some of her original art work on E-Bay.  Below are the descriptions and if you click on them it will take you directly to the auction site. 

This is an incredible opportunity for those who love horses!


Longarm Quilt Guild Meeting

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest to a Longarm Quilt Guild Meeting in Maumee, OH.  I know almost nothing about longarm quilting and I wanted to know more about the process so I jumped at the opportunity. 

Show and tell was too much fun.  Look at these amazing quilts.

This is a Celtic Wedding Ring.  It is pieced in squares and the "elbows" are needle turn applique.

This is Cindy.....the woman with the "patience of a saint" to put the Celtic Wedding Ring together.  Didn't she choose beautiful colors for her quilt?

When I saw this next beauty,  I instantly thought of Moda Bake Shop Sampler.  However, in the Sampler there are only 480 squares.  This quilt has 2000....yes....two thousand squares.  It was made by Sheryl Guess. 

I really like how Sheryl laid out the squares.  Can you imagine the work involved?
I really like green so you know this one jumped out at me. It was made by Lisa Spalding and the pattern is Magic Tiles.

Here is a close up so you can see the fabrics.

After show and tell we were indulged in an amazing pot luck lunch. I was thinking it would be worth joining the guild just to take part in their quarterly potluck. These folks know how to cook.....unlike someone else I know.

Don't I look happy and at total ease with Lisa's longarm quilting machine? 

Oh yea baby.....I'm a natural. 

This is a picture of my very first free motion quilting.  I just zipped right along .... sort of like a Zen Master Meditating.  I was at total peace and my breaths were even and and out....completely at one with the machine, fabric and thread. 

Ok, I lie like a rug (but you knew that).  This is actually my first work and I was sweating like a hog.  I was scared for some strange reason (I think it is because the black handles reminded me of my first time learning to ride a motorcycle.....I turned it over and darn near cried).  I'm so glad that machine was on a big table and the room was full of nice people....because if it had turned over on me.....I would have been traumatized beyond recovery....LOL.

Being a Psychologist by profession, I just so happen to know a little bit about IQ.  But that knowledge was completely useless on Saturday. 

This IQ refers to IntelliQuilter!!!  I had never even heard of such an invention. It is a computer controlled quilting system. Who knew? I'm so glad I was not in the Cash Cab being asked what this referred to....LOL.

Check this out.  Lisa punched in some numbers on a computer screen and this is what happened:

I won't be doing anything this cool anytime soon but at least I know some of the lingo!!

The last piece here was made by Rich Spalding.  I loved this Dragon Quilt.  Rich used a pattern by MedowLyon Designs.

After quilting the design he used Paintsticks to highlight the areas he found interesting.  I think this is soooo cool.  Did I mention.....Rich has his own longarm machine?  I thought that was really neat....both Lisa and Rich do longarm quilting.  I was fortunate enough to meet some other couples who also use the longarm quilting machines

The meeting was very enjoyable and again I got the opportunity to meet some very interesting and kind people.  By the way, many of them liked my Spanky Fleece Socks!!! 


Monday, January 18, 2010

Digital Velocity Steam Iron V100 by Reliable Corp. Wins Two Thumbs Up

Rick is very picky about his irons.  He has bought 4 in the past 15 months.  I finally convinced him....well truth be known, Art from Reliable, convinced him that the Digital Velocity Steam Iron would be the best match for him.  I knew if I tried to explain it to him....he would just say...oh that's cool.  So I wrote to Art and asked if he would do a "guys run down" on how the iron worked and he did.  Thanks Art....You Rock!!! 

I opened the package and looked at the iron before Rick actually say it.  The hysterical thing is I could not figure out how the iron worked.  I looked and could not see how you could tell if it was on high or not.  So I left it on Rick's ironing board....yes we have two (actually 3) and he irons his clothes because he is a grown up and he can do big boy things...LOL.

Last night when Rick was ironing his clothes I asked him how he figured out when it was on high.  I figured it just beeped three times or something.  He said, "Kelly, you have to take off the little plastic protective covering on the iron to see the gauge."  Geez did I feel embarrassed.  

Rick said he likes the continuous steam and the fact that it does not leak....Hurray!!!  So much cheaper than paying for the last 4 irons....and of course....the stores won't take them back.  Guess there will be a few irons to sell at the garage sale this year. 


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where Is The Red Carpet When You Need It?

Oscar de la Renta  ....move over.....IHAN socks are going to run you off the red carpet!!!  I can't think of anything more wonderful to wear down the Red Carpet can you?  (do not answer that question)

A Red Carpet Event for me means one of my co-workers has spilled their V8-Splash onto the carpet.  None the less, I want to be dressed in the latest and greatest for these events too.  Tonight I finally made another pair of Spanky Fleece Socks!  I loved the pattern on the fleece I had so I used it to make the second pair.

People were asking me how you make a sock out of one piece of fleece.  Below are some photos that I hope help answer those questions.

See how the heel comes up to meet the foot at the ankle?

This is a photo of the sock turned upside down so you could see the back.

If I would have gone upstairs and re-painted my toenails this would not be posted so I decided....if they are good enough for me....they are good enough to show how I customized my new socks.  If you can't stand my little chips in my toe nail polish....just get a sharpie in the same color....and color it in on your computer screen.

I used a chalk liner to and traced around my foot so I could sew the sock to the shape of my foot.

Here you can see the chalk line.  Keep in mind you might want to do this for both feet.  Because if you trace the same foot on'll have two right feet for socks.  Quit know if I thought about it you just might have done it too :)
Posted by Picasa
Remember the first pair I made on Tuesday?  Well, I was so excited that I promised myself I would not take them off until I made myself another pair.  On the left is the first pair and on the right is the second pair.  Hmmmm....I'm wondering how much longer I could have possibly worn them?  I wish I would promise myself I would not eat unhealthy food and I would get 8 hrs a sleep each night and actually hold myself to it.....but these fleece socks are so much more fun :)

 I think I like the second pair a little more.  After drawing my foot out and stitching the outline, they feel like a wonderful new custom build Yacht for my feet. ROFL

Joyous Smiles,

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cedar Canyon Textiles Blog

I am on the e-mail list for Shelly Stokes, Cedar Canyon Textiles, newsletter.  I opened it and was so amazed to see all that Shelly has done recently.  Check out her blog.

My two favorite posts are : Discharge with Discharge Paste and Needle Felting with Stencils ~ Playing with Stencils 3.

I don't have any photos for you because I've been traveling all day and did not have time to e-mail Shelly and ask to "borrow" a photo to show off what I'm talking about. will just have to exercise your pointer finger on that mouse and click over to see her beautiful work.


Thursday, January 14, 2010 Is Raising Money For Haiti...find out more

It has taken me some time to figure out what IHAN can do to help the people in Haiti. I have created a Sister blog to IHAN and it is     I Have A Notion 2 Make A Difference. All of the information regarding this topic will be posted there. Please feel free to stop over and decide if you would like to be a part of Making A Difference.

Starting now, midnight January 15 through midnight January 20th  2010 you can purchase products from IHAN at the Suggested Retail value and 100% of the profits from those sales will be donated to those in need in Haiti.  You MUST e-mail your orders to with "Haiti Order" in the subject line to place an order that will benefit those in Haiti.  Please note the price you will be charged will not be the IHAN price posted on the will be the first price (has a line through it)  Suggested Retail Value

 Your total with shipping, will be e-mailed to you as soon as I have your items packaged and the exact postage calculated.  You can pay for your order by PayPal or if you don't have a PayPal account, you can send a check or money order.  I cannot accept credit cards.  My website has a secure check out so I never see any credit information.  Therefore I do not have a credit card machine here...everything is handled securely through the website.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


We Can Help Those In Haiti, I Know We Can

Here is a link I found that gives lots of places to donate.  Money is reportedly the best way to help because the folks who are providing supplies and staff can use the money to get the supplies needed in an organized fashion.

I will be sending money....I encourage everyone to do the same or help in some way that you can.  No matter if it is $1 ..... or many dollars.....that could be each one of us....scared and suffering.  I would want to know that the people of the world cared and would help.

We were able to raise 1200.00 for the children in Romania (donated to the Green Fairy Quilt Charity).  We sent over 40 boxes of needed supplies to American Samoa for the Tsunami relief efforts (  I am wondering what we can do for Haiti.

Leave me a comment or if you prefer to be private...send me an e-mail and let me know how much you will donate and I will work with companies to get our donations matched for Haiti.  How does that sound?  For now, all I need is a commitment.  Once I know our monies will be matched, I will give you the rest of the information we will need to proceed.

We can make a big difference....I just know we can.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Such terrible news to wake up to.  I'm so very sad for the people of Haiti.  So, the next question is....what can we do?  Any suggestions? 

No smiles today,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Up The Attic Steps

Pat Smith and Carolyn Snyder, Up The Attic Steps,  have made some absolutely beautiful dolls.  They were kind enough to let me show them  to you.  

I met Pat here in Perrysburg.  She was having a garage sale last summer and we have crossed paths a few times since then.

Their dolls are so much fun.  I love you know the Frog delights me.


(This frog looks like me....really....check out the feet!!)

Their dolls have been been exhibited in the Museum of Folk Art in New York City and in the Toledo Museum of Art.  Can you believe they have over 70 different designs.  I can't even imagine having 70 designs....perhaps 70 Tim Tams but 70 doll designs....these gals are very talented.  Their dolls have been in Doll Crafter Magazine and in the Ann Arbor Travel Host too.

They do custom work as well.  Do you think I should order Aaron and Zachary inspired dolls?  Wouldn't that  just be the best?

Thanks Pat and Carolyn for letting me show my friends your work.  The dolls are just beautiful.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Tickled Pink....and Pinker :)

Today has been one of those wonderful in fact....that I am Tickled Pink!!

It started with a return to the YMCA where I used to exercise 5-6 days a week.  I've been on a "few" month (5)break.  I got to exercise and that felt wonderful.  Some of my workout buddies asked where I had been.  I told them I died.  At the funeral I peeked an eye open and did not see them there....I got pixxed.....and I'm just back to haunt them. 

Then we came home, (my girlfriend from college is still here), and we started a fun project that I've been wanting to do for sometime. 

I'm so excited to show goes:

This is a piece of fleece that I love and have had on my shelf since last winter.  I bought it 1/2 price at Joann's (see I too shop at the J word :) clearance remnants rack.

Then I pulled out this very cool book with fleece patterns and found the sock pattern.....oh yea baby!

I traced the pattern onto some butcher paper.  You see....I really do have a size 12 foot.  I had to add on to the pattern to make it long enough to fit my foot. 

Posted by Picasa

TA DAH!!! 

"Extremely Spanky Fleece Socks" I'm modeling for you, don't you think?

I only have owned one other pair in my life and I've had them for over 8 years.  Rick bought them for me one Christmas.  I treasure those socks.  When I went to the hospital to have Aaron and Zach they told me to wear something warm on my feet.  So there I the middle of labor.....with orange wild fleece socks!!!  I'm sure they still are talking about that one.  So I figure it was time for some new fleece socks to adore.  If I have said, "I love these socks" once, I've said it 25 times today.  I'm so tickled and they feel like warm silk on my feet.  Ahhhhhh.......I'm sooooo happy :)

Then Loren, my mailman, came to the door with my mail and a package.  I was not expecting a this was a fun surprise.

 I must have won a giveaway and forgotten.....because look at what fun fabrics I got in the mail from Jennifer Davis of Woodbridge, VA.  How wonderful.....they are great!

Thank you Jennifer.....these are great :)  I'm so glad I forgot, because it is like winning twice.
What a truly wonderful day.  I'm sure I'll dream of sugar plum fairies when I go to sleep tonight.  Or better yet....I will dream Tim Tams and Swirly Gummy Bears.
Anywhoo.....I'll stop gabbing on and on and on.  I just can't help but say, "I LOVE THESE SOCKS."
Warm Fuzzy Smiles,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Passacaglia Table Runner Pattern Free :) by Inklingo

Does anyone see the free pattern up in the left hand side of my blog?  Has anyone clicked on it to download their free pattern?  The link was not enabled for some crazy reason (operator error) and no one could have gotten to it if you wanted it.  So....I fixed it.'t walk....and get your free download for this amazing table runner.  You will be thrilled you did. 

And I'm sad no one told me....boooo hoooo....OK, I'm over it :)


A Quick Show and Tell

We have packed up most of our holiday decorations.  When I was getting some things ready to go back over the garage I just had to take a picture of one of our treasures.  Look at this beauty:

Isn't is lovely?  It is supposed to be a tree skirt but I can't bare to put it under a tree.  We use it as a table topper.  Rick's mother, Dolores, made this for him as a gift years ago.  Every year we take it out and marvel at how incredible it is.  I had to unfold it to take the pix so I'm sorry about the wrinkles.  But.....if I take the time to steam it....and then take the pix....something else will happen and I would never have gotten to photograph it for this post.  Know what I mean?


Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Favorite Calendar by Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts

I like this calendar so much that I am keeping it in my sewing area so nothing gets written on it.  I was actually excited to be able to take the wrap off of it and hang it up.  Isn't it beautiful? 

No surprise it is by Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts.  Her work is some of my absolute favorite.

My favorite page is March.  Lucky me because my birthday is in March.  I love this pattern and the batiks Edyta used. 

You know what else this calendar has?  Not one, but two patterns!!  How nice is that....I think that is so cool. 

This is the other pattern....isn't it fun?  I think it is very cheerful.  Do you treat yourself to things that make you smile?  I'd love to hear about them.

Now....I almost hesitate telling everyone about another one of my favorite snacks.  The last time I shared.....there was a serious run on the market and now I can't find any for myself...I should have told everyone never to eat a Tim Tam and if they came into contact with them to immediately ship them to me and I would take them to a special toxic waste site (my kitchen cupboard!!!).  But noooooo.....I wasn't that smart.

To demonstrate that I have "hopped on the clue bus" I want all of you to know....what ever happens.....under no uncertain circumstances should you ever eat a Swirly Gummy Bear by Black Forest.  Don't do it....honestly (a lie) don't ever try will hate them....I'm certain you will get very ill (another lie) so just send them to me and I'll get them to the secret toxic waste site that I know of....I'm just looking out for my...I mean ....your best interest.

Swirly Smiles,


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