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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Antique Quilt Collection of Patti Shores in Wyalusing PA...and More

Back home but clearly my mind and pix are still in PA!  Below is something I took a photo of from Nanny's house.  She had this sitting on a table in her living room and I always loved it....thought I'd share this picture with others who would appreciate the sentiment.
This is a view from Waylusing Rocks....isn't it absolutely beautiful there?
Here the boys are throwing skippers down at Homets Ferry.
This is a photo of what we can see from the deck of our cabin...our little paradise in PA.

Ok, now on to the quilts!!!  This was hanging in the lobby of the Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce.
The Blue Heron Gallery is hosting "The Antique Quilt Collection of Patti Shores from May 6-June 12, 2011".  These are the photos I took of the show.  I did take pictures of the descriptions next to the quilts but they did not come out as clear as I would have liked so I omitted them from the post.

The show was really neat and again I'm so grateful that Peggy De Martino gave me the tour...Thanks Peggy!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quilted Corners of Wyalusing PA

Talk about being lucky....I walked into the Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce and who did I meet but Peggy DeMartino.  She is the gal who started the Quilted Corners Project in Wyalusing PA.

The "Quilted Corners of Wyalusing" is a public art project bringing the spirit of the arts to our community and revealing community-wide expression of our farming and quilting heritage to those who tour our area, benefiting present and future generations.  (copied from the Chamber of Commerce for the link)

I was able to tour the current show, "The Antique Quilt Collection of Patti Shores" in Blue Heron Gallery and see where the quilt blocks are made for the barns.  More on that in the next post....I'm still doing laundry from our trip :)

First things first.....I promised to post photos of the quilt blocks on barns in'll be thrilled to see people don't just have them on barns :)  These are in no particular order....I just snapped as I drove around town.  Enjoy :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

All Is Well

Thank you for all of the kind comments.  We are all doing well and have taken an extra two days to spend at our cabin in Wyalusing, PA.  The weather has been perfect and the boys have fished and thrown rocks for hours on end.  I'm using the town library's computer so I can't upload any pictures today...I will soon and I've even have taken lots for photos of quilt blocks on barns...these are fun...I can't wait to show all the pictures I've taken :)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Homeward Bound

As my aunt would say, we are going home to celebrate Nanny's birthday into heaven.  Shirley Jackson, Rick's grandmother, passed away yesterday and we are headed to Wyalusing today.  If you are a regular reader you'll remember the photos of Nanny's 100th Birthday party back in February. 

I guarantee one of the things that will be said over and over again this weekend, "I can't remember Nanny ever saying a negative thing about another person."  In the last 12 years I've never heard one....can you imagine?  Most of us couldn't make it through one day.  (I'm certain this won't be said at my memorial...too late for that now..progress not perfection, right?)

I'll do my best to reply to e-mails and comments while away but if ya don't hear from me and you need to talk, you can always call.)


Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

A day to reflect and remember those who have lost their lives in the service of our country.  I'm not really sure how anyone ever says Thank You....for giving one's life for their country and fellow citizens.  There is one thing I do know....Memorial Day is a day to reflect and have gratitude for each person who has lost their life in the service of our great country.

While participating in the Memorial Day Parade today in Perrysburg, OH....we made sure our boys knew the meaning of Memorial Day.  The following photos were taken this morning and I thought I'd share them with all of you.

Thank You isn't enough is it?  Often times words don't measure up....this is one of those days.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends.....

Enter Art Quilt Challenges alone...Friends invite their friends to join in the challenge.  I was invited by Liz Kettle  and Judy Gula at the Cincinnati show and I invited Lois Grabowski.  Now I'm inviting you and I want to know who are you going to invite?

So, what are you waiting for?  The deadline is the end of May, just a few days away.  Click here to learn about the know it can't be too complicated if I agreed to do it....because I swore I would never do another challenge again....and I think this one is manageable (18 x 18).  If you don't like links, just visit Cindi at www dot MoonlightingQuilts dot com or e-mail her at

Keep in mind you don't need to have ever done an "Art" Quilt before....afterall....what is Art?  What ever you want it to be (know what I mean :).

If you are going to join please leave me a comment on this post so we can all chat back and forth and encourage one another.  The deadline to enter is the end of May and the deadline for your project is Aug. 31, 2011.  Very manageable right?  Smiles and Giggles....I'd love to have more friends to chat with about the challenge.



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