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Monday, November 9, 2009

Olfa Impresses Me Again at the International Quilt Market in Houston 2009

Olfa did not disappoint this year at Quilt Market. Once again I had an experience I did not expect. I had purposely gone through my rulers before I left for market. I have one ruler I really like but it is cracked (don't know who dropped it) and I wanted to find another one and learn more about the importance of choosing quality rulers.

I'm walking along and I see the Olfa Booth and I ask about the ruler I'm looking for. The gentleman, John Johnson, politely explains that the ruler I'm asking for is not made by Olfa. I know I checked specifically before I left the house and I could have sworn it was Olfa. Nope.....but was John rude or did he look at me like I was stupid, No. He was everything a gentleman could have been.

John asked me why I wanted that other ruler. I don't like rulers that slip and shift. He handed me an Olfa ruler and explained that the Olfa Frosted Rulers have a Non-Slip manufactured right into the acrylic so it does not peal or wear off. Once you put pressure on it it does not slip. I tried it and he was 100% correct (I hate to admit when a man is right....but he was!).

When the Olfa ruler is placed on busy fabric you can still see the measurement markings.

The lines on the marker are black....but.....
When they are placed against a dark background (my pants, lol) the lines still show up.

The circle on this ruler is a helpful guide when placing cool is that.

Heidi Severson was also at the Olfa booth. She was friendly and kind (gave me a little cool note pad to take my notes on....came in very handy since my notebook was huge...THANKS Heidi :).

I left the Olfa booth feeling smarter than I was before I walked up. I wasn't embarrassed because I had made a mistake and I learned some very interesting things.

Later in the show I came across a stranger looking for the Olfa booth. I told her right where it was and she said she was too tired to walk back to give them her order. Knowing the main purpose of Market is to educate and take orders, it was important to Olfa that the order got to them. I offered to walk her order to the Olfa booth for her and she was thrilled. Heidi and John were pleased I took the time to run the order to them. That was just my little way of saying Thanks to Olfa for helping me and educating I can pass this great information along to you.

I am in the process of adding more Olfa rulers to my website. In the meantime, I'd like to offer a great deal to my blog readers.

Blog Reader Special:

Olfa Rotary Cutter Retail 19.99....Your Price 9.00

5 Rotary Replacement Blades 45 mm Retail 31.99 Your price 14.00.

Just in time for some holiday stocking stuffers for those quilting and stitching girlfriends and man friends too!!

You must e-mail your order to in order to get this special pricing. Orders through the website will not be given this price special because it is for Blog Readers Only.

Please do not share this post with others or link to it. This is intended for regular readers of this blog only. Quantities are limited and when I'm sold out I will come back and post that the blades and Rotary Cutters are gone. I know it is tempting to share a great deal with all of your friends, but for this offer....lets keep this a secret among the IHAN readers only :) Please just purchase for yourself or for gifts. Maximum order on Rotary Cutters is 2 and Replacement Rotary Blades is 5.
Happy Olfa Smiles,

Thread Work Unraveled by Sarah Ann Smith Has A New Home

This wonderful book, Thread Work Unraveled, goes to Carin!!!

Carin said...
I love those hands they are amazing!
Congratulations and please send me your address so I can get this book in the mail.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reliable Corporation at the International Quilt Market in Houston 2009

This post is for mature female audiences ONLY.
You may want to save this post to read when the husband and children are away or asleep. If you don't have a husband and/or children....jump right in!!!

You may want to pour a glass of wine and slip into a nice hot bath. Take a few cleansing breaths and ENJOY this post :)

You may remember my idea of Porn... The Scissor Man's Apron


Vacuum & Up Air Ironing Board by Reliable.

Let me tell you about my love affair with this ironing board. It all started at the Checker 61st Anniversary Open House. Art Garabedian was standing innocently in his booth demonstrating irons on a very nice ironing board. I think Art was wondering what it would take to make me happy because I liked the irons and the ironing board but I didn't seem quite satisfied. I want no wrinkles and everything to look like it came from the dry cleaners. Art explained the engineering behind getting those smooth crisp wrinkle free cloth which included a vacuum to remove the moisture from the fabric.

The secret of professional ironing revealed.
The “secret” to getting a clean-crisp finish to your garments? Your ironing table needs to have vacuum to remove the steam (it’s built right into the table). Plus, the ironing table needs to stay dry. The pros know this. For the C81 we add the “up-air” feature - we literally reverse the vacuum to create blowing so you can press on a cushion of air. Perfect for those delicate areas that are prone to show marks on the fabric (pocket area on pants, fly front, jacket lining, corduroy, velvet and so on... any area that if you pressed on a hard surface, it would leave an impression or crush the nap of the fabric).

I asked Art why he did not bring one of those boards to the show and he said Quilters don't seem to be interested. H,F & D (hell fire and damnation) I am a quilter and I'm interested!!! I told Art I would be in Houston and asked if he would bring The Board.

God Love Art....he brought The Board.

Oh yea I am surfing The Board. My heart was pounding out of my knees were weak and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Look at this air flow!!! The board is getting bigger (I didn't just say that).

Can you see how the air fills up the top of the board?

A innocent piece of paper floats on top of The Board. I was having this board and nothing was going to stand in my way....not even Art Garabedian. As I gripped this baby and was attempting to satisfy my lust....that evil man grabbed the other end of the board and would not let go. I would have given him a karate chop and gotten the object of my desire but his wife was standing right there. Next time....I'm having NO mercy!!

We ended the fight with a nice photo. My hair looks like I was really having an experience with this ironing board but trust me it was only the humidity in Houston. Even though I talk a good story....I don't actually act out my lusty feelings in public!!! I'm sure you are glad to know that...ROFL.

This was a customer leaving at the end of the show Packing some serious Heat....perhaps that serious heat would work better than my karate!!!

If you too want to own one of these objects of desire (The Board)....e-mail me at and I can make an introduction.

Lusty Smiles and Grins,

Someone recommended I may need this

Some suggested I may need this to go along with The Table. If you want one or need one for a on the link.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Thread Work Unraveled by Sarah Ann Smith....and Sharon Bishop BSQG

After returning home from Houston I went to my guild's (Black Swamp Quilt Guild) retreat at Widewater Retreat Center. This was my first retreat with the guild and boy did I have a ball. I always see things that blow me away. This is one example:

"Catch A Falling Star" by Sharon Bishop.

Sharon looked at her hands and thread painted this was her FIRST about amazing.

(photos taken and published with permission of Sharon Bishop)

I was blown away. No one other than perhaps my Mother would want to see my first thread painted piece. What depth and beauty to capture her own hands.

To honor Sharon's courage in doing something new and hopefully encourage others to try some thread painting I am giving away this book by Sarah Ann Smith.

Yes it is an AUTOGRAPHED Copy!!!

This is just one page selected at random from Thread Work Unraveled. I have to give my little two cents about his book. I think Sarah did an excellent job of putting this book together. It is organized well with lots of information like:

  • Thread
  • Needles
  • Your Sewing Machine
  • Your Workspace & Ergonomics
  • Understanding Good Foundations
  • Marking Tools
  • Applique
  • Machine Quilting

I am a visual learner so the photos really compliment the written instructions. Sarah was kind enough to autograph this book while in Houston at the International Quilt Market 2009. I enjoyed meeting her and loved her generosity. The first copy she automatically wrote my name and then signed it....I told her it was to give away on my blog....she said I needed a copy and signed another one to give away. How kind is that? VERY :)

How to win this wonderful book?

One entry: Leave a comment. If you don't have a blog...leave your e-mail address.

One entry: Blog or Facebook about this giveaway

One entry: Become a Follower of this blog (leave one comment if you are already a follower indicating such.

Ten Entries: Make a purchase at I Have A Notion by Sunday Nov. 8th.

You must leave a separate comment for each entry.

The drawing will be held on Sunday, November 8th at 9:00 PM.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Make Heirloom Needle Boxes and Cases for the Holidays

More great things I got at Market in Houston. I bought these Needleboxes, Etc. kits to make Needle Boxes for gifts. I love these boxes.....they are just so cool. Can you imagine the impression made when giving one of these in someones favorite fabrics? I know I would do back flips (by the way...I like green:)
I love the way this one folds out and there are more places for needles inside. You can even label them so you know where each type of needle is stored.

This is a fun little carry all needle book for classes or carrying with your projects.

Here is another cool box. I really like how the extra sides fold down and there are even more sides revealed.

This Prism makes a very neat decoration and it also holds your sewing supplies. Very cool indeed. When the boys get a little older, I'm going to have stuff like this all over my house. I love these beautiful conversation starters. I know my Mother-in-Law loves these things too. Her computer is down so I can talk about this and she'll never know. She loves hand made Christmas gifts.

This heart one is interesting. I'm not a heart person but I still liked how this one opened to expose all the different sides.

What is your favorite? Would you love getting one of these as a gift? I'd be interested to hear.

By the way, they are all available at I Have A Notion.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quick Points Ruler purchased in Houston at International Quilt Market

Meet Janet Platt, designer of the Quick Points Ruler. I had the chance to meet Janet and her husband Brian at the MODA Customer Appreciation Dinner. We had some good laughs and enjoyed ourselves. Janet invited me to stop by her booth and see her ruler. I'll stop by. I had no idea how very cool her "ruler" really is. I'm not much for prairie points myself but when I saw the Ric Rac....I went gah gah. Out came the questions asked. I am so impressed with how she has designed her ruler and the great uses it has.

Below are the You Tube videos Janet has taped demonstrating her Quick Points Ruler.

These are some photos I took of the Ric-Rac examples that I liked so much. I thought about it and there is no other tool I know of that I can do the same thing I bought it. You can purchase Quick Points Rulers at I Have A Notion.

Rotary Cutting Machine and Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity Update are HOT

I am thrilled with the response to Simplicity's Bias Tape Maker Machine and their latest release of Tips. The new tips are 1 1/4" single fold and Quilt Binding Tips are 2 1/4" and 2 1/2" double fold. I have sold out of the tips in two days and I have several that should arrive today or tomorrow.
Then the Rotary Cutting Machine sales have boomed too. I think because people are trying to make some great gifts for the holidays. The Rotary Cutting Machine makes cutting strips of fabric (paper too for that matter)3/8in to 2 3/4in a breeze. I tell everyone to remember the Rotary Cutting Machine is a pressure cutting tool. The pressure is what cuts the fabric or paper. This is excellent for making rugs, locker hooking, making strips for quilting and so many other fun projects.
Don't forget there is a White Table (see the acrylic table here....Simplicity has one that will be white) coming out for the Rotary Cutting Machine. It will measure 12 x 16. Stay tuned.....if you want your name on the waiting list please e-mail me at

Both items are IN STOCK NOW at I Have A Notion. Don't wait until December to start ordering for the Holidays because things go on back order and I won't be able to guarantee a delivery in time for the holidays.

Laura Murray Designs "Star Builder" - More photos

Just a quick post here. Here is my copy of "Star Builder Inspirations" that I bought in Houston. Difficult to get pix yesterday as both house bots were on the blink (computer language - they blinked because I kept swinging a baseball bat in their immediate vicinity and abusing them verbally).
See the white highlights in the upper right hand side of this photo? This is one of the photos in Laura's book indicating placement for making this design. Visual cues are best for me.

These are the rubber stamps. I will cut them apart when I get started. You don't use these as traditional rubber stamps. The fabric goes on top and it is used as a rubbing plate. I think it is best to get a Grip-n-Grip mat so everything stays in place on the table.

Here is the other set I bought. Don't these look like two tons of fun? I can't wait to get the boys around a table and have them make some fun things for teacher gifts. I think they will have a ball.
Fun Smiles,
I'm trying to catch up on posts so stay tuned for lots of posts today and hopefully in the next few days :)

Top Of The Day To Ya :)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Aaron, Happy Birthday to you...Cha Cha Cha. Sir Fussius Maximus Last of the Great Fussiuses turns 7 today. That is only one of my nic names for Aaron. I'm surprised he really knows his true name....I've called him by Peanut, Sir Fussius, Lovey, Angel, Rat Finkus....just to name a few. Seven years ago today I was in Columbia, SC and it was one of the happiest days of my entire life. Just thought you might want to know.

Now....on to the DARKER side of life. I've have slid into the darkest of places...where no light shines....desperate times indeed. It is so dark here I can't even see my hand in front of my face.....gloom and desperation is all that exists here. You may did I get here....
It all started with the neighbors return from OZ and these 3 seemingly innocent packages of Tim Tams.

This was package number one.

This was the inside of package number two. Carmel Tim Tams.....oh I could hear the angels sing and a very very very bright light while eating (inhaling) these.

Darkness set in.......

Hope was only a glimmer.....because you have to be a resident of NZ or AU to be qualified to win.
Now you know how I got here. The remedy I'm afraid is going Cold Turkey. The DT's have started and the uncontrollable twitches....drooling and continuous salivating....slight twitches in my jaws.....and the eyeballs hanging down to my that is my awful existence. Please Don't Cry For Me Argentina....because the rest of the free world is already doing that on my behalf.
(I've been informed that a Balanced Diet is a package of Tim Tams in each hand!!!)
Sobs...wooofullnesses......and Sorrow from the Dark Hollows of OH.
Naughty Smiles,
PS....Maybe the swelling in my nose was caused by inhaling a Tim Tam and it is still lodged in my nasal passage.....nahhhhh....the swelling started prior to the Tim Tam's arrival.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Laura Murray Designs "Star Builder" is what I bought at Quilt Market in Houston

People keep asking me what I bought for myself while in Houston. I've been sick since getting home and I've tried to keep up but I think I would have to post 3 - 4 times a day to catch up to the present.

Laura Murray's book, "Star Builder Inspirations," was definitely on my list of must haves at Market. I bought the book and the Star Builder "Sirius" & Star Builder "2." These last two items are rubbing plates or rubber stamps for transferring Paintstiks onto fabric.

This was the banner for Laura Murray's Designs in Houston, 2009.
Laura was kind enough to spend some time demonstrating how she uses her templates and rubber stamps (used as rubbing plates as well). Again....I caught her mid sentence so the photo did not capture anything close to how I experienced Laura. So....again....I "borrowed" a better likeness of her so you will recognize this amazing lady if you get to meet her.

This is how the rubbings on fabric are cut out and then orientated to create a star. Her book, "Star Builder Inspirations" has several ideas for making and placing these templates to make a variety of different stars and designs.

You will just have to click over to Laura's site to see her fantastic photos. I found the materials exciting and definitely worth my hard earned money. She also has some wonderful free instructions for foil and Paintstiks.

I'm Here....I Think

"If it's not one thing it is another Arleen. I'm a tellin you girlfriend...." that is how my last few days have been. We only have access to four computers here at our house. Three of them have not gotten the Internet all day. This one is only working because it is "borrowing" the Internet from an unaware neighbor!!!

So...quick update. It is not my is an infection of the soft tissue. Antibiotics are supposed to clear it up. Still have pain...and now my tongue is but does not have sores...feels burnt like I drank hot coffee. So if any of you are medical geniuses....I'd appreciate a cure :)

Next post....MORE FUN :)


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad Sunday....Good Sunday Evening

Recognize this oh so familiar hand? It typically is holding items in all of those IHAN photos.
Today this hand got poked a few times and the body it is attached to spent the day at St. Luke Hospital. The hand's nose hurt so bad this morning it decided it was time to head in for some relief. Diagnosis: That hand's nose has a bad sinus infection and something up the hand's nose that is blocking the sinus passage and causing swelling. IV antibiotics and pain medicine was kindly provided. Follow up tomorrow with an ENT to look over the results of the nose's CAT scan. The hand's bottom is sore from laying in a ER bed all day long. However....instead of a silver lining to this cloud....there is a GOLD lining....scroll down!!!

Hand arrives home to TIM TAMS. OMG....the neighbors when to OZ and as a gift for collecting their mail....they brought the hand these!!!! Hand grabbed those babies....ripped them open and has almost finished one package. Hand's butt is getting larger....but hand's mouth and tummy are extremely Happy!!!

For all of you who don't know what a Tim Tam is........get the girls from OZ to host a giveaway (SewPrimKhris...Gum Tree Designers...just to name drop a few)....Tim Tam Giveaway....or threaten to boycott their blogs!!!! You'll be soooo glad you did. Or if you are feeling kind....offer a swap...One Caret Diamond Earrings for Three Packages of Tim Tams....that would be a fair trade in my book....especially the week that Cousin Vinnie comes to visit every month.

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