Monday, October 24, 2016

Flamingo Family and Life

Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from Elijah Johnson, Journalism Student at Bowling Green State University requesting an interview.  Elijah is writing an article about the Flamingo Family here in Perrysburg.

(photo posted previously)
How wonderful is it that Elijah has chosen to focus on such a fun and uplifting art form for his paper????  The amount of time and energy that goes into these temporary forms of art are greatly appreciated by many and I'm thrilled they are again receiving attention for the gifts they give to complete strangers.

I have taken a break from blogging since May because I didn't feel like I had much enthusiasm for blogging about my quilting life or new products.   I have continued to sew and I've made great progress on the hexi quilt I've been making that will be entitled, "Life."

(the model is JJ...adopted from Craigslist and he has been absolute joy in my life)

I put the sections together randomly based on nothing other than free flowing intuition.  Each piece and part are a reflection of the process of life....sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes it makes sense, humor is reflected, sometimes cohesive....and then like real gets dark and makes no sense in places.
The quilt is approximately 50 x 60 at this point with areas still needing to be filled in.  Each hexagon is 1/2 inch....about the size of a nickle....and with each piece needing to first be basted to the paper punched hexagon and then joined....each side requires 10-14 tiny stitches per side.   So you can see I've been busy.

Life is so the last 5 months I felt calmly focused on just being....creating....and enjoying the people in my life.  As many of you know, the grief of loosing my dear friend Mary Jane seemed insurmountable to me for quite some time.   Just as the heavy weight of missing my girlfriend began to lift I learned my brother was killed by a hit and run driver in Hazel Park, MI earlier this month.

I certainly don't want to bring people the same time.....I have learned quite a bit recently and I believe that information would be very helpful to many others.  If you are interested, you can see more on my Facebook page.

Not Smiling So Much These Days,

Monday, May 30, 2016

How Flamingos Celebrate Memorial Day

The Flamingo Family went way out for Memorial Day....such fun!

Sending out my gratitude to all those who have served our country and gave their lives for our freedoms. 


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Monday, May 9, 2016

Reflections on Mother's Day

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day....I certainly enjoyed mine :)

The boys seemed to have a good weekend as well :)

Have you ever noticed that relationships with parents and family doesn't always look like a Hallmark Card?    I know the hardest job I've had in my entire life is being a mother and step-mother.  When times get tough I think to myself...."who's idea was this anyway?"  AND....I would not trade a child I have or have nurtured for anything...sometimes I just need to say...DAMN....this is hard! 

My relationship with my Mother was not a Hallmark card...until the last three months of her life.  I find it very easy to forgive her shortcomings because I know there isn't a one of us that were born with a menu to choose our strengths, weaknesses, temperaments, genetic predispositions, appearances, talents....not a single person alive gets to choose.  All we can do is the best we can with what we have and take responsibility for our choices.

As a mother I do the very best I can and I hope to God it is good enough.....I hope they forgive me one day for my short comings and know all I ever wanted for each of them is to be loving, kind and happy human beings.  I don't care one iota what jobs they have or how much or little money they make.  What is most important to me is that they are honest with themselves and one another, that they are kind and generous with their gifts and talents and that they come to know what it is that they are responsible for in this lifetime.

Imagine a Sit Com that was about those folks who could and did choose their attributes?  I bet there would be folks, including myself, who would make a mess of that too....ROFL.  The human condition/experience....not very pretty at times....but it sure is amazing and wonderful all at the same time.


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