Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fabric Play-Change the Fabric, Change the Quilt - Review

Are you a hard sell when it comes to quilting books?  I have grown more and more difficult to please in the past few years.  The books I'm willing to purchase must provide inspiration and instructions that are thoroughly explained.  With limited sewing time and a big stash....finding the right book and/or pattern really increases my motivation and desire to make a quilt.   If you are anything like me, Fabric Play by Deanne Moore, certainly fits that criteria. 

Most of you know, I love a paint factory explosion of color, so the cover of this book didn't hit my sweet spot.  I'm glad I didn't let that mislead me....this book has fourteen different designs that can be as individualized as the person who makes or receives a quilt.

Check this out:
"Go Your Own Way"
I love, love, love this pattern and to be honest, I'm certain what grabbed my eye was the Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  Once I saw the quilt on the right, using different fabrics, my mind was opened yet again to other fabrics I have in my stash that would be beautiful with this pattern as well.

The point here, is "Change the Fabric, Change the Quilt"....but are you capable of seeing a pattern made up and then visualizing your fabric choice in its place?  My eyes can confuse my brain (yes, that does happen) and Deanne has the solution.

Her solution: Design Sheets 

A Design Sheet for each and every quilt in the book.  Once I saw the blank Design Sheet, my eyes and brain began working together.  I can now venture into my stash and see so many more possibilities.  Fabric Play is an excellent choice for stash busting.


How many of us have those fabrics with large prints or panels and we don't know what to do with?   I can see all your hands raising now (You didn't know I can see you on the other side of the screen?  Go comb your hair because I do see you :).  "Structure" is a perfect pattern for all those panels and fabrics that you have in your stash that you have wanted to use.  I can see this quilt being loved by children, teenagers and adults....depending on the fabrics you use.  Fabric Play certainly dishes up a heaping helping of versatility.

Being visual, I really like diagrams and photos that describe the instructions.  Written instructions alone are almost useless for me.  Deanne has provided ample diagrams and photos that illustrate the instructions ....WELL DONE  Deanne MooreFabric Play is appropriate for all skill levels....from a beginner to the experienced quilter.

I Have A Notion ® will have Fabric Play at the beginning of October.  If you must have it now,   Fabric Play is available on Deanne's website, Creative Sewlutions @ The Quilt Haus as well as  Martingale. With 14 different patterns to choose from, there are definitely enough options to put a huge dent in our stashes.  You know what that means right?  More fabric shopping trips....which could include lunch and chocolate too....I better stop before I drool on my keyboard.


    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts was at the Checker Open House 2014

     It's true...and you know what?  I missed it!!!  :(  Unfortunately I was at a memorial service for my dear friend who recently passed away.  I do my very best not to miss out on the great vendors and classes at the Checker Distributor Open House each year, but it could not be helped.

    Edyta's latest book, "Handfuls of Scraps Pieced into Amazing Quilts " lines up perfectly with what I've been thinking about lately.

    My girlfriend who was very ill before she passed did not use her quilts to keep warm during her illness.   Most of Mary Jane's quilts are show pieces and not "everyday quilts."  I want tons of "everyday quilts" not only for myself but to give to people that I love to keep them warm when they are cold and/or sick.  Show pieces are wonderful, don't get me wrong....but an "everyday quilt" now that's my kind of quilt.

    In Edyta's new book, "Handfuls of Scraps Pieced into Amazing Quilts," includes 15 scrappy patterns that are perfect for "everyday quilts." 

    Below are some of my favorites:
    "Looking Glass"
    "Let It Shine"
    Now  these are what I call truly scrappy quilts.  The type of quilts I would wrap up in and proudly carry back and forth to the hospital etc.  They are beautiful and useful....right up my alley!

    If you want to add some pizazz to your scrappy quilt you can add borders that include some of Edyta's Silhouettes (pre cut applique shapes).

    I wished I could have visited with Edyta but it wasn't in the cards this time....hopefully sometime soon because I have always admired her work and she is a lovely gal.

    Speaking of lovely gals....Waldo needed a binding sewn to one of her quilts and I was tickled to be able to stitch it for her.
    This was yesterday and I finished the binding....this is such a beautiful quilt.  
    It is 50x70 and it was quilted by Joanne from Splitting Stitches blog.   Hand stitching is so relaxing and Waldo thought I could use some relaxation recently....she offered more quilts that need binding and I may just take her up on it.  Friends, fabric, quilts....sounds like a shot in the arm to me...makes me happy.


    Monday, September 8, 2014

    Mountain Laural Quilt Guild Exhibit 2014 Part 2

    Mountain Laural Quilt Guild Exhibit 2014 Part 2

    When entering the Gmeiner, I was mindful that this was a celebration of many women's accomplishments, many of whom I know.   At the same time, I was also very aware that this would be the last time my dear friend, Mary Jane (if you don't know who I'm referring to, you can click here and here) would have entered a quilt in the show and I have a difficult time holding back tears.

    When I walked past this next display...there was no holding back tears...and I did my very best to smile and honor Mary Jane's memory while enjoying the company of other woman who knew and appreciated her.  Not sure I did a very good job...but that was my goal!

    Walking through the exhibit was a big high for me because I know many of these gals and to see there work being displayed and admired is such a big buzz.  Leaving Mary Jane's entry for absolute last, I figured I could keep from needing a childs swimming pool to collect the fluid that might rush forth from my face.
     Taking a step back I noticed two Pennsylvania Block quilts.  The one on the right belongs to Chris Cooper and her description is below.  What a gift all of these women share....the time and ability to get together and sew.  A block exchange seems like such a loving and  giving project, I'm going to consider starting one with some friends as well.  Having children and a business has kept me from being able to participate in many of this groups projects...at the same time....I've had the pleasure of seeing their work and knowing them....a treasure!

    Speaking of treasures.....there was a Waldo sighting at the show!!!  

    Yes indeed....Rosemary aka Waldo traveled along with me and she sure is a treasure.  The small quilts behind Waldo are part of the "Colors of Cancer" exhibit.  These quilts were made by members of the guild in memory of a person has died from cancer, been a survivor of cancer or because they wanted to make an art quilt to be sold to raise money for the American Cancer Society of Tioga County.  I bought the small blue one above Waldo and to the right.  What a wonderful project!

    There are many more quilts that I was not able to photograph.  The exhibit was full for the opening and I felt lucky to get the photos I did take.  

    Never forget, kindness matters!


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