Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lisa Spalding's Quilt Foundry OPENED Yesterday

Just as I suspected...there was a line of ladies camping out at the Quilt Foundry on Sunday.  I drove to Maumee in an un-marked vehicle and staked out the Quilt Foundry early Sunday morning.  I was able to rent a room across the street in a small house for the day.  Luckily there was a young gullible family who lives there and they bought my story about doing some undercover underquilt work.

How crazy do you have to be to sit outside a quilt shop for 24 hours waiting for it to re-open?  At first I thought the one in the sleeping bag might be a wondering homeless drunk....but no....she actually just resting.

The line wrapped around the building by 3:00 PM on Sunday.  It was nice to see those gals inviting another quilter to play cards with them.  I guess these cut-throat shoppers have a kind streak in them.
Can you imagine sleeping on the ground on a cold Ohio Street?  Me either!! 
The Maumee River is just down the street and I guess these gals came prepared for anything....including the possibility of rising water.  Now that is what I call prepared!

I broke in through the bathroom window on Monday morning.  What is a little time in the pokey for a simple B & E?  Could not be more than a few weeks I figured.

I came out of the bathroom and all I could see were faces pressed up against the window of the shop.  I had previously heard chanting, "Open, Open, Open."  My only guess is that Lisa promised everyone who came a Jumbo Bag of M & M's.  Why else on GGE would anyone go to this length to get some sale fabrics and notions?

Before anyone could see me, I snuck back out the bathroom window and got in the line.  Those ladies rushed the doors and I laid on the street for at least 30 minutes before I could manage to stand up and drag myself into the shop. 
Once inside, I noticed Lisa had received a lovely bouquet of flowers.  I tried to take them from the delivery person and say I would give them to the owner......but a gal who works there caught me.....I backed off for a bit. 

I snuck into the other room with all the sale notions and who did I see?  Mrs. Rosemary seems to turn up everywhere.  From now on, I'm going to have everyone hunt for Waldo, I mean Mrs Rosemary in the posts!!

When the cash register opened for the first time and I witnessed Lisa getting her first dollar....I saw fire....before I knew it I leapt over the counter and grabbed that dollar.  We had a good fight for that dollar bill I'm telling ya.

If you have believed any of this story, other than the part of Lisa Spalding's Quilt Foundry Opening on Monday morning at 10:00.....then I have lots of property in Florida I'd like to talk with you about.  Please phone me immediately at 1-800-URN-UTS :)
Laughing Out Loud with Smiles,

Sharon Pederson in Houston for Quilt Market 2010

Edited 11/16/10 9PM ish
Check the bottom of this post for Sharon Pederson's Comment on this post :)

Sharon Pederson signing books at the Martingale &Company Booth in Houston

Guess which incredibly lucky blog writer got to visit with Sharon Pederson and get an autographed copy of  The Rose of Sharon Block Book?   I'll give you three guesses :)

Look at these absolutely beautiful applique table runners and wall hangings.  I love applique and batik fabrics so naturally I was very focused.....close to a trance like state.....it also included lust.....desire....and yes....thread too!!!!
Ummmmm....I want to walk into my kitchen and see this pattern hanging on the wall.  That may not be too far off either.  The painters are here working in the kitchen all week....fresh painted walls just beg to be decorated ya know.

This book is a collection of winning entries from the EQ6 Rose of Sharon block-design challenge! Chosen by judges Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, these 12 blocks and 13th specially designed by Sharon Pederson
are in the book.   There are also 60 additional blocks from the challenge entries.  I love sitting and looking through my book at all the blocks....so inspiring.  Sharon also included instructions for machine applique and the assembly of projects in the book.

If you prefer a DVD, Rose of Sharon, is available too.  The cool thing about the DVD is that it has printable PDF (a photo format) and you can print the patterns.  The DVD has 112 additional blocks as well as photos and interviews with the 12 winners from the EQ6 Rose of Sharon Block-design challenge.  I'm the sort of person who wants them both.  At this point, I just own the book.....but I have the DVD on my wish list :)

Sharon Pederson also has an Aurifil Thread Collection....actually TWO collections.

 If you own an GO! Fabric Cutter or a Sizzix Big Shot or Big Shot Pro you can also use the GO! Rose of Sharon Die to cut all your fabrics.  You know I own this die right?  I'm not bragging....I'm just saying, I love this quilt and I will be making one for myself. 

For those that don't have a fabric cutting system, there are these great Rose of Sharon Templates.  These work just as well but require more time to trace and cut.  Either way you choose, you still end up with a beautiful Rose of Sharon quilt or other project.


Look at the machine embroidery on the back of this Rose of Sharon Quilt.  The back is just as beautiful as the front.  This is another quilt in and of itself, don't you think?  For those of you with an Embroidery Machine there is a Rose of Sharon CD and a Rose of Sharon USB available as well. 
Edit: "The picture you have of the back of the quilt is actually bobbin thread from quilting it on an 'ordinary' Bernina machine - not an embroidery machine"....Sharon Pederson 11/16/10  FYI

It sure is a good thing I love this pattern, otherwise I might be tired of typing the phrase "Rose of Sharon" by now :)  Check out these Note Cards.  There are 12 cards and each one is an original interpretation of the classic Rose of Sharon Quilt Block from the winners of the 2009 Electric Quilt Challenge.  Talk about an affordable gift.....even you can afford to buy me a set of these cards!!!  It's ok if you miss a meal....I'm worth it :)  LOL

Funds from the sale of these Rose of Sharon items supports the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  I think it is amazing what a group of people can do when they work together.  

All of the following people and companies are supporting the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative: Sharon Pederson, Nine Patch Media, The Electric Quilt Company, Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims, Martingale and CompanyAurifil, AccuQuilt, Island Batik, and Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design are ALL supporting the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  If you would like to add your name to the list just click here :) 

Do you want to own an autographed copy of Sharon Pederson's book, The Rose of Sharon Block Book?  Just leave me a comment on this post telling me why you want to own this book and the random number generator will choose that lucky person on Friday evening, November 19th.

PS.....I have photos of the ROS Challenge from Spring Quilt Market to post....I'll get to it...I promise :)

Hi Kelly: Thanks so much for the lovely blog entry about the Rose of Sharon project - I thought I'd answer the question about the Accuquilt die - Yes it does fit the Go Baby - I had fun demonstrating it in my class in Houston. One other thing you'll be interested in knowing. The picture you have of the back of the quilt is actually bobbin thread from quilting it on an 'ordinary' Bernina machine - not an embroidery machine. There is a quilt that was done on an embroidery machine and I'd be happy to send you a picture of it if you want. Again, many thanks for the lovely blog.

Cheers Sharon Pederson

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Andover Fabrics in Houston for Fall Quilt Market 2010

Yes, I know I don't sell Andover Fabrics....but I can't help myself.  Somehow I always seem to end up in their Schoolhouse Presentations.  Why?  Because the Andover Crew have such a good time.  There is always tons of laughter and camera's flashing everywhere.  It is not quite a Comedy Club Show.....but real darn close....and they don't even try to be funny or entertaining....they just ARE!!! 

I also know all of you want to see photos of Market.....and I know you'll love these new fabrics.....so I'm just keeping (myself) the blog readers happy!!! :)

This Schoolhouse Presentation was held at 4:55 and was titled, "Newest of the New" and Gail Kessler was the presenter.  So.....here you go :)


I have no idea!!
Nope, don't know this one either?  Yikes....soooo sorry.
Still Clueless....but I know you are not surprised...just shoot me  - with a chocolate filled squirt gun please!
What can I say?

 I know I could have written down all the designers names for the quilts above.....and I may have even gotten some of them wrong....but you know what?  They are all Andover Fabrics.....so if you just have to have one of them.....hike on over and tell them you have to have it....and I'm sure they'll tell you where you can get it....I'm sure the one's I don't know are not out yet...probably in May 2011.

With that being said.....I know both Mrs. Rosemary and I would have quite possibly trampled healthy people to get our hands on "Dem Bones" fabric by Carol Eldridge.  The minute I saw these I flipped out of my chair and went swinging through the place like a chimpanzee.....in dire need of a banana.  I MUST have some of  DEM BONES......I can't remember a time that I saw fabric that owned me.... until now.

I know I'm taking a big risk by showing everyone these fabrics, they could be sold out fast. 

I have no idea why these fabrics hit me like they do.....but I crack up looking at them....a skeleton in a bikini?  Poky legs with stockings on a skeleton?  I'm in LOVE!!! This is serious.....I might even run over Brint-the Scissor Man to get my hands on some of this fabric....that is just so sad.  I'm possessed, I know.

I hope everyone at Andover Fabrics forgives my imperfections and inability to document every detail!   If you must....shoot me- with a cannon filled with Dem Bones Fat Quarter Bundles....lots of them....just in case you miss the first time!!!  Oh yeah baby :)

Transfixed Smiles,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Marianne Burne-Gogrin in Houston for Quilt Market 2010

Marianne Burne-Gogrin, Designer
When I entered Marianne's Schoolhouse she was chatting with folks and putting the final items in place.  I chatted with Marianne for a minute because I wanted to know how to pronounce her last name correctly.  I learned Marianne was born in New York, raised in Ireland and has lived in France for quite some time.  Learning more about Marianne is on my list of "to-do's" when I see her next.  Do you find it interesting to learn about people's lives when you admire their work?

Marianne Byrne-Goarin's (Cinnamon Patch) Schoolhouse presentation was eye candy for the applique and wool felt lover.  Although all of her patterns can certainly be used with cotton fabrics, I must say the wool felt (National Nonwoven Felt) makes them really incredible. 

Cinnamon Inspirations, yes that is my thumb on the left....I had it in my hands.....but I was so awe struck by it's beauty (100% truth) that I lost my mind and put it back on the table....WHAT?  I've lost my touch.... I mean mind!

Marianne is holding up some of the newest colors from National Nonwoven Wool Felt.  I have absolutely love National Nonwoven Felts and they have some made from Bamboo too.

Be honest with me, can you honestly gaze upon such beauty and not feel light in your spirit? 
I need to commit a Federal Crime so I can go to Federal Prison (I hear they are nicer than other prisons) so I can spend my days stitching.  Or go crazy and convince the folks in white coats that I can be trusted with needles and scissors. 
This is a needle keep....you know how if feel about those.  I NEED it.....oh I don't know if I can keep my sanity and finish this post.......I'm loosing it fast.........faster......almost gone now..........I'm circling the drain.......someone save me.....are those white coats I'm seeing now?  (Thorazine does strange things.)
 Or is it Thread House?.....ahhhhhhhhh             
This thread house/keep is incredible.  It opens from the roof flap and I should have taken a photo of the inside...but I didn't.  The cheerful factor of Marianne's work is right up at the top of the scale.  When I walked into the meeting room at School House and I spotted Marianne's designs....I sware my heart lifted and the joy meter in my chest skyrocketed. 
Look at the little ribbon that ties to keep the roof closed.  I want that little house sitting next to my stitching chair, don't you?  (if your answer is no....I bet if one was sitting there you would  smile a mile wide)
Marianne was demonstrating at Brewer's booth.  Look at that wool felt....I could just eat it....it is so yummy.
Yes, those are spools of Aurifil 12 wt threads.....Marianne's own collection!!  Aren't they beautiful?
I hope you have managed to maintain your sanity while reading this post.  I know I can loose mine fairly quickly from time to time....typically when I see things that I adore and admire.  No worries though....I have been thoroughly examined by the best and they say it is too late to "really loose my mind" ...if that was going to happen....it would have already happened....LOL
I found a great review of Cinnamon Inspirations on the Learning Patchwork website.  Click here to read it for yourself.  See, I'm not the only one that strongly recommends Marianne's work.
Cinnamon Patch also has some individual patterns.  I need to add the rest to the IHAN website. 


More photos from School House in Houston.  Droollllling now......

The next two photos were taken at the Brewer Quilting and Sewing Booth.

Now you know why I go to Market.....I get to see up close and personal all the beautiful things that I would otherwise only see in magazines and books.  If you ever have the opportunity to make the pilgrimage to Festival.....GO!  you will be so glad you did.  And don't forget to take as many of your closest stitching and quilting friends as will fit on the plane or vehicle.  Rent a Semi if you need to....it is definitely worth the trip.  Some year I will stay for Festival.....perhaps when the co-workers are a little older.....or when they can come with me-now that would be amazing.

Big Happy Smiles,

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