Thursday, August 25, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ - Kandi's Handi-Iron Product Review

If it's Wednesday then it is time to Raise Your E-Notion IQ here at IHAN.  Am I the only one who thought today was Wednesday?  Honestly....I was so focused on the Yellow Monster that I didn't even realize Wednesday was yesterday.  So...lets pretend today is Wednesday...just for the time that you are reading this post :)
I was introduced to Kandi's Handi-Iron while at the Checker Distributor Open House this past Sunday.  I thought it looked interesting....definitely worth a product review so I bought one.
Nick Coman (Dragonfly Threads), the guy who was demonstrating the iron for Kandi Corp at the Open House, told me the iron gets up to 425 degrees (linen setting).  I thought that was impressive and I also liked the handle design, the weight (10 oz) and the fact that it is 110/120V and 220/240V by just turning a dial. All you girls in AU will be thrilled about that! Just use your adapter and you are good to go.

This is what Kandi's Handi-Iron looks like out of the box.
The piece that looks like a nose guard for the iron slips off and guess what?

You just slip it under the black clip and that is the handle for the iron.  Cool ay? 
After I plugged it in, I turned the dial to linen (of course) but I realized I didn't know where the indicator was for setting the temperature  Upon closer inspection, I found it....see the arrow and the line in the photo above....smack dab in the center of the iron...yep that's the one....that is the arrow that tells you where to stop the dial for your settings. 

The first time I plugged in the Handi-Iron it smoked.  Nick told me it would.  The smoke is from condensation inside the iron and it stopped after the first time I heated it up.  I'm so glad Nick told me it would smoke....I would have thought something was wrong....nope...just burning off condensation.

Next....I need some very wrinkly I wadded up some Kona Cotton.
 I started ironing the very wrinkled Kona Cotton fabric....and.....
Wahhhh Lahhhhh....and you more wrinkles. You know I was surprised and impressed.

Then it dawned on me that the Handi-Iron was supposed to get up to 425 degrees.  How on earth was I going to figure out how hot it gets?  I only have a thermometer that takes human body temperatures...and this iron doesn'tave a tongue to stick it under.  So I ran to the neighbors and asked if they had a cooking thermometer.  This is the best I can do folks :)

Here is the neighbors thermometer (used for Thanksgiving I bet) cold.
Then I put it up against the Handi-Iron and took pictures while the dial moved up ...remember it was on the highest setting.
The red dial kept going....and going....
and going.....
Before it stopped back where it started.  I realize this thermometers not intended for irons and it stops at 190 degrees....but you will notice it kept going almost back around to the 130 mark again....which says to me this iron is pretty darn hot.  My hands could tell it was pretty dog gone hot too because it was tough holding on to the thermometer (don't try this at home....this was done by a trained professional...rofl).

Then I wanted to know how hot the Handi-Iron got in comparison to my "Hot Harriet" (my old cloth cord iron made by Westinghouse that I know gets very hot).  I'm in love with "Hot Harriet" for fusing because she doesn't have any steam holes on the bottom....which means no marks (little circles) left behind on your fabrics....and you might have noticed the Handi-Iron doesn't have those either....very cool!

I'm embarrassed to show you "Hot Harriet's" behind....I'll address that issue later.
I put the thermometer up against "Hot Harriet" ...she was set to linen as well.
Up and up the red dial went.....
and it continued to go up.....
Until it stopped back where it started....just like the Handi-Iron.  That's all I needed to know.  If this 10 ounce Handi-Iron gets as hot as "Hot Harriet" then that is enough proof for me....I'll never need anything hotter.

Another feature that impressed me about the Handi-Iron is the doesn't get in the way weather you are right or left handed.  The other small irons have the cord coming out the side....those flop over on me and I've gotten burned.  Excellent engineering in my opinion.  There was no excess packaging either....I really, really, really like that!!! 

The bottom of the iron is a non-stick surface and I was told it just wipes off if you get fusible on it.  So I tested that too....
here is a piece of Mistyfuse on my Goddess Sheet.....

and now here it is stuck to the bottom of my new Handi-Iron.....not pretty.  You have to admit that no matter how careful you are....some how some way....that fusible gets on your iron...right?  Right!!  So it's a good idea to know how well the iron cleans up.
This is what the iron looked like after I rubbed it on the fabric.  It did not come sort of rolled up a bit.  I tried to scrape it lightly with the edge of thin plastic ID badge....and it still didn't come off.
I didn't want to hurt the beautiful non-stick finish on my new Handi-Iron so out came my Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner (this stuff so totally rocks). 
Look how well it cleaned off the fusible... like brand new! :)
So I treated "Hot Harriet" to a sauna as well....don't you think she deserves it?  Look how she shines........Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner is the best iron cleaner I've ever baking soda and water.
OK back to my new Kandi's Handi-Iron review.....

I highly recommend it for travel, workshops, classes and anytime you need a light small iron.  Do you need a heated flat pallet for straightening out ribbon?  Heat up the Hot Fix Crystals?  Check this out...

I took the handle off and plugged it back in.
Then I took this wrinkled ribbon and

pulled it back and forth across the surface of the Handi-Iron.  You can see for straightened that ribbon out toot sweet!  
I called Kandi Corp and spoke to Dave, the owner, about the warranty on the Handi-Iron.  There is a one year warranty and they pay shipping if it is defective.  You know I loved that....nothing worse than buying something...having a problem and then having to pay more money just to get it replaced.  Dave also pointed out that on Kandi Corp's website there is a place to click in the upper right hand corner and you can have a live chat if you have any questions.  
Well, I think I did a good job of running the Handi-Iron through the necessary tests....I'm giving it 2 thumbs up!!!  Money very well spent!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Yellow Monster Came

A big ugly Yellow Monster came and ate my monkeys this morning....leaving me in tears.  It had big ugly red eyes on the front and the back....I'm telling you it was really ugly.  I was minding my own business and the next thing I monkeys are GONE!  You can imagine I have spent most of my day sad and crying.  I know you all expected more posts on Checkers Open House....and they will come....once I compose myself.
Just look how sweet and innocent those IHAN co-worker monkeys looked right before their capture
They are so precious and sweet.....and now they are in the belly of that big Yellow Monster with red eyes. 
One thing I know for sure is that Yellow Monster will be felling ill and will likely throw them back up into my driveway and I can't wait....know what I mean?

One fun thing has happened during this Yellow Monster fiasco that actually lifted my brown-out....check out what I just found on my doorstep.....
You have no idea how happy I was to see the Martingale 2012 Award Winning Quilts Calendar.  I you it may be a small thing and you may be wondering how something so small could lift my heavy heart.
What you don't know is that I love's true...I do.  It is a big deal every year to decide which wall calendar I'm going to use to keep all those important dates and appointments....after all I have to look at it several times a day and I only want to look at something I absolutely love.

I can't show you every page....well...until next December...LOL...silly humor...but remember I'm in a brown-out and you have to give me some slack today.  It was difficult choosing just one picture to show you....I chose was done by Pat Holly of Ann Arbor Michigan.  She won the Maywood Studio Master Award for Innovative Artistry...Sponsored by Maywood Studio...Original Design (copied from the description on the Award Winning Quilts Calendar so I would get it all correct :).  This photo has lifted my heart and on a day like today....that really says something!!!

Are you a calendar lover too?  What is your criteria for choosing a new calendar for the upcoming year?  Do give calenders as gifts?  (I do...cuz I love them so much).  I want to know if there are more calendar lovers out there like me....and if you want to get ahead of the game....check out the special price IHAN has on the Martingale Award Winning Quilts Calendar for 2012....think you can order several for holiday or guild gifts...or just spoil yourself....we all need to do that every once in a while...and there are no calories in this years calander...LOL....remember are giving me some slack today!!!

Smiles...sort of,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Checker Distributor 63rd Anniversary Open House

Sunday and Monday I was busy out shopping and gathering photographs at the Checker Distributor 63rd Anniversary Open House.    Each year it seems to get bigger and better.  This year I think there were 30 designers....and all right in my back to speak...LOL.  (I live 15 minutes away)

Rob Krieger is the owner and President of Checker Distributor.   Rob and his amazing staff really went out of their way to help shop owners learn about all the latest books, techniques and notions.  Classes were held and lunch provided both days....I'm telling ya they spoil all of  the shop owners. 

Not only were the orders being processed on the spot so folks could save on shipping....they even loaded their cars and vans with their purchases.
 These guys are really good at stuffing a van....I don't know how they do it.

This is what the floor looked like when you walk into the wearhouse.  The designers were along the left and then down the back isle....lots and lots of fun and interesting things.  I made sure to wait until I could actually see the booths before I took a picture.  Most of the days this wearhouse was so full of people you couldn't see the booths.

These are the friendly guys who were at the loading dock....they also loaded vans and cars....I grabbed a photo before the next van pulled in for their pick up.  I love being greeted by friendly faces and these guys always wave back and smile when I shout out the van window to them.  Yes...they know me...I don't just shout at folks...LOL....well...not normally anyway.

The following photos are just some I took of their Trunk Shows and some quilts that were displayed.  I did a good job of limiting myself and not taking hundreds of pictures.


I'll be reviewing this book and doing a giveaway soon :)

These are some of the quilts that were hanging in the warehouse.  I'll be adding these patterns to IHAN soon...if you want one before they are added....just leave a comment at the end of this post with your e-mail addy and I'll get back to ya :)

Big Ten by Swirly Girls Design
Bird Quilt- Complete Collection by Debra Gabel

All of that was Sunday and is what the warehouse looks like....can you even begin to imagine the work that goes into the Checker Open House?  It blows my mind every year!!! 

I'll be posing photos of each of the designers I visited and share more about what I learned and saw in coming posts.


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