Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ- Scrap Ma Bob & Shirt Tales Pattern

It is Wednesday again...and time to Raise Your E-Notion IQ!   Every time I go to a class or retreat I take my Scrap-Ma Bob Clamp On Holder for Beverage and Scraps.

The Scrap-Ma Bob is a sturdy clamp on holder where I rest my drinks and I also have a reusable bag for my trash.  It helps eliminate clutter and potential accidents (oh please don't spill your drinks on your sewing machine or fabrics...yikes).  The Scrap-Ma Bob clamps to the edge of most flat surfaces and is designed to hold a 32 oz cup or mug. They are great for quilting, sewing, paper crafting, playing cards and table top games. 
If you are looking for a great gift for a friend or family member...perhaps yourself...you may want to consider a Scrap-Ma-Bob.  Now, if you are the kind of person who does not want a beverage holder and scrap bag named "Bob" you can just feel free to call her, "Scrap-Ma Betty." 
Check out this fantastic pattern, Shirt Tales 1 by Jill Mead (Rag Merchant). 
This is Carolyn Griffin, Far Flung Quilts, wearing Shirt Tales 1.  I was instantly focused on  Carolyn's shirt when I saw her recently.  The fabric strips are batiks and each strip has a different stitch from her sewing machine.
Isn't this just the cats meow?   Shirt Tales 1 can be made in any of your favorite combinations of fabrics.   Think of all the possibilities.  You can even make your own covered buttons for the back if you like.  I think these shirts would make a wonderful gift too.  I know I would love one for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Perhaps just one for fall and one for winter.  I told you the possibilities are limitless!  LOL...how about one for my birthday :)

Most of us have several stitches on our sewing machines we never use.  This would be a perfect opportunity to use all of the stitches or if you prefer,  just your favorite stitches.  

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


PA, What A Wonderful Place

Ok, I admit it....I was not fishing while I was away.  I took a overdue trip to see some of my dear friends.  There is no other place on this earth I can go and have more than 10 people show up to have lunch with me.  These gals are part of my Tuesday Stitching Group in PA....and I miss most all of the Tuesdays because I'm now in OH.  I don't miss the chance to gather with them while in PA.  I won't go through the names....these gals all know who they are and how special they are to me.  There are more PA friends who are not in these pixs...but they too know who they are...unless they've forgotten....that does happen to us once in awhile...LOL.

 I had to get a close of up of this Yo-Yo jacket Joyce was wearing.  It is absolutely fabulous!!! 
She did not make it....although she has made other amazing quilts and jackets.
After lunch we went to NY to visit a new friend.  I took pictures along the way because it is so beautiful in PA and NY....breath taking mountains and skies.

This is Barbra and I had the most amazing experience meeting her.  Barbara is 83 and I'm telling you she moves faster than most 40 year olds and she has wonderful stories and quilts that she shared with MJ and I.
I had the best fortune of being able to buy Barbara's Singer Featherweight ....and boy aren't they purdy?  Both of them!!

I've been wanting a Featherweight for some time now so you know I was thrilled to get one is such beautiful condition....and a lovely case too!  If you have never sewn with a Featherweight and wonder what the hype is all about....I like them because they are #1 Beautiful #2 are lightweight and nice to take to workshops and  #3 because they sew one dog-gone good straight stitch...consistent and even. It does not sew anything other than a straight stitch....and typically I use that the most.

Barbara has some vintage quilts and she was full of fun stories about these quilts.  They were not labeled so she has taken a photo and typed in the person's name and all the info she had and put them on the back of each quilt.  I thought that was genius!!!
This is a very fragile crazy quilt....and the stitching is out of this world.

The quilt below is also a vintage quilt....and it sure was fun to look at.

Below is the backing....the vintage fabric really grabbed me.

 Barbara also showed us some of her daughter's amazing pouches and mouse pads.

Kim has an Etsy Shop and she makes Mouse Pads, Coasters, Trivets and what you see above are really cool re-usable Lunch Bags and Snack Bags.  Kim also makes Pouches for cosmetics etc.  They are all lined and re-usable....now that is really cool.

This next picture is absolutely precious.  One of Barbara's grandchildren made this as a gift....now tell me if a child made this for you that you would not melt.  I think it is an excellent idea and I'm thinking of re-using the idea!!!

Changing topics now..... I went to a VFW one night and I was very moved by the table in the front of the restaurant. 

They have reserved a dinner table for the POW and MIA's...what a powerful reminder.

I took a photo of the letter on the table...I hope you can read it.

Ok, now on to yet another topic all together.  While visiting another eating establishment (no I did not eat out the entire time...but it sure looks that way doesn't it?")  These cracked me up and I thought some of you might enjoy them too.

Giggles and Smiles,

Monday, October 3, 2011

"DEPLOY That Fabric" Blog Tour Day 3

Day 3 "DEPLOY That Fabric" Blog Tour
*Edited to include other tour participants 10/1/11

Jen Eskridge, Reanna Lily Designs, has written this wonderful book, "DEPLOY That Fabric" and you will have a chance to win not only her book but also a Camo-Quilt Eco Messenger Bag  right here at the IHAN blog :)
Jen is the mother of three beautiful children and her husband, Rob, was in the US Air Force for 10 years and currently he is on active duty in the KS Air National Guard. 
Jen says her main purpose in writing this book is to honor the service members who are fighting for our freedoms both at home and abroad. She is also into up-cycling, using and remembering the men and women who have served in the US Military.

What a wonderful way to remember and honor our service personnel....don't you think?  I love the quilt pictured above and the neat purse as well.  Not only are there these projects...but there are lots more..... a total of 23 projects including totes, quilts, Christmas decor, baby items, and fashion accessories.  

"DEPLOY That Fabric," has been written very well...in my opinion!!  Jen shows you how to deconstruct a uniform into flat pieces of fabric, how to choose other fabrics that coordinate with the military uniforms, lots of sewing tips too.  She does make a point to say that you better ask first, before you sneak into a closet and get an old uniform...excellent advise!  Can you imagine sneaking into the closet of a trained Military person?  You could get yourself into a heap of trouble...yikes!

There are great photos and diagrams with clear instructions for making each of the projects.  You know me....when I say that.....it is a big deal...because I can hardly follow written directions!  I was so inspired I put together these fabrics below:
As usual, I didn't get time to finish the Grocery Tote, a project from "DEPLOY That Fabric."  I'm used to doing my projects in several different sewing sessions :)
Would you like to win a copy of "DEPLOY That Fabric" and a Camo Quilt -Eco Messenger Bag?  You must be a blog follower and leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you want to win these great prizes.  (USA ONLY for physical book, international winners can receive an eBook.) In order to give everyone an opportunity to win I'll choose a winner on Oct. 15, 2011.

I posted all of the other blogs on the tour here...or you can check out Stash Books blog.

THANK YOU Jen and Stash Books for this wonderful opportunity!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Deploy That Fabric Blog Tour

Jen Eskridge, Reanna Lily Designs, has written a very cool book, "DEPLOY That Fabric" and IHAN is fortunate enough to be included in the blog hop which starts TODAY!!!

With each stop along the tour, you’ll have a chance to read the review as well as WIN PRIZES! You can win a copy of "DEPLOY That Fabric" and a Camo Eco Messenger Bag (pictured above) at each stop along the way. You can swing by the shops early and subscribe to their blog rss feed, so you won’t miss your chance to win!

Oct 1st Fat Quarter Shop
Oct 2nd Sew Mama Sew
Oct 3rd I Have A Notion (IHAN)
Oct 4th Lilac Lane
Oct 5th CampFollowerBags
Oct 6th Fat Quarterly
Oct 7th Tall Grass Prairie
Oct 8th My Bragg Bag
Oct 9th Quilt Dad
Oct 10th Quilt Story
Oct 11th Gen X Quilters
Oct 12th Amy’s Creative Side
Oct 13th Keepsake Quilting Blog
Oct 14th True-Up

I look forward to my post day on Monday!!!

Now on to the All Male Review
I know what most of you are thinking....and shame on ya!!   I'm talking about Male Quilters here :)

Pigtales and Quilts is hosting a Male Quilt Show from Oct. 1-15, 2011 and it includes these wonderful Male Quilters:
1.  Giles Turnbull
2.  Wayne Kollinger
3.  Charlie Scott
4.  Glenn Dragone
5.  My friend Gene Black!!!
6.  Lane Wilhite
7.  Jeff Rutherford
8.  There is still space for any other men who would like to participate :)   

There are lots of giveaways going on too....so get your booty over to Thearica's blog, Pigtales and Quilts and check out this fun event.


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