Thursday, March 26, 2009

Will there be a "Starry Night" tonight?

I belong to a Punchneedle Yahoo group and a conversation was started about the idea of punching Van Gogh's Starry Night. Lynnette Larson had already punched this piece and shared it with the group. I admired it and asked her permission to share it on my blog. Happiily she agreed and this is what she had to say:
"This is my punchneedle interpretation of Van Gogh's Starry Night. It is about 5" x 7" in size. I used the photo from a small calendar for the basic design, and used a variety of embroidery floss colors. Most of the time I used three strands in a Cameo needle, with one strand of one color and two of another color. I enjoyed creating this piece as a gift for my daughter's college graduation in 2005, as I have her high school art project, a large chalk pastel interpretation of Starry Night, hanging above my bed. I'm a housewife from Chicago. I hook rugs, worked for a quilt shop for 15 years, and now have a full house after having an empty nest. Health problems suppressed my creative urges for a while, but I'm still finding ways to express myself. God bless you!"
Lynnette also has a blog
Isn't this a beautiful gift? Everytime I see work like this I want to improve my punching. I tend to over punch when I'm working on a piece. Progress not perfection right? RIGHT!
Easter is on it's way and another group member commented about making a picture of Easter Eggs. Then I started thinking about what Starr had suggested....punching a picture a child has drawn. I am now thinking about having my boys draw pictures of Easter Eggs and punching them as gifts for their grandparents. All of these wonderful ideas. I have to get back to finishing my projects. I'll post a picture of all those luggage tags when I'm finished.
Have a Starry Night!!

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