Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Undisclosed Location of IHAN CEO-Clues

This is the "Undisclosed Location" of IHAN's CEO.  She is being kept hostage by the Green Boogie Family and the Director of East Coast Operations.

Very little time to sleep around here....between the Bernina 820 and the Little Green Men.

Today the CEO of IHAN is being permitted out of captivity to rub elbows with some of the most wonderful women Tioga County has to offer.  Updates pending.....

Close lipped smiles,
The Captive


  1. Aaha, I know where you are. Tioga county, part of the world I grew up in. This is all too funny with the green guys.

  2. I bet that Green Boogie Family is going to force feed the IHAN CEO a big Thanksgiving dinner too! I'm calling the FBI right now!


  3. Be careful. It looks like they mean business!


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