Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lake House Retreat Photos :)

Here is the Lake House where we had our retreat this past weekend.  The front of the house has lots of windows so all you can see....well....I'll just show you....

Isn't this a beautiful view?  The lake beyond the trees is at Hills Creek State Park in Wellsboro, PA.  The trees and the snow just brush my soul.

After arriving at the Lake House and unpacking my things I ran into town to see Mary and Katie at Needles Quilt Shop.  Mary was gone but I had a great visit with Katie and Kathy.  They have the most beautiful collection of batik fabrics that I've ever seen.  I buy all my batik fabrics when I visit Needles.  I need to take a pix of what I bought there....soon :)
 Then I ran over to The Native Bagel because they had WiFi.  I know my website is having problems with the credit card check out so I thought I should check to see if it was fixed yet.
When I approach the counter to order a cup of coffee, what do I see but this sign:

 Thankfully I was not charged 21.50 for my coffee!!!
Back at the Lake House now.  Here is Leona and her beautiful quilt.
I really liked the fabrics Leona chose for this quilt. 
Here is another of Leona's quilts.  My eyes go buggy ever time I see this bargello pattern.
Marge was working on an needle turn applique block.  I really like her marking method.  She marks the pattern on some cheap interfacing as shown below and bastes it to the top of her block.

She can then just flip up the interfacing to check for placement without marking on her block. 
 This is Phyllis or as I affectionately call her, Philly.  I didn't get a pix of Ruby....but Ruby is Philly's faithful companion who loves to snuggle up with her.  Ruby is a lap dog and she sleeps curled up with darn sweet.
This is my dear friend Kay.  She was working on some English Paper Piecing.  This will be her dresser scarf when she is done.  I thought that was a great idea. 
Bev is also working on some needle turn applique.  Oh, did I mention, this is an Applique Group?  Oh....well it is :)  These gals are part of our Tuesday group who meet once a week to stitch together. (Even though I now live in OH I still feel like I am a part of the group....I call almost every Tuesday to find out what the gals are doing.)

This is Joyce's beautiful quilt that she has made for her son.  Some water leaked on it and the dye from the blue batik came through onto the backing.  Does anyone have any sure fire ways to clean it before she uses some Color Catcher? 

I can't believe the weekend flew by.  If finished my quilt top and I'll blog about that soon.  I also have more pictures to post but I want to join Mary Jane in the living room for the Golden Globes :)



  1. I'm so glad you got to enjoy deserve it!!

  2. I really like Leona's bargello quilt -- but I am making a simple "Trip Around the World" quilt and have already had to do some ripping. (Yes words were said) So I can't imagine making that one.

    I also love Joyce's quilt. It took me a while to figure it out. The color placement changes the appearance from average to WOW. At first I thought "A variation on Storm at Sea." Then I broke it down visually until I could see what the block really is. I see a lot of secondary designs in it.

  3. What a wonderful place to stay and relax.
    Love Leona's quilts and fabrics, just beautiful, as well as all of the ladie's work.


  4. Kelly, it sounds like you had an awesome time...the ladies and their projects are just as wonderful.

  5. I LOVE Hills Creek! What fun! Had read that you are going to be at the Quilt guild's meeting tomorrow night. Their quilt show was fantastic this year! (1st time I've gone) Some friends and I made a day of it, lunch, 2 visits to Needles-We loved the ladies that own it and had a wonderful time there and pie at the diner!
    Enjoy your time!

  6. Thanks for the little trip back home. Wellsboro is so close to home for me. I wish I were there with my Mom. We are just over the border.

  7. Oh what a fun retreat! And I love the quilts! Very talented group. Thanks for the pix! :-)

  8. I'm so glad you got to have this time with your friends. I bet there was a lot of wisdom to be learned there. Have a safe trip back....

  9. Appears to be a wealth of talent.

    I think I could get lost in learning from these talented ladies.

  10. Oh Kelly.. You are a lucky gal to have such wonderful friends and talented ones too! Getting together with from time to time is just an inspiration to each of you, I bet. Love all the pictures! Starr

  11. Beautiful place, Kelly - and I am totally in love with Leona's quilt [top one]! WOW. All the projects are gorgeous but that one really took my breath away!

  12. I had a terrible time right before Christmas with a quilt that I did for my mom. It had a very dark red that ran into the cream fabric next to it. No amount of color catchers would help and believe me, I used all 24 of them in the package and every time I pulled it out the staining was just as bad, and in new locations. I ended up using synthrapol a couple of times and then finally resorted to using some carpet stain remover and an old toothbrush to treat only the areas that were stained. I rinsed only the areas I treated with water and then let the quilt air dry. I don't know what color her backing fabric is, but I hope this might help. I'm sure there are a lot of people that would disagree with my method, but when you've put so much time into something and are freaking out that it is ruined, you'll try just about anything and it worked for me. Such a beautiful quilt either way. You have some very talented friends!=) Glad you had such a good time and welcome back!

  13. oh! Kelly! Thanks for sharing the pictures...would love to see more. You really had a great time.

  14. Kelly thanks so much for sharing! Snow and quilts, my favorite things beside God and family! Stop by my blog for a chance to win a Scentsy candle bar and warmer...wish they had a scent for snow!

  15. What a fun retreat with so many talented ladies. Loved seeing the snow and this beautiful lake home too. Just delightful.


  16. Love all of the cool quilts, and it was nice to meet the gang!!

    LOVE the sign!!


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