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Friday, July 27, 2012

Running Out of Time...AGAIN

Here I am writing my blog post...the one I want published today...and the time has come that I now need to pick up my co-workers.  ZZZXXXRRRQQQ and other obscenities!

Suffice to say that if I can get a bit of a break when Mr. McSteamy arrives home, I'll finish up my post and get it out tonight.  Until then...enjoy some pix I have taken recently.
 A rainbow over the baseball field.  It was actually a double rainbow...but the one to the right didn't photograph as well.
Look closely at this pix....yes.that is a mother duck with her babies in the city pool.  The ducks actually live there and if any of the folks in the pool bother them....the life guards reprimand them or ask them to leave.  Isn't it wonderful when wildlife gets some much deserved respect?  LOL

Aaron's baseball team won first place in the city tournament.

Some sand sculptures that were done in town last weekend....thought folks might enjoy seeing the talent some folks have.

Wish me luck in getting my "real" blog post finished when I get back.



  1. ducks in the pool? isn't it chlorinated? cool pics though and I do see the double rainbow.... and wow! on the sandsculptures

  2. I see the double rainbow too. Lovely. Yaay for Aaron and his team.

  3. LUCK!!! Boy do I k ow how that song goes.

  4. Yaay for Aaron & his teammates! Love that the ducks are left in peace! Our 3rd batch of baby birds (swallows, sparrows & finches, all working on #3 for the year!!) are all doing well, too - every time we go anywhere near, heads pop up & out, and peeeeeep, peeeeeeep, peeeeeeep!! Mama birds are getting all tuckered out keeping up with demand!

  5. YAY For Aaron's baseball team!!!! WOOO HOOO!

    I see both rainbows! Does this mean I'm speshul?

    the duck thing with the pool is interesting. Wonder what the health department thinks about that. They don't seem to mind the chlorine.

  6. Great post and love the sand castle. I am always amazed when I see those awesome creations.


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