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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 2 of the IHAN® Machine Embroidery Blog Hop sponsored by Anita Goodesign

Mon., March 18th
Kelly - I Have A Notion SewCalGal
Tues, March 19th
Cindy - Sew Cindy Trish -
Wed., March 20th
Marjorie's Quilting Bee Margaret - The Average Quilter
Thurs., March 21st
Rebecca Grace - Cheeky Cognoscenti
Fri., March 22nd
Gene Black - Alabama Artist SewCalGal

Are you Hoppin'?  I sure hope you are :)   I have provided a schedule of blogs that will be posting during this Machine Embroidery Blog hop sponsored by Anita Goodesign.

Changing topics here.....and Update from the Family life of the IHAN® Clan:

A photo montage made by my brother.  He took photos of her grandchildren and made this photo of my mother.
As the regular IHAN® blog readers already know, my mother was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer on Feb. 26, 2013.   There were several flower arrangements, cards and hundreds of phone calls received from family and friends.   In less than  a week, all of her 8 grandchildren had come to town to spend time with their grandmother.  Two had to travel from Colorado and one from upper Michigan.  Her friend of over 40 years flew in and brought her daughter and spent a week with mom.  My 1/2 sister, who is not a blood relative of my mothers, also flew in.  Initially there was lots of activity.  After everyone has returned to their lives, we stay in touch using a website called : LotsAHelpingHands.  If you have never seen this website, it is incredible and I highly recommend checking out their Free services. We are able to keep everyone informed as to her health, procedures, share photos, share important documents and coordinate volunteers is all possible through the LotsaHelpingHands website. 

When my mother was first diagnosed all I could think of was the quilt she had asked me to make for her.  She had selected the fabric (Fandango by Kate Spain for MODA) and I had chosen the pattern (Big Ten by Swirly Girl Designs) but I had not had time to work on the quilt.  I did run home and make this pillow case for her bed at the hospital. 

A dear friend asked what she could do to help and I asked, do you think you could get some help and possible start my mothers quilt for me. 
Within 3 days, the entire quilt was done.  Talk about a "quilting miracle."  Ten very  dear women (Diane, Dale, Sandy, Marty, Carol, Linda, Joan, Nancy, Peggy, and Linda) spent a few days working on the quilt.  Dale then did the quilting using her long arm machine and Diane made the label.  I asked them to please leave the binding for me because I wanted to contribute and the binding is one of my favorite parts.
 I'll never be able to thank these ladies enough.  I could not have finished that quilt and been her to take care of my just would not have been done.  Now this "quilting miracle" covers my mother and keeps her warm. 

My mother has been "card bombed" in the last few days.  On Monday she received 46 pieces of mail and today she received 22.
If someone has to be diagnosed with a terrible life shortening sure is wonderful to have loving, caring and concerned people reach out and share some humor, joy and a tender thought.  Thank you to all of the bloggers who have sent my mother a card.  Each card is a bright ray of love and light that lifts her spirits.  THANK YOU!

Smiles of  Immense Gratitude,


  1. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to your mother, you, and your extended family every day.


  2. Glad your mother is being covered with love, both the quilt (wow, that was fast) and cards.

  3. Your Mother looks so happy with that beautiful quilt to cover her. Nothing like the loving warmth of a quilt. You have amazing friends. Give your Mother my love. Will get her card in the mail tomorrow.

  4. We were happy to do it for you, Kelly. It's hard to stand by and feel helpless when someone you care about is going through so much. Making the quilt made us feel useful! :)

  5. your brother's photo montage is amazing.

  6. That quilt is surely filled with love!! Blessings to your family.

  7. You and your mom are still in my prayers.

    The quilt is amazing. I am so happy you have such a great circle of friends.
    I see that my card arrived --I can tell by the "serial killer" handwriting on the envelope. If we had been graded on penmanship, I would have failed. LOL.

    Peace, Love and Hugs, Gene

  8. Oh wow Kelly the quilt is beautiful!! I'm so glad all of your Mom's grandchildren have come to spend some time with their grandmother. What a sweet blessing. And the card shower is amazing! Think of you often. Prayers are with you.

  9. What awesome friends you have!!! It is beautiful and the smile on her face shows how much she appreciates it.

  10. What a wonderful group of friends you have, Kelly! They did such a great job (as I'm sure you did, too, with the binding!) It's beautiful and your mother looks so relaxed with it.

  11. I am so sorry about your Mother. It is hard to watch those you love suffer. It is great you have such wonderful friends and their quilt is very pretty. I love that line. Quilters are the best. Hugs.


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