Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thanks for Cheering Me Up :)

Now if you saw a sweet little house like this one wouldn't you smile?
And that little house was on a wall hanging with lots of my favorite things....like trees, flowers and thread work.....you know I'm smiling again!  
And....if that sweet little house on that beautiful wall hanging was near a plant that had two little birds nests and lots of greenery.....wouldn't you smile?

And.... these things included lots of phone calls, cards and letters......I'm guessing by now you know the point....THANK YOU to all my very dear friends for keeping me sane in this very challenging time.

Full Smiles,


  1. That's a cute little quilt! :-)
    We do this because we love you!

  2. Sometimes a little "pick me up" is needed when we have been through a rough patch. I am glad to know you are smiling again.

  3. That is just what we do when friends are hurting....we care about you

  4. As my grandson says..."that's how we roll!" Love you Kelly, XOXO

  5. Such a cute little cheer-you-up!

  6. I am so happy that you are starting to feel some better we all love your smile.
    Hugs Sandra

  7. With an art like that, who wouldn’t smile even for a minute? I really adore your work coz’ it’s really colorful, vibrant and inspiring! I used to see it in my kid’s drawing sessions. But now, I can see it in handcrafted art. Kudos to you! You really made me smile today. Thanks!

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