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Friday, December 4, 2015

What do Drones have to do with Sewing, Quilting and Machine Embroidery?

After reading that drones are used to drop off drugs, porn and phones to prisons (currently against the law for the guards to shoot down the drones)...

I thought to myself.....what is wrong with this???

Then I realized I was just jealous!

So if ya can't beat em....lets join em!  How about each time we need just the right color of thread, need more fabric, or  just the right notion.......we dial 1800-Need-Our-Fix NOW or 1 800 Lets-Get-Our-Fix ON....(LMBO)  and a drown flies to our front doors and delivers just the right color of thread, needle or fabric.  How amazingly cool would that be?  Perhaps the packages could be tied with a lovely ribbon and a sweet treat too.

Hope this makes you laugh cuz laughter is what keeps me going!

BTW....IHAN doesn't currently own a drone....but if you need to "Get Your Fix ON" feel free to e-mail me or shop IHAN....if you live close....I'm willing to toss your order over your fence and into your yard...if you can't laugh....just is good for what ever is ailing ya.



beaquilter said...

amazon is investing in these drones, that will be a sight to get a delivery by drone... my son has a little drone with a camera, it's neat how he can fly it above our house and record video and then we can watch it.... I guess you can totally spy on neighbors if you wanted to! (he's not that kind of kid though)

Barb said...

What fun would that be...but just as easily it is for a drone to drop stuff off it would be easy to spy on us as well... hummmm Oh I just read the comment above me...funny, we both had the same though

Gene Black said...

I was thinking more of a "drone" that watches my embroidery machine while it stitches and alerts me to change colors or if something is about to go wrong. LOL

Dana Gaffney said...

and this time of year the drone could have a little Santa hat or reindeer antlers, I'd order just to see him arrive.

Allie-oops Designs said...

That would be lovely - I heard amazon is testing out drone delivery, someone said "yay, skeet shooting with prizes!" which I think is probably what will happen, lol. The package won't even have to be delivered to be stolen!

Debbie said...

Are the drones taking over for the flamingos?

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