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Thursday, March 17, 2016

An Irish Term

After doing only a little bit of research I found a fun Irish word....I copied it from HERE.
Another particularly cute term, this time used to affectionately describe non-essential activities. So if you’re pulling yourself together on a Sunday morning, after a big night out, just sort of gathering your wits and making a mess of getting your breakfast, you’re foostering. If you’re waiting for someone to get ready to go out, and they’re taking ages, you’d be within your rights to accuse them of foostering. As a word in encompasses everything between procrastination and indolence, and does so with great charm.

So today....I will fooster and I hope you do as well!  I'm taking Waldo out for her birthday lunch (hers was yesterday and mine is tomorrow).  I hope we don't get arrested for indecent behavior after drinking lots of green beer today....yikes!

 After much foostering, I put together the quilt I have been working on.  If you see anything you don't like...keep it to pointing out the fact that on the far right I put two red pieces didn't see that and neither do I :)

Now to decide on the only one nut case can are some ideas I had:
The purple block border looks much darker than it really is in this photo...oh well.  I do like the little bit of green separating it from the rest of the quilt.  About a 1/4 inch on either side of the purple looks good to me (for promises on tomorrow).

What do you think of these two options?  The outer border will more than likely be one of the  larger floral prints.  Any ideas?  Seems like I always have my own opinions to share until it comes to my own work...why is that?

Top Of The Day To Ya!!!

Green Smiles (not teeth....just smiles),


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Happy Birthday! I like the larger border. You can see the fabric better in it.

Allie said...

Well from one champion fooster-er to another, I happen to like them all....and Happy Happy Happy Birthday to both of you! Have fun and if you see leprechauns, lay off the green beer.....

kc said...

Have fun searching for that pot of gold! I'm partial to the smidge of green, and then the restful purple. But then, you knew I would be! Happy b'day to you both!

kc said...

Have fun searching for that pot of gold! I'm partial to the smidge of green, and then the restful purple. But then, you knew I would be! Happy b'day to you both!

Gene Black said...

Ha ha.. I know you will do whatever you and your muse decide anyway....but I do like the tiny green inner border. And with it being St. Patrick's day, who wouldn't want the say yes to the green! Ha ha.
And "I don't see any two pieces of red together on the far right" (maybe on the far left, but I didn't say that!) Chug a green beer for me!

Dana Gaffney said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! I like the calmer purple since the quilt has so much color, but I adore the tiny slice of green, it's perfect which ever way you decide to go.

Jean(ie) said...

Foostering. Lol! Sounds like something I've been doing.

Jean(ie) said...

The quilt is looking awesome!

Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Happy Birthday!!!! EAT some cake for all the wrong meals... it will make you feel- young, naughty and decadent all at once!!! I like the lime green and purple.... along with dark wider final border.... and we are always second guessing ourselves... because we are so close to our own work... both in thought and proximity. When we see anothers piece, we are struck instantly with the ideas because our brains are not clogged with our own angst!!!!! Be good to yourself today!

Sharon said...

Every thing you do is amazing! So, jump in & do whatever you want & btw, what red fabric? lol

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