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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, Quilters, Sewists, Shoppers and Gadget Guru’s!!!

Thank you Kelly for the introduction. To say that things have not gone quite as planned is an understatement. The Internet in all of its confusing states has decided that what ‘was’ there is…. Not. I apologize if you are finding it to be inconvenient.

So…. While I try and scale the mountain of things I don’t know and file them among the little that I do know, let me tell you more about me and maybe some of my vision, and in return please comment and tell me some of the things that you love about Kelly and I Have A Notion!!!

Linzi and Bandit... the dogs
As you know my name is Beth Hunter. I currently live in Kentucky, and just passed the 2 year mark at this address. I have a husband and 2 dogs… and we have moved a lot. Quilting has been my connective tissue whenever and wherever I have moved. I know quilters around the world both in real life and online. Quilters are, by nature a warm friendly and sharing community and I want that at I Have A Notion. I want to share some of what I have learned, help other quilters find what they need to progress and create their vision, and create a community of joy and friendship.

My quilting endeavors began around the fall of 1986 when I joined a quilting guild. At that time I lived in the small community of Paradise, California. The guild had nearly 100 members and the average age of the members then was 60-65. I was considerably younger (by half), and I loved all those ladies like family. I learned to hand piece and quilt with cardboard templates and a pencil and the rotary cutter was just becoming the THING. The using a sewing machine came later for me.

My quilting took a short detour, when I was mistakenly diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, so I stopped almost all stitching for about 10 years. There were a few moves in California, and then we moved from Southern Cali to Nebraska in 2002. Once in Nebraska (Grand Island) I decided to take up quilting again! I had to let go of much of the handwork and use a machine more…. I of course joined a guild and had a fabulous time with those ladies too. I am still in contact with many of them these days. Since then I have moved many more times and made many many many many more friends, one of them is Kelly!

I first found Kelly and I Have A Notion via the blog and would read every installment, about the products, her guilds and friends, Mr. McSteamy, the kids and of course the flamingos. Kelly and I have kept in contact over the years via email. We have some shared experiences, I blogged about one here, from when I was living in South Africa. Feel free to poke about on that blog… if you want… I have shared much of my QUILTY life and connections there as well as my foray into photography, but for just pictures there is also a Flickr  page.

My quilting style is whatever interests me at the moment… although I have moved a little away from traditional quilts to more ART… I love to play with thread.

Until everything is sorted out… I can be reached at or by phone at 270-900-4564

Please stay tuned and be patient …. Because as I always say;

There will be more later!!!  Beth


My 2 Cents said...

Yo Girl,
Nice post....but you really did cheat people because I didn't see any of your amazing quilts do such beautiful work.
Kelly (the gal who used to have a notion...LOL)

Titia said...

Hallo Beth, I am signing up to follow you. One day I will be a guest blogger! You will share our Paducah visit here?

Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

I had to save something for later!!! I will post some pictures eventually.

Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Yes Titia.... I will share as will you, since you are one of my dear world wide friends and connective tissue people. Less than 30 days and counting!!!

claudia said...

It's nice to get to know you! I see we have furbabies in common (as well as the quilting aspects of our lives) I do not have a shepherd right now, but in 7 weeks or so I will have a brand new baby girl! I lost two dogs in May and just can't bring myself to be happy without a bunch running around!
I can't wait to see what you bring us in the way of eye candy and all the other fun things you have planned!

WoolenSails said...

Welcome from one of Kelly's followers. I also had a doctor tell me I had carpal and luckily another said it was stress syndrome from using my hands so much. Now I wear a glove for crafting and a brace at night and have been fine. I also do what moves me at the moment and really want to do more art pieces myself. I look forward to seeing your work.


Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Thanks Claudia.... if it weren't for the dogs I would not feel welcome at home. They bring so much joy.... well not Bandit yet, he is just 9 months old and we struggle with who is going to be the boss all day every day!

Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Thank you for the welcome Debbie. I think it was the diagnosis of the year.... I just manage how much I use the arm/hand and things are good. Find all the challenges you can and force yourself to stretch and try techniques ... and tools and materials, and then play!!! Well that is my approach to the art side.

Unknown said...

I'm Mr.McSteamy's Aunt Linda. I hope to follow you now that Kelly is no longer posting. I so enjoyed her blogging and great information about quilting, and her great humor. I am a quilter but seldom sew anymore. I am an avid stamping instructor now that I'm not quilting. I have so many UFO's that need quilted. I love hand quilting but it is too time consuming for me. I can't afford to send my pieces out to be quilted so I continue to feed my creativity with paper and an occasional sewing project. I wish you the very best in your new venture! Happy stitching! Linda Atkins, Pittsburgh, PA

kc said...

Howdy from KC...I'm the Navigator half, you'll have to get the whole story from Kelly, as I try to keep a low profile...there's a whole story behind that, too!! I've heard lots about you and am looking forward to seeing more of your work!!! Perhaps you could talk Kelly into sending you some flamingo photos occasionally? I guess I'm the original flaming flo!! So, Wi-Fi is a bit limited here in the trailer park, as it's POURING down rain, so everyone's on their computer instead of at the beach! Many hugs!!

Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Thank you for the welcome Aunty McSteamy!!! Lucky for me I put the blinders on when the Paper/Stamping thing was starting out else there wouldn't be any room in our house for the humans! If you are not attached to the UFO quilts (made with someone special in mind) have you considered donating them to the Quilts of Valor or a guild for their Philanthropy Projects?

Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

I have played Navigator too, but I also like to drive. If you are every passing through KY... I don't have any level areas... but there are a couple of nice places in the area! No rain but lovely warm (no humidity) days and very cool summer nights.

QuiltShopGal said...

Congratulations on your new role as owner and leader of IHAN. I'm happy to see IHAN carry on. Kelly introduced me to so many wonderful products that I would have never found otherwise, as well as sharing tips, tutorials and inspiration. I'm sure you will bring your own unique style and make IHAN your own. But, as you also enjoy fur-babies, I want to heighten your awareness of a super fun Annual Pets On Quilts Show hosted by Snoodles of Lily Pad Quilting, that starts this Thursday. Maybe you can share more of your good looking dogs and your quilts in this show. All for fun and a great way to share our love of pets, as well as pet themed quilts. Check out for more info and don't forget the linky party starts on Thursday.


Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

QSG! Thank you for the welcome... and notice for the Pets on Quilts... I have wanted to participate in the past, but unfortunately.... I get stuck looking for a photo... and as it turns out... don't have many with a dog or cat on them.... (house rule as long as there are pets, no handmade quilts where muddy paws and ruin them). I will try and squeeze a few minutes out to see if I can find the cat on a quilt.

Kathy P said...

Welcome Beth! I am looking forward to reading more about your quilting adventures and getting to know you. Kelly started something wonderful when she started IHAN and I'm so glad she has found you to keep it going into the future. Best of luck to you!

Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Thanks Kathy! I am looking forward to getting this train rolling and getting to know more quilters in this world. I hope I can keep the something 'wonderful' part going too.

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