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Friday, December 22, 2017

Where is the world is Kelly aka prior Queen of the IHAN Nation now?

Beth:  Inquiring minds want to know, what have you been up to since selling IHAN?
Kelly: The last 6 months feel like a blur and for that matter the last year feels like a blur too.  So let me think...what have I been doing with myself since selling IHAN?
Being a mother is more than a full time job so that has kept me busy.  The previous IHAN elves are now teenagers and Aaron is actually 6 feet tall now....which is did that happen?  LOL
Previously known as the IHAN shipping Elves sporting their new metal mouths...LOL
I have been to CA twice to spend time with our oldest daughter, her husband and our new grandson.  Having a new life in our family has brought tremendous joy.  To see someone you dearly love hold their child and then begin to know that is how much you love is a meeting of the souls in a way.
I cried so much having to leave them that my eyes are swollen. 
My first grandson....he is pure magic.  Expecting another grand child in June, our youngest daughter is now pregnant.  I can hardly wait.
Yes I continue to sew and quilt but in a much more relaxed and messy fashion.  I have several projects in progress and most are pinned to my design wall, one on top of the other.  A bit messy but this allows me to follow my energy and work on things that feel good instead of pressuring myself to have a deadline.  My creative process is not linear and I am most comfortable and happy when I do the next indicated pleasurable thing and when I hit a part that I don't want to do at the time...I set it aside until I'm feeling more up to the challenge.  An organic sort of creating focusing more on the pleasure and less on the deadlines.
Here are some quilts that are in full swing at this time:
These are my tiny hexies quilt. 
This wild mess is what I call sewing one scrap to the next, cutting and re-sewing.  It will be finished in 2018. 
A small wall hanging I started for fun.  It still needs to be quilted.
Waldo inspired me to make this quilt for charity.  I was in the throws of darkness and she said I had to help her sew some charity quilts...that's all it took.  Thankfully Beth quilted it for me because quilting on a domestic machine is not my forte.
When I get stuck on a project or in need of ideas I run them past Waldo (Longtime IHAN blog followers are familiar with Waldo...Rosemary my girlfriend).  Having Waldo essentially 3 houses away really helps when a gal needs a different thread or to check the stash fabrics to see if there isn't something that can be used instead of stored.  We both have fabric stashes (more on that at another time) and our goal is to use it all so we share back and forth.  Unfortunately  Waldo's health is declining.  She had a stroke a few weeks ago and it has affected some of her thinking and she gets confused at times.  The great news is she is up and walking during the day.  She and I went out for lunch last week so that is a blessing she is about and interested in getting out of the house.  Naturally she has a large wall hanging in the process of being quilted and it is under her needle on the machine.  When she is feeling better I'm sure she'll be back in there finishing it.
Waldo and I
Beth: Kelly, do you miss IHAN?
Kelly: No, what I miss is regular contact with my regular blog readers, previous customers, and those in the quilting industry that I built relationships with.  I'm a people person more than I am a business person.  People come first before sales and profits and I think that is why I was successful.  That played a huge part in my agreement to sell IHAN to you Beth.  I had to be sure the honesty and integrity would continue with someone who had a wide breadth of knowledge of the quilting/needle arts industry.  Had the right person not come along, I would have likely just closed it and donated the inventory.
I feel I owe people an explanation for falling off planet quilting yet at the same time I was not sure people were interested in knowing all those personal details of my life.  Typically I am known for my humor, honesty and integrity not necessarily sharing the heavier side of life.  If people are truly interested, I'd be willing to share more in depth, just leave a comment below and I'd be willing to share more.
Thank you Beth for asking how I am and for staying connected.


Jackie said...

It's so good hearing how you are doing and to hear you are finding your groove. Congratulations on the new grandson.
I will always remember you emailing me while I was in Hospice with my Mom.

Dana Gaffney said...

Kelly, I'd love to hear more of your story, I've thought of you often and hoped you were finding some calm in your life.

Eileen said...

Kelly, if you're up to telling us more, I know I'm not alone in hoping you'll share.

My 2 Cents said...

Hi Jackie,
I'm so glad I was able to provide some connection when your mom was in hospice. Definitely a time when people need support.
Thanks for the congratulations on being a is one of the sweetest gifts of growing older I must say.
Hugs to you,

My 2 Cents said...

Hi Dana!
I will share more babe. I am finding some calm and it is long overdue. I hope you are doing well there in FL and have a wonderful Christmas.

My 2 Cents said...

Hi Eileen,
After the holidays I'll share more. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for caring :)

Me and My Stitches said...

Tell me more, tell me more (think of the movie Grease!) - I've also wondered how you are doing and what you've been up to. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Shelley said...

Kelly! Ihave missed you. And the elves! Growing up. I too fell out of quiltland suddenly, from my blog, Redquilts. Please drop me a note , we can share our stories.

Kathy P said...

So nice to hear from you Kelly. Enjoy those grandbabies! Being a grandmother is the best! Happy New Year too!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Dear, dear Kelly,I caught the blog where you said you were selling IHAN but not that more was going on! Sending a great big hug!! Drop me a catching up libe when you have time. Many blessings!!! And welcome Beth!!!

O'Quilts said...

so so so happy to hear from so happy to see how pretty and relaxed you look xoxox Diane

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sew nice to hear from you, Kelly. Yes, I've wondered how you were. The only email address I have for you is this one. I hope that Waldo recovers fully and quickly. I also miss the flamingo posts. Fun!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hi Julie,
I had a wonderful Christmas. It was quiet and I was fortunate enough to share dinner with Rosemary/Waldo and her family. Our oldest daughter came in with her husband and son on the 28th and we were able to spend time together until they had to return home last night. Spending time with loved ones is truly a gift.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hi Shelley,
Thank you for missing me :) A sign of a connection and for which I am honored. I will drop you a line.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hi Kathy,
Yes, being a grandmother is amazing and we learned our youngest daughter is now pregnant as well. Such a joy to see those you love begin to understand how much you love them and what it takes to raise children.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hi Michele!
Interesting to see the names of those who have read and took the time to comment. Kindness is such a sweet salve on this experience of you know oh so well. You are have have been an amazing woman who I have experienced as having courage, insight and much kindness. May you always be blessed. We will catch up :)

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hello Diane,
An unexpected kind compliment....thank you so very much! I sure do hope things are well with you and I'll be in touch.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hi Sweet Cheryl :)
I am well and grateful to be well. Waldo is being challenged with her health but is back home again today from the hospital. Sending you hugs and will be in touch.

Susan said...

Well, Kelly, it seems you and I fell off the quilting planet right about the same time! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well and getting to enjoy your new grandma duties!

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