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Friday, January 5, 2018

Goldie 4 month Pupdate!

As I promised.... a Goldie update.

Let me just say that is Freezing cold in Kentucky these days. Much more like up north... in Chicago than down south in Kentucky. Several nights have been at zero... and a few degrees below that a couple of  times... and that does not include wind chills!!!

Her life in our household has been a bit difficult to say the least. Nothing too serious .... but her puppyhood has had a rather 'loose' beginning. I will try and discuss this delicately... She was 9 weeks old when she came to live with us. As you can see by the rug she is on... she has grown! Photo on the left  9 weeks + and one on the right is just the other day at 16 weeks +. She pretty much fills up the rug now.
At first we thought that she was under stress ... of leaving home new people, sleeping alone; then she wasn't eating so we gave her a little food additives (canned food as the breeder was doing) which can also bring on a bit of looseness.

Then we saw the vet for our 12 week inoculations, vet found Roundworms, (they come from mom, either in utero or via the milk). Medicated and eradicated.

Next we had a bit of teething.... which will often cause the same issue.


So, at about 14 weeks... still the same, so return visit to the vet along with a sample. The sun was coming in a high window... and I just couldn't resist the silhouette.

Diagnosis; Giardia -generally caused by unclean water or from a particular delicacy found in a yard that has visiting wild rabbits (Rabbit Treats).

At 16 weeks, the final shots and a revisit about the Giardia... Now after 4 weeks of 2 different medications, and not much improvement, although she feels better! More active. It might also be just a particularly healthy colony of Giardia and it has resisted the individual medications, but we may be seeing some improvement....  Along with this last course of medication we are changing her diet, as there may also be an allergy to something in her food. Hopefully this poor girl will get a bit more regular and I will get a full nights sleep without a trip or 2 outside in the middle of the night!!! We keep a calendar... of  'puppy business' so we will know if the puppy is holding longer... and able to go through the night without a trip outside. This calendar started out as joke for the husbands he would know which day of the week we were on and the date. It only took a year for us to not need the chalkboard for that... we found a new reason to use it... first for Bandit and now for Goldie, but I din't change the reason!!!

It always seems to be something.... the next dog story I'll share some about Linzi, she has been a trooper!

Do you have a pet? Does it bring you joy? Share in the comments, we all want to know!!!

As Always- More later! Beth


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I had to force my dogs to come back in earlier, since they were enjoying the 'rabbit treats' in our back yard. Hope it all settles down now.

Jean Etheridge said...

Our Ozzie is now 8 plus years old. He has recently been diagnosed with dry eye and we have drops for him. We are amazed that the promise of a 5 calorie treat is enough to make him calm for the drops. He has also had two seizures that we know of. He is just the best dog ever. He lives to love us and be close. I walk him a couple of times a day. He has a few dog buddies on the street, but I have to say the German Shepherds we see do not like him one bit. Fortunately, the owner seems to be aware and in charge. I always enjoy your updates!
Happy New Year!

Needled Mom said...

We have a four month old puppy, but thankfully, not the same issues. We are now making it through the night....yeah!!!

WoolenSails said...

She is adorable and I have gone through the same thing. My guy is always eating things and drinking out of ponds, so we have to watch him or he gets giardiasis. He also gets sick if he eats certain things, chicken is one of them, so we give him all beef products. He is a Border Collie and even at 3 1/2, he still hasn't slowed down, wants to play all day and night.


Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

Your Border Collie will not slow down!!! They are smart and energetic. It is a breed I could also live with! Well I think I could enjoy any dog. The allergy/sensitivity issue is a terrible thing. I have lots of experience with that, too. We are seeing some improvement (since yesterday afternoon) we think and rushing the food transition.... now.

I just wish the weather would warm up... so I can start the training. Even too cold in the garage!


Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Hi Jean,

Happy New Year to you too. My least favorite aspect of having a pet, is that they have such a short life span.

Sorry about the eyes, but at least they have drops for that! Do you have a reason for the seizures?

I think big dogs see little dogs as animated squeaky toys....

Thanks for stopping by!


Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Hi Cheryl,

I think the hunt for the treats is the all consuming thing... for them. With their noses, both Linzi and Goldie have really good noses, not too many escape!

We think we see some improvement, finally. Rushing the food transition, because.... how much more gastro upset will she have?

Have a Great Day!


Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Mom- Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Hopefully you won't experience any issues!!! We had a full night last night too! What kind of puppy?


Pink Petunia said...

We have a greyhound with hookworms. Very hard to get rid of. She is on her 3rd round of meds. They are raising havoc in her intestines. We have to take her out several nights at 3am especially during the full moon phase.

Barb and Sharon said...

We used children’s probiotics on our dogs’ food to help with intestinal issues from rabbit treats. Really helped with loose bowels. We also use Urban Wolf food and have no issues with loose bowels even with a worm infestation after we rescued/adopted a dog.

Beth-near Louisville KY! said...


Thanks for the comment and for stopping by.

I know your pain very very very well. I have been more acquainted with the wee hours of the night than I have been since being in my 20s these last few weeks. I have not paid attention to the moon phases and the visits outside so I can't comment on the correlation. The last couple of nights we have had improvement!!! Wishing the same for you!


Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Hi Barb & Sharon!!

Thanks for reading. I have used Probiotics... for other issues... (think air biscuits) but not for rabbit treats and encouraging more beneficial flora. Great Hint Thanks. Going to pick some up later today!


kc said...

We've always had puppers, and it's always something or another! I embroidered a huuuuge great blue heron for a lady about a month ago. She paid me for it on Friday morning, and Friday afternoon, I handed the money straight over to the vet. Money well-spent, as I figure. Quickly, too. Good luck!

Beth-near Louisville KY! said...

Thanks for dropping by today.

Isn't that the way it goes... when there is extra money that hasn't been earmarked... It spends itself!!!

Goldie is improving. I haven't seen the night sky in 3 nights!!!


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