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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilting Threasures Laila by Laura Ashley and Scrabble by Hasbro Giveaway

I feel like a giveaway....what about you?  Sometimes ya just HAVE to give something away.  I went through my Quilt Market stash and came upon these two fat quarter stacks that I received from a lovely lady at Quilting Treasures.  The first bundle is "Scrabble" by Hasbro and the second is "Laila" by Laura Ashley.  Each stack has 4 fat quarters :) 
If you would like to win one of these stacks please leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think you'll make with them.  Remember, we are all entitled to change our  This is going to be open to Blog Followers only.  It pays to follow the IHAN blog!!
The drawing will take place on Monday, January 31st.  Good luck!  Only one entry per follower please.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Robert Kaufman and Quilts for Kids - A Giveaway too!!!

Thank you for the kind words for my son...he is feeling much better.  His illness was brief....and I am very grateful for that.  There are children who are not so fortunate....some are seriously ill and some are in great need of comfort due to a tragedy.  As I was thinking about this I remembered a wonderful presentation in Houston for Fall Quilt Market.  It was a School House Presentation given by Linda Arye for Robert Kaufman Fabric Company

Linda is the founder of Quilts for Kids.  Their mission is, "Transforming discontinued, unwanted and other fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse". 

P&G and Downy  and Robert Kaufman Fabrics are just two sponsors of the Quilts for Kids project.  There are many more and you can read all about their wonderful program the Quilts for Kids website. Please take the time to go over and read about their program. 

Since I promised TWO Giveaways today, I thought it was apropos to offer some Animal Party Too! charm packs. 

Robert Kaufman Fabric Company has a line of 33 fabrics by Amy Schimler that benefit Quilts for Kids.   How incredibly wonderful is that?  The talent of Amy Schimler coupled with the generosity of Robert Kaufman that is something to smile about, right? Right! 

Look how cheerful the fabrics are in the Animal Party Too! line.  I never understood what folks do with one charm pack.  Am I alone here?  I'm always thinking two is  good start and then you can add some fabric for borders, right?  Tell me what your thoughts are on the subject.

Since it's my blog....for today....I'm saying ya need two charm packs and there will be two winners chosen.  Do you have that?  Two winners will each get two Animal Party Too! charm packs compliments of Robert Kaufman Fabrics by way of the IHAN blog (they were kind enough to provide them for a giveaway).

To enter, visit the Quilts for Kids website and come back and tell me something you learned.  If you have participated in the Quilts for Kids project, tell us about your experience.   I'll choose TWO winners on Wednesday December 22nd.  Feel free to spread the word if you are so inclined :)

THANK YOU Robert Kaufman Fabrics!!! 


PS....if you are looking for something incredibly fun to do with your kids, or the kid in you, check out Dave's Snowflake Patterns....I love making these during the winter months :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

30 or 31 OK 32 Days of Giveaways at IHAN

Are the Giveaways Over?

NOPE, NO Siree Bob......NOT Happin'

I have good news and bad news....which do you want first? 

Half of you said Good and the other half said Bad....make up your minds will ya?  I'll go the Good News first.  The Giveaways continue....for one more day!!!  HURRAY!!!!!  The Bad News....the person who was to tabulate all the entries has not counted them.  So that leaves a whole lot of comments to be counted!!!

If you are impatient like me you will be tapping your fingers screaming at your screen, "count faster."  If you are laid back you'll be drinking some ice tea and enjoying yourself while I count :) I figure if you  took the time to leave a comment or go the extra mile and do other things for extra entries, you want those to be counted correctly and entered, right?  I thought that would be your response :)

I've read quite a few posts that said, "Pick Me."  For the record, I'm not picking anyone for the prizes.  Everyone names will go into a container, the container will be shook up, a random number will be generated at Random Numbers Generator and then we will count down to that number.  You can't get much more random than that!!!  I don't want anyone who put their comments in first or last to have less of a chance.  I'm one of those people who wants to win everything so I understand the excitement and wanting to know when the winners are named.  I will work as fast as I can but it may take me a day or so.  I'll keep everyone updated :)

The comments on all posts prior to this post will close at 10:00 PM CMT which is in one hour.  So if you want to hop over to something you missed and add a comment...go right ahead.  I will begin tabulating after 10:00 PM.

If you get tired of can wander the isles of IHAN.  You just might discover all of the AccuQuilt products are on sale up to 35% off.   There are other items great notions on sale as well.

Tomorrow's Giveaways are open until I'm done counting all the entries.  Before I post the winners, I post everything that is in the Grand Prize Package!!!! 


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