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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amy Butler Spanky Name Badge Challenge WINNER Photos!!!

Meet Janice Pope....IHAN's Spanky Name Badge Designer!!!!
Janice won all these lovely things from Amy Butler Designs. Her name badge was selected and she is making 6 badges for the Amy Butler Design group to wear in Houston at Quilt Market.
Thank you Amy and Mallory for the wonderful gifts you have sent and for allowing me the opportunity to host the challenge. I had a ball.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Amy Butler Spanky Name Badge Challenge WINNER

Congratulations to Janice Pope!!!

You are now the "Spanky Name Badge Designer here at I Have A Notion." Janice you have bragging rights and can clear out some space in your sewing area for all your Amy Butler gifts!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. I certainly appreciated all the creativity and energy that went into your efforts!!!

I'll be sure to take pix at Quilt Market in Houston and post them on my blog for everyone to see :)


Friday, August 28, 2009

Amy Butler Spanky Name Badge Challenge Update

The Amy Butler Spanky Name Badge Challenge photos are all in. I have forwarded all the photos that were sent to me along to Amy Butler Designs. Thank you for everyone who participated. The winner will be announced as soon as I hear back from Amy Butler Designs :)

I promised to put everyone who advertised this challenge on their blog or e-mailed 5 friends an opportunity to win 4 MJE Bag Tags. I put all the names in a hat and pulled out John Adams (Quilt Dad). If you have not visited his are missing out. Click on his name and you'll be magically delivered to his blog.

A special thanks to Khris (SewPrimKhris). Her blog is way too much fun....and you guessed it you clever on her name and will be sitting smack dab in the middle of her blog :) Khris taught me to put the buttons on my blog for both the Roc-Lon Challenge and the Amy Butler Challenge. Khris Rocks!!!

John, you need to send me your address so I can mail out 4 MJE Bag Tags :)

Grateful Smiles,


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Amy Butler Spanky Name Badge Challenge

Who is in? The deadline is nearing to enter the challenge. I want as many US folks who want to participate to e-mail me so you get a chance at some wonderful prizes. Don't know what I'm talking've been snoozing. Time for some caffeine and a cold washcloth on the face. Awake now....ok....hop on over and leave me your e-mail saying you are in. If you still don't know what I'm talking here....some folks need to be spoon fed :) LOL


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amy Butler Spanky Name Badge Challenge

I have offered to give away 4 bag tags (one of my favorite MJE designs) to those who were willing to post to their blog about the Amy Butler Spanky Name Badge Challenge. This is like a press release in the bloggy-sphere (foggy-sphere for me right is 5 AM :).

One thing I so rudely overlooked is that there are many fine people out there, including Linda (who left me a friendly reminder) who don't have a blog. I apologize for my here you go Linda.....e-mail 5 friends who sew/stitch/create and tell them about this challenge and leave a comment saying you e-mailed 5 friends and I'll put your name in the drawing.

If there is anyone out there who does not have 5 friends on their e-mail me on my private line....this could be a sign you have a personal barrier I may be able to help you overcome :)

Apologetic Smiles,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Details For The Fun :)

3 x 4 inches

I had to put the boys down for a nap. As I'm laying there trying to get them to quiet down....I'm thinking to might be nice if I let people know the exact size of the name badges they give us at Quilt Market. Helpful information ay?

Lame Brain Smiles,

More Fun at I Have A Notion?

Yes sir-e-Bob....more fun here at I Have A Notion. While at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh this Spring I met Amy Butler.

When I saw Amy's booth it was exactly what I expected, bright, beautiful, fresh and full of AB fabrics and creations. I did not know what Amy Butler actually looked like because I had never met her. It was a fun surprise to see how tall she was/is and what a warm welcoming smile she had. Amy did not know me from Adam/Stella but she took the time to say hello and take a photo with her. Her staff were so friendly....what a fun bunch of gals.

What I did not expect to see was a plastic name badge on an elastic cord hanging around Amy's neck. Everyone who attends Quilt Market needs to wear their name badge of course.....and these are what the conference provides....plastic with an elastic cord. Mind you I'm not complaining..... however I see many of these people as the front edge of the Quilting/Fabric/Designing/Creative textile world.

This is the plastic name badge holder provided. I'm not sending pix of mine so you won't have "pre-disposed" ideas create something new and different :)

The four of us from I Have A Notion were sporting our spanky name badges and I thought Amy Butler needed a spanky one too. So in my usual style....I asked why a girl like her with "it all go-in on" was sporting a plastic name badge. Thankfully she did not ask me to leave her booth...LOL. Then it dawned on me....these folks spend all their time prep-ing to just get to Market with all their lines and displays....who has time to make spanky name badges.

Problem solved.

I Have A Notion is hosting a challenge.....You get to design Amy Butler and her teams name badges. Yes you!!! How fun is that? All you have to do is design one, a prototype and submit a photo or photos to me. I'll forward all photos to Amy and she will decide which she likes the best. Then you will be sent fabric from her latest line to make 6 identical badges. Everyone in the AB booth will be wearing your personally designed name badges. Oh yea baby!!!

What is in it for you?

One, the pride in seeing your name badges on Amy Butler and her staff. (I plan on taking lots of pix in Houston) Two, your name posted here on I Have A Notion as a "Spanked Out Designer." These four patterns, Stationary and some surprise goodies from Amy.

Are you in?

Here's the skinny:

Design one name badge using any fabric you have in your stash. The design is what she is looking for....not the fabric at this point. Submit photos to by Thursday Aug. 27th at 9:00 AM. For your prototype you do not need to put the plastic window in the badge holder. I will forward all the photos to Amy and her staff. The winner will be announced on Monday Aug. 31st right here on IHAN blog. Amy Butler's staff will ship out fabric from her latest line and you will have until Sept. 25th to complete the 6 name badges (all the same using the AB fabric sent to you) and return them to ABDesigns. (return postage will be covered) I know it is a tight time line already. What I know is the more time a person has to do something....the more thinking goes into the process. Don't stress, "Just Do It."

This challenge is only open to US residents. Wipe your tears Khris....I'm sorry.....but given the tight time line shipping fabric back and forth won't allow time to get everything ready in time for these fun gals to be sporting their badges in Houston in October.

Who's in? E-mail me with your name, address and phone number if you want to be included in the challenge. In the title of your e-mail please write: Amy Butler Spanky Name Badge Challenge :)
How about you tell others about this challenge? Blog about it....go ahead....I double dog dare you:)

Smiles, Kelly

PS....if you are selected to make the 6 Spanky Name Badge Holders I will send you the vinyl if you can not find some.

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