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Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday AND Save $25 on Aurifil Threads to Celebrate

Today is the official day, 100 years ago today, Shirley Jackson was born!
She is a beautiful woman and has been for 100 years. No newfangled fancy face cream that claims instant beauty....after all they didn't have that 100 years ago!!!  Natural Beauty that shines from the inside out through her sparkling eyes.
Family photos were fun to look at during the party on Saturday at the Towanda Gun Club....gotta love that...partying at a Gun Club :)  Nanny hunted until she was 85 and I bet if you handed her a gun today, she would still be able to shoot a Buck.
Zachary made a glass bead bracelet and he was so excited to be able to give it to her.
Handmade is a family tradition.  Among other wonderful things, Nanny is a quilter.
In the "old" days if people could not come to your party, they would send a telegram....not today....they can attend the party through Skype.  100 years is a long time to witness all the changes in our society....amazing when you think about it.
IHAN clan posing behind Nanny while she is visiting by Skype with two of her great grand sons.

IHAN is inviting you to celebrate with Shirley Jackson too.  From now until March 4th, 2010, you will get 25.00 off your order of Aurifil Threads by typing in 100 Birthdays in the coupon code box on the IHAN website check out. 


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