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Showing posts with label Beam N Read Hands Free Light New Years Giveaway. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Beam N Read Hands Free Light New Years Giveaway. Show all posts

Friday, December 27, 2013

Beam N Read New Years Giveaway

The Beam N Read Hands Free Light has been on of my list of  most favorite must-have items of all time.  Why,  you ask?  Because it makes me brighter!!!  Need proof?  The photo above is proof.  I did not know what a "selfie" was prior to a few days ago.  Since learning, I was able to take a "selfie" while wearing my Beam N Read Light.  Not the type of bright you were thinking about?  Look, I gotta take all the "bright" I can get any way I can get it.   I realize the look on my face is a bit "interesting/scary" however, I'm just learning my new skill and it may take time to figure this out :)

Is this pix better for you?  I hope so and I also hope you notice I made the strap myself....I'm calling that a "my-selfie."   The Beam N Read Lights come with an adjustable neck strap and I removed mine to add a more personalized strap.  You like frilly can make a "your-selfie" that is frilly.  Honestly,  my co-workers take mine and then claim it is theirs.  Now when I find it in their room under their beds,  I know for certain which one is mine.  Yes, the love to get under their bed with their Beam N Read Lights and look at Pokemon cards.  To each their own...giggles.
Did you know the Beam N Read 6 LED Light comes with a fresnel magnifying lens?  100% does and I like using mine for hand stitching, applique and punch needle embroidery.  It would be nice for reading small print too.  
 Since I had just finished this gift I used it as a prop in my "selfie" session :)

 (Orange Filter Attached)
More very cool features include an orange and a red filter that snaps on the front of the Beam N Read Light.  The orange filter is great to use when I want to be on the computer in the evening.  I find the blue white light from computer and tech screens annoying and that light actually make it more difficult to fall asleep as well.  My solution?  I put the orange filter on my Beam N Read Light at night while using my laptop, it helps a great deal.  The red filter is good for night vision.  Below you can see the red lens attached.
 This a white towel I made for a college age neighbor friend illuminated by my Beam N Read with the red filter attached.
The Beam N Read Hands Free Light uses 4 AA Batteries.  I know your next question is going to often do you need to change the batteries, am I right?  The answer, I don't know.  I have yet to need to change mine and I've had my Beam N Read Light for approximately 3 years.  Suffice to say they last a good long time :)
You can also use a AC adapter or a vehicle adapter if you choose not to use batteries.

With the recent winter ice storm  I know there are plenty of people who could definitely use a Beam N Read Hands Free Light and probably wished they had received one for a gift this holiday season!!!

According to the weather channel there are still millions of people without power.  Having a Beam N Read Light during storms is really helpful because you don't have to hold a flash light while you are carrying wood in for the fireplace or other things in your hands.

Weather you loose power due to a ice storm or a tornado like they had in Oklahoma this past year, 
I think you can definitely see the advantages to being prepared....not to mention having an excellent needle work light.  

ASF Reading Light is going to send one very lucky IHAN® blog reader their very own Beam N Read Hands Free Light to use and enjoy (Open to US and Canadian residents ONLY).  You can read all the different ways you can enter to win below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bright Smiles,

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