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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bling Your Thing!

Bling Your Thing -  Part 1

Don't think for one teeny tiny second that I've forgotten about our little remember...the one you agreed to do to win Creative Quilting with Beads.

In preparation for the teeny tiny challenge, I decided to look at some of my embellishments.  They are kept in a drawer down stairs.  It's dark down what did I do?  I grabbed my Beam N Read Light.  (I don't make these things up for blog posts by the way....I'm just reporting the facts! :)

I found the two bags of miscellaneous embellishments and brought them upstairs and dumped them out on the floor.  When ever I come across any type of embellishment at at a garage sale or on a clearance rack someplace...and I even take them off discarded garments....I put them into my embellishment stash.

While looking through my bling I realized how un-jazzy my Beam N Read Light looks.  I had to put a quick end to that catastrophe!  LOL   (Yes, I realize that I was in the process of looking for some bling for a quilt challenge...but sometimes a girl gets inspired and she has to strike while the iron is hot!  Do you know what I mean?

Here are some of my attempts at blinging-up one of my all time favorite notions.  (Honestly it is...I call it the "notion you never knew you needed and couldn't live without" until you have one," 100% true).

 "I've got my eyes on you baby"
 "Kiss me you fool"
 "Over, way over the top  Bling"
"Hi Friend"
 "You hold the key to my heart"
 "Who says fun washers aren't bling?"
"Gaudy Rabbit Bling"
"What?  You think I've lost my mind this morning bling?" hit about some strap bling for those who like the "understated" look :)
 "Vintage Jewelry Bling"
 "Knit This Bling"
 I had to do a close up of this pretty little pin.  A woiman from my needle arts guild made it and I just love this little pin.  Kay passed away recently and I'll always think of her as the woman who could make anything look beautiful.
"Rhinestone Love Bling"

Sew you's isn't very difficult to "Bling Your Thing or Things" ya just gotta play with your embellishments until you find something that makes you smile, laugh or ask "have I lost my mind."  It's lots of fun.

Fun can be found almost anywhere....but you definitely need a great light to see it!  How about I make you a deal?  If you are even remotely thinking about having a Beam N Read Light....I'll pay your shipping and if you don't agree with my opinion...I'll pay your return shipping too.  HOWEVER...if you bling your Beam N isn't not returnable...LOL.  You could bling one for your sweetie and put it in their Easter Basket....then they could find the eggs at O-Dark-Thirty.

Bling Your Thing Part 2 will be about our teeny tiny quilt challenge :)


NOTE: The free shipping offer is only good on the Beam N Read Lights through the end of March.  when you are checking out, choose your shipping, then enter your Coupon Code:  Bling Your Thing    If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail at


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