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Showing posts with label Bejewled Quilts by Barb. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Bejewled Quilts by Barb. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Affair with the mailman? Who me?

Please, please, please don't tell anyone. This was a package I received from Barb at Bejewled Quilts by Barb. Barb's niece is opening a fabric/sewing business on line. I offered to collect some brochures for her since she was not going to Market. As a thank you....Barb sent me this beautiful fabric. Soooo nice to get such a lovely gift in the mail. Thanks Barb!!!

Then, Terri from Sew Fantastic sent me this goody package. She said she knew I would love it so she sent it. Terri was right....I love them. (for those of you who are wondering what else I

Look how beautiful these are.....and some had prints on the back too!!

These are the back of some of them. I think I'm levitating.

Many of you know I've been sick since coming home from Houston. It has been a little challenging these last two weeks. So this morning I'm asleep on the soft when I hear a knock at the door. I'm not expecting anyone so I lay still then creep over to the door. I see a package at the door.

Look at these....Olivias Holiday by Tina Givens sent these saying she was sorry she missed me at Schoolhouse. Look at these amazingly beautiful fabrics (they feel heavenly)and note cards. I can't believe it.....she makes it worth my while to continue missing her at any and all events. As a matter of fact....I just might miss all of the Schoolhouses from here on.....and then wait for the packages to arrive...ROFL. Tina......I don't know what to say....Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

A quick update on the adventures of my co-workers:

Look at Zach peaking through some hay....look at the glee in his eyes. That fills a (Boss')Mommy's heart for a very long, long, long time :)

This is Aaron. We went to St. Vincent Hospital on Sunday for a Cub Scout event. Aaron saw this statue reaching out and he went right over and attempted to climb up to give her a hug. Daddy told him not to climb so he reached up and hugged a statue.

Last Tuesday was wear a red tie to school day. The boys made their ties. We used a stiff interfacing and some red fabric. I stitched it to cotton strapping and added Velcro. They cut out these little pictures from fabric scraps and wah lah....ties for school. This is the two of them on their lunch break. They were so proud of their work.
Lets hope I can post again tomorrow. I think Rick got everything fixed back up....I'm crossing my fingers.
Grateful Smiles,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Care Packages Are Needed In American Samoa

Barb from Bejewled Quilts posted this picture yesterday. Isn't it beautiful. That beauty has power though....and that lovely water washed ashore and took lives and homes. Who wants to show those people that beauty and power can also be healing and bring hope?

The beauty of love and compassion and the power of a package. Send a package to Barb for the people who have thankfully survived this Tsunami and I'll put your name into a drawing for a gift package worth over 100.00....all sewing, stitching and quilting items. You have two weeks to get the packages in the mail and then they only recieve mail twice a week I'll add a week for that. November 10th I will announce the winner of the gift package.

If Barb receives 10 packages ....I'll make it worth 125.00, over 20 and I'll make it worth 150.00 and over 30 I'll make it worth 200.00 and if she recieves over 40 packages....I'll make it worth 300.00.

How does that sound. I don't even know yet what I'll put in that wonderful box. Guaranteed to be a great prize....and the real prize will be the difference you make in the lives of those less fortunate than we are today.

Barb posted the following:
"Lee over at Quilts by Lee, she is offering 16 fat quarters for anyone who sends a care package to me here in Amerika Samoa for the tsunami victims. I thought I would sweeten the pot with two 1/2 yards of my Samoan Fabrics..... She is also including all those that have sent packages into her giveaway. What a great idea....thanks Lee"

So you have a chance to get your name in that one too.....all before the cool is that? Way cool :) right?

Items they need are as follows:
School supplies-pens, pencils, paper, crayons, folders, erasers, paints, etc.
hygene products-toothpaste, toothbrushes, deoderant, soap, disposable razors sanitary products, (everything someone needs to clean up and feel fresh)
shoes - flip flops and sandles are best
clothes -it is warm there so send your summer clothes and your kids summer clothes
pillowcases, towels, sheets

The flat rate boxes are the best and cheapest way to go. Send your packages to: ( read...Andrew Gaddy....but change it to Barbara please)

Barbara Gaddy
P. O. Box 6544
Pago Pago 96799
American Samoa

Smiles, Kelly

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