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Showing posts with label Beth Hunter. Show all posts

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Good Morning Quilters!

While you don’t see much happening at the I Have a Notion store, there is so much going…. I don’t know where to begin to tell you about it and I am more than sure you don't really want to hear about it. I have been on the Internet for a long time, but mostly from the finished front side (stores and blogs and information pages) but have never found the need to spend much time on the backside. What an education!!!

In addition, while attempting to scale the mountain of things I don’t know I have been visiting with a dentist. I have had so many experiences with dentist that were not so favorable, that I now go over the edge with anxiety, that it takes a day or two to get my equilibrium back. I will have a few more visits over the next year…. You know those pesky fillings from our childhood… I have a few that need to be replaced.

Speaking of Childhood, here in my neck of Kentucky the kids are back in school already. I grew up in California, and Labor Day was the marker that summer was over and we had to buckle down inside for the next 9 or so months (we never had snow days or conversely we didn't have any “too much sun” days either!!!)

I have a quilt that I titled "Childhood Memories". For me it depicts the freedom and wide open spaces of being a child in the summer.
Childhood Memories

I made it for a Guild Challenge in 2015. The challenge issued was to use the pinwheel block (already constructed by the challenge committee) on the front of the quilt, and we were not allowed to alter it. I knew the minute I saw it, that I wanted it to be a 3 dimensional “Pinwheel” that turned on my quilt like the little ones we had as children on a stick. As a child I saw them as pointless and requiring too much work to make them spin (running) if there wasn’t a strong breeze blowing. 

So what marks the end of summer for you? I am always interested to hear other perspectives… especially if you live where it is different than where I have lived.

Thanks for stopping by and checking in, as always More Later!!!


Monday, July 24, 2017

New Owner at I Have A Notion (IHAN)

As all of the regular IHAN blog readers know, the past few years have dealt me more than a few serious challenges.  I've been told what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.    I'm thinking without practicing, I should be able to dead lift a thousand pounds or at the very least be able to hold my own in a good brawl with wonder woman. (The mental picture of that makes me laugh so hard I almost just wet my shorts...LOL.)

I have some wonderful news to share   There is someone whom I believe has all it takes to carry        I Have A Notion forward creatively and with lots of inspiration.

Beth Hunter and I with a packed U-Haul
 2017 in Ohio

Beth Hunter is the new owner of I Have A Notion, I Have A Notion blog, trademark and yes all that inventory.

I met Beth through my blog back in 2010. We developed a friendship.  I have had the pleasure of visiting her home in two states but sadly not when she lived in Sough Africa.  Beth is a wonderful quilter, thread painter and  a new long arm quilter as well.  She has known I have been interested in sharing the blessings that have come from being the owner of I Have A Notion  and I have passed the baton to her.

You know I would never leave one of my babies with anyone I did not trust and believe could improve on what I've accomplished thus far.  Beth is honest and isn't shy about speaking her mind and I believe you will enjoy learning more about her and from her.

The words Love and Joy don't even come close to my experiences since starting I Have A Notion in March of 2009.  The people I have met and gotten close to have been by far the GREATEST treasure.   You can't imagine how many people have added beauty and strength  to  my life and I would have never known them or met them if it were not for IHAN.  It has been a privilege and pleasure to have been of service to so many of you who have read my blog and have been faithful customers.
Mary Jane and I at the Lake House in PA 2009

I would be greatly remiss if I didn't mention Mary Jane Ehlich, as she was my inspiration, my teacher, mentor and dear friend who took my hand and encouraged me in my adventure with  I Have A Notion.  It seems she had a special quality to bring out the best in me as she did so many others in her lifetime.  Mary Jane never wanted  credit or recognition for her help and would only allow me to refer to her as MJ on the IHAN blog.   She gave freely of her knowledge and spent countless hours sharing with me her gifts and talents  As I take my last bow here....just know, if it were not for Mary Jane, I would not have had this amazing privilege nor the courage.  Thank you again Mary Jane for all you did for me and I Have A Notion.

 I encourage all of you to continue to support I Have A Notion as you know I will.

With much appreciation and gratitude,


PS...My new e-mail address is

Friday, May 23, 2014

"Ahhhhh" Part 2

Back to way of Rwanda....sort of.....these are not real spears used to catch dinner, rather decorative spears and they grabbed my attention while at Beth's house.  Aren't they neat?

Imagine my delight when "that girl who can COOK" served a South African Bobotie (Bob-boo-tie) for dinner last Thursday evening.  This was my first experience with African food and it was amazingly delicious.  Malva Pudding was served for desert.  After such a delicious dinner I was so very tempted to stand and shake my bah-boo-tie!

I felt so very spoiled, not only by the food, the surrounds but also the amazing company I was enjoying.  Frank, Beth's husband, has been making his own knives and I must say they were a bit scary to see at first  (I didn't know he made knives when I first saw them).
They grab your attention don't they?  When I learned Frank made these knives I took the time to look over the craftsmanship and they are absolutely beautiful knives.  A house full of creative energy....yep....absolutely full.

I left Friday early afternoon to travel to Virginia for my Wonder Woman Weekend and on the way I stopped at Jinny Beyer's Studio.
I had an extra 45 minutes to stop and soak in the beautiful fabrics and quilts.....more soul food :)
 I asked and was given permission to take these photographs....enjoy!
Imagine several of these shelves full of Jinny Beyer fabrics.....yes and I was fortunate enough to be standing within arms reach of every last bolt.  I behaved myself....only because I didn't want to have to unload the entire shop into my housed...LOL.
 This handy gadget caught my is a "Golden Gauge Calipers from Jinny Byer."  I'd never seen one before
This handy tool allows you to find proportions without doing the math.....spanky indeed :)  Impressive gadget and I'm so glad no one asked me to develop that'd still be waiting.
The sky was very different than the day before....the clouds were just beautiful.
It was only a 45 minute drive from Leesburg, VA to the Bolger Center in Maryland where my weekend would begin.   I passed some houses that looked like a small nation could live comfortably inside and the one below made me stop my car and get out for a photograph.
This will be someone's home....the large window in front brought a wee bit of envy....but now the housework that will need to take place to keep that home up....well....lets just say I'm so pleased it does not belong to me!  If they plan to plant grass on that know I'd be laughing until I leaked watching someone mow that....better to plant some of that crazy growing ivy and leave well enough alone.
My first time to the Bolger Center and I was pleasantly surprised by all the lovely gardens and patios.  The rooms were very nice and the food was plentiful and delicious as well.  The weekend was all I needed it to be and more.  

A wee bit of digression:  When my mother passed last year I knew I needed to find a time and place to get away to recenter myself and I wanted to spend some time with with someone or some people that I admired and respected.  There could be no sewing....this was going to be "soul time" for me.  Time to BE and not DO....know what I mean?  That's when I learned about Iyanla's Wonder Woman Weekend and I immediately signed up.  I was filled with anticipation and excitement and could hardly wait for my weekend in October 2013 to come.  Life did what life does....a week before my trip a nasty black rug reached up and grabbed me causing my left foot to dangle from the bottom of my was U G L Y.  I told the folks at Iyanla's Institute to hold on to my money because the first chance I got to attend the weekend in Virginia....I'd be there.

The first time I heard IyanlaVanzant speak, I think it was on the Oprah program, I knew I had found a kindred spirit.  She is a woman who says it like it is...what I call WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) favorite kind of people.   What ever the weekend would bring, I knew one thing for sure;  my mind would be stretched and I'd more than likely leave with a big smile on my face and in my heart.  That is exactly what happened and that's all I'm going to say about my'll have to go for yourself if you want to know more.  If you go, please tell them all that "Ownership" Class of Spring 2014 says Hello :)
 a portion of Beth's studio
At Beth's invitation, I returned to her home for Sunday evening to rest before making the 7 hour drive on Monday morning.  She is one smart girl because I really did need that rest and having more time with she and Frank, well....lets just say I was like a pig in mud.
 Pure Inspiration
Above and around the doorway there are postcards that Beth has received in exchanges.  They were all special and a few really grabbed me:

This was a gift from a friend that Beth framed, it is a landscape of Africa.  Ummmmm, yummy isn't it?
 The right side of Beth's studio....pretty darn inviting I have to say.

I'd love to have been able to stay and stitch for at least a week if not a co-workers were waiting and I wanted and needed to get back to IHAN® Headquarters.  

I'm here now.....just in case you were wonderin'.

Happy Smiles,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Yep, that's what I have to say about going to Virginia and Maryland this past weekend, "Ahhhhh."  Possibly preceded by a "Ohhhhh Ahhhhhh."

Driving out of  Ohio on Thursday, I said to myself, "It is raining giraffes and elephants out here."
The heavy rain came down with an urgency and there were some cars and trucks pulled off to the side of the road for a period of time.  I pressed on through those large animal size rain drops because I had an agenda.
The view outside the car was lush and beautiful from Ohio to Leesburg, VA.
Yes, I do hold my phone up without looking and snap photos of what I'm passing....will ya look at those clouds....they look so very pregnant.
We live in a country that is so very abundant with beauty.

Fortunately, I live in a community, the quilting community, that is also so very abundant with beauty :)  Before and after going to the Wonder Woman Weekend hosted by Iylana Vanzant, I stayed with a blogging friend, Beth Hunter.  She and I met blogging while she lived in South Africa.  Many of you know on the top of my bucket list is going to Africa so there was a natural attraction to hearing about Beth's life while she lived in South Africa. 
What I learned about Beth: She is the daughter of a wildly wonderful, creative, artistic  and colorful woman, the wife of a deeply caring and talented man and the mother of two beautiful and playful German Shepards.  Beth has embraced her creativity and I found her energy to be electric and magnetic.  Did I mention she can cook?  Damn that girl can cook!!!  Gotta love friends like that :)

The bed I slept in.
Contents of the room I slept in......
 The wall hanging I looked at while laying in that beautiful bed.
The jacket pictured below was made by Beth's Mother (wildly wonderful, creative, artistic  and colorful) who now lives without her earthly body.
The photo is dark....but you can certainly tell that those colors are right up my alley!  Check out all the hand stitching she did on this jacket:
This is not the only stitching either...there was lots of beautiful stitching.
 Beth comes by her talent and creativity naturally.  The "H" above was not done by an embroidery machine, nope!  Beth thread painted that piece....I just love it.
 More of Beth's work....
 Hand pieced and quilted by Beth....breath taking isn't it?
Now, I've got to stop here so I can go and package up those very special IHAN ® orders....there are folks waiting right now for the "Elves" to inspect their order!  More to come.....

Joyful Smiles,

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