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Showing posts with label Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity. Show all posts

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bias Tape Maker Machine By Simplicity Update

The excitement is building for the release of the new tips for the Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity (69.99 on Sale NOW). I have ordered lots of tips in each of the sizes. Just as soon as I have those hot little babies in my hands I will post it on my blog and website.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity

73.99 will get you a quick and easy way to make your bias tape and quilt bindings too (the tips for the binding will be available in Aug.) Retail is 99.99.

The Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity had been a huge seller for me. Perhaps because I have shown the blog readers how it works and that it indeed does work. It really saves time and it is straight confusing steps to getting it to work.

The Simpli-EZ Bias Ruler by Simplicity is a great accompaniment to the Bias Tape Maker. You just line it up with the edge of your cutting mat and it automatically lines up the 45 degree angle. See for yourself. It retails for 19.99 and I sell it for 16.50.

Another savings....and we all know what we do with every extra dime we more fabric or I right? You know you are guilty and don't even try to hide your blushing've been found out....caught.....but one saving grace.....we did not dye our underpants and hang them on a tree for everyone to see, right?

For those of you who read my blog regularly....this is all old news to you.....sorry. I get so many e-mails asking price and questions I thought I would just write a post and get the information all in one place :)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Simpli-EZ Bias Ruler by Simplicity

Another cool tool alert. I forgot all about posting this great ruler. I got it at Quilt Market and I guess I thought I posted about it and I didn't. It is called, "Simpli-EZ Bias Ruler" by Simplicity.

This ruler automatically lines up the 45 degree angle for cutting fabric on the bias. You just line it up with the bottom of your cutting mat and you are done. No more moving the square up and down the fabric. Of course I love this for cutting bias strips!!! Then I just feed them through the Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity. You've all seen my pix of that cool tool already.

My fabric was so busy it did not show up when I first took the picture. I grabbed a dark blue piece just for a could not see the ruler with the other fabric (that is the secret tutorial fabric....keep looking and listening :)
I'm helping my mom make piping for some cushions for my sister's house. She called to see if I would cut all the strips because I was telling her about this ruler a few weeks ago. My mom does not even have a rotary cutter or a cutting mat. I feel so bad about that. She says she does not want them until she gets a sewing area set up. I guess I'll have to go and help her get it all together so she can whip these things up.
OK, so now you really can cut your bias strips for quilt binding etc....quickly and easily...honest.
If you have not been to I Have A Notion lately (shopping in your jammies or in the middle of the night) you might want to stop by. There is now a SALE tab.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Here It Is....The New Bias Tape Maker by Simplicity


Here is a sneak peak of the NEW Bias Tape Maker by Simplicity. AS OF JUNE 5TH THE BIAS TAPE MAKER IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR 74.99. It won't be available until Aug and I'm soooo sad about that. Checker Distributors only has ONE. Can you believe it? They are taking it to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh next month. However, I got a sneak peak and full demonstration and I love it. I will be owning one of these babies. they will retail for 99.00 and I will have them available for 74.99. I will take pre-orders if you want to be one of the first to have one. (If I liked crackers and water better, I'd steal this one from Checkers. It would probably be taken into the evidence room at the police station and I would not get to play with it I'll just wait until Aug.)

First you cut your fabric on the bias (if you need bias cut fabric-I don't use bias cut for my small projects like the straps on my Bag Tags) and wind it around this spool. It comes out easily.

Then you feed the fabric into the metal bias tape adaptor. It can make up to 25 feet of bias tape in one minute. No Kidding!!
Then you pull your fabric through the adaptor. Notice the silver plate on the bottom of the machine? In the next picture you won't see that because it has been flipped up and covered. This is the only heated surface and it will always be covered so you can't get burned.

Now you can see it has been flipped over and out the end comes your bias tape. The following pictures I took because I wanted to show everyone how the silver plate is covered.

The white plate in the top is a ceramic plate. The fabric moves between the ironing plate and the ceramic plate and comes out the end. No way to get burned :)

Right now it comes with the 1 inch tip but I imagine they will have other sizes soon. Did I mention the entire thing only weighs about 1 lb. It is small and just flips open. It is electric but you can't really see the cord in my pix. No, I don't work for Simplicity nor do I own stock in Simplicity.....I just really like things that work as they are advertised!!!
Don't forget that you first saw this here.....oh yea baby....bringing you some very fun new stuff!!! I can't wait to share what I see at the Quilt Market. You know I'm taking my camera with extra memory cards!
Smiles, Kelly
edited post after the release of the Bias Tape Maker

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