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Showing posts with label Boxer Shorts. Show all posts

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who Said "Underware?"

Oh, I did. I meant to say Boxers. Check out these boxers for boys and men. This pair is for Zach....shhhh don't tell him. My girlfriend made them for Zach and Aaron for Halloween. I just love them. What a great idea for the holidays!!

This is the pattern front and information. Just click here if you want to order the Boys Boxer Pattern. The pattern comes with 30 inches of sports elastic compliments of IHAN.

This is the pattern for pre-teens to men sizes. Click here to order this pattern. The pattern comes with one yard of sports elastic compliments of IHAN.

I bet you thought I would post a pix of Rick's boxers. Not this time. There is just something about posting your husbands underwear on a blog that just begs for trouble...don't you think?

Do you want to see some of the other things I've added to my site?
I knew you did....thanks I appreciate your looking because it takes me a long time to get these things uploaded on my website.

This is the Paintstik Starter Kit. I took Shelly Stokes Schoolhouse class in Houston. I'll post those photos soon. I had an absolute ball and I think this is an excellent way to "dip your toes" into a project to see how well you will like it. My guess is you will fall in love and begin stenciling your luggage, tote bags, clothes....and yes...even your underwear/boxers :)

I found the he Grip-n-Press in Houston too. I knew about the Applique sheets and Grip-n-Grip sheets but not this one. The bottom of the sheet is rubber matted so it sticks to your ironing surface. The top has an all release non-stick surface so fusible won't stick and they won't get on my ironing board any more.
Are you ready for this? Are you sure? This is one of my favorite lights of all times. I have tested it and found it to be an excellent task light. It has a cool name too : ÜBERLIGHT 8000C LED TASK LIGHT

This guy has 28 LED bulbs. Is that bright enough for you? I wouldn't want an airplane thinking your house is a landing strip. Guess whats on my Christmas list?

By now everyone knows what this Accuquilt Go.
Did you know that if you are a blog follower you get a great price on the Accuquilt Go? Well you do now. After cutting 120 I Spy squares today I'm thinking there is a lot of value in that there machine. These are easy to use and it sure beats trying to see where that ruler is on my fabric. I didn't think I would ever want one....but I do now. Birthday is in March....better wait until then to ask :)

Toni Whitney's Savanna applique kit is so beautiful. Each kit comes with the fabric from Batik Textiles. I will post more soon about meeting Toni in Houston.

Oh yea baby....IHAN carries SILK Now!!! Not only do I sell these beautiful boxes of silks....but I have one for myself too!!! How yummy is that. A special quilt that the boys can't touch. No peanut butter on Mommy's silk quilt!!!
Ok...that's enough show and tell for tonight....or should I say this morning.

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