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Showing posts with label Brewer Sewing. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brewer Sewing Tantalizes With Silk at the International Quilt Market in Houston

I chose the word "Tantalize" because all of these beauties were just a little out of my reach....due to seating. If I were closer I would have reached out and grabbed them all. Look at how beautiful these Silks are. Honestly I would have never thought of quilting with Silk. Once my Sister got one look at the Silk...she insisted I make her the "In and Out" quilt. Personally I'm completely in love with the fall colors below.

Tira Schulteis is is a buyer for Brewer Sewing. She gave the Schoolhouse for Silk at Market in Houston. I wish I had taken her photo (I found here and then scroll down until you see Tira's name....and you see some fun stuff from Market too). I don't know if you can see in this picture what I see when she gives a class....I see a warm welcoming person that draws me into the experience with her. It is always fun. I was lucky enough to go to her Shoolhouse in Pittsburgh too.

Feel free to copy and past this photo and use it as wallpaper on your computer. I'm thinking there is a great likelihood it will ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The photo is free. Otherwise you will end up with a co-pay and a rx for Prozac. I'm thinking ths might be a great way to go!

I thought these outfits would be lovely for a special occasion. Classy Girl Duds are very cool. If anyone from Brewer is reading this....feel free to use the Classy Girl Duds for your!!! LOL

Perhaps this Green one is in my future.....I'm thinking it just might be. I'm certain it will be if I can find out where they store this little baby between markets....evilness lurks within!!

This is what I learned in Tira's Schoolhouse "Simply Sewing with Silk":
  • Silk does not have to be purchased by the bolt. It can be purchased in one and two yard cuts from Brewer. There are 191 colors to choose from.
  • Silk thread can be used for top stitching or embellishing.
  • You can get two small quilts out of 1 collection/box of Silk.
  • You can get 2 purses from 1 collection/box of Silk.
  • The Embroidered Silk Quilt is a full kit which includes over 4 yards of Silk, 6 spools of Isacord thread, 20 yards of grosgrain ribbon and the pattern.
Care of Silk:
  • Clean it the same way you plan on using it. Dry clean it if you want it to remain crisp. Machine wash if you want the finish removed.
  • Use pinking sheers or serge the edges so it does not fray.
How is that for a fun tour of a GREAT Schoolhouse Class? I certainly enjoyed myself and I'm so glad my seat was not up front because I'm not so sure drool is good for Silk? Anyone know for sure?


Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Seven Giveaways

If you stand on your head while looking at this picture it will be right side up. If you can't stand on your head.....just bend over and look between your legs at the screen....are you there yet? is right side up now :)

This beautiful Christmas fabric is by Freedom Fabric given to me by Brewer Sewing. Brewer gave these away in their Schoolhouse seminars in Pittsburgh. They are absolutely will get a Layer Cake and a Charm Pack. These will make a great quilt or a table runner.....or what ever you want it to be.....tree skirt.....several mini boxers...Ok...I'm done :)

You might be thinking....How do I win this great prize? win you need to leave a comment sharing a sewing tip or tutorial. You can leave a link to a great tutorial if you like (not mine...that's too easy).

Remember that all the prizes will be drawn for randomly. So you may leave a comment today and win a prize from day three. If you are not sure...go back and read the post for day one giveaways. Be sure to leae your e-mail addy for each comment...I won't be able to contact you :(


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Five Giveaway

Today you'll have the opportunity to win this collection of fun things I received at Quilt Market. It includes a tote bag from Brewer Sewing, two spools of Isacord thread 1,000 m in Irish Green and Egg Shell, a nail file, a ruler and Key Chain, Samples of Clover Pins and Quilters "No Slip" Hoop Tape and a wooden needle holder from Frank A Edmunds Co.

To have a chance to have to leave a comment telling everyone what your 5 favorite blogs are. You can't count mine....I'm not assuming you would....but if it were....and you did....that's to easy!!! So leave us the web addresses for 5 really fun blogs.

Make sure you read the post entitled "Giveaway Rules" so you know how to win.

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