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Showing posts with label Broken Ankle. Show all posts

Sunday, February 28, 2016

THANK YOU....and an Explanation

I am overwhelmed with the number of e-mails I've received saying how happy the person is that I started blogging again.  Thank you to all of you who take time out of your life to stop and read my blog posts.  You know, I tell myself crazy things like what I do isn't that important....until I hear someone tell me that when they were off of work due to an illness that my blog was the one thing they counted on each morning to make them smile.  I absolutely love writing my blog posts (unless I have to tangle with technology....then I want to break the bot).  My primary drive in life is to connect with other people in a meaningful way and exchange something about this process of being a human being.

Nothing makes me feel more alive than this exchange with another person.  The acknowledgement ....I see you and I care....and I'm excited to have the good fortune to have crossed paths with you.  This energy fuels everything for me.    It fills my tank and pulls me forward into a meaningful day.  It is all about the quality of the authenticity....not the circumstances in which we find ourselves. can imagine what happens to me when I'm isolated or I have lost someone who I have connected with in a powerful way....or when I come in prolonged contact with those who do not hold sacred the bond that is possible between human lights go dim. My life force energy can be so drained that I can no longer feel the light at the other end of the tunnel and there seems to be nothing pulling me forward.  

My higher power is that power which connects us one to another to the degree that I actually feel what I consider to be the golden strand that connects us each to the other.  I have been with people that just seem to radiate great energy and  that can fuel me for weeks and months.  The clearer and more authentic the interaction....the happier I am...even in the midst of what we humans consider darkness or negative experiences.

As I type....I'm starting to see that this probably won't be one blog if you are one of those who prefers photos....ya better hit pinterest for your fix.

On October 12, 2013 I went to a embroidery guild meeting.  Afterwards there was a group of gals meeting at a restaurant for lunch, one I had never been to previously.  Having young children it wasn't often that I was able to get away on a Saturday for lunch so I was pleased to have the time to join them. 

Once inside the restaurant...I immediately noticed it was dark....sort of like a night club.  I told a gal at the front of the place that I was looking for a large group of ladies and she told me where to find them.  I entered the dining room and saw the girls gathered around a few tables that had been pushed together and  I walked in their direction.   I was happy......feeling good....not in a rush....just a good feeling about being able to connect with these ladies outside of guild meetings.

As I walked toward the table I noticed there was only one seat available at the back side of the table on the end.  I walked in that direction and as I walked behind one gal with a walker and turned the corner....everything came to an alarming halt.  I had absolutely no idea why on earth I was laying on the floor. out of body experience....what on a meteor came from outer space and knocked me to the ground.  Instantly I knew I needed a doctor and asked the ladies to get a doctor call 911....I need help and I need it right now.  My next awareness was the intense pain I felt at the bottom of my left leg...I pulled my leg up into the air holding it with both hands...and then I caught a glimpse of the left foot was no longer connected to my was now perpendicular.  Nausea was instantaneous followed by an intense feeling of panic and pain.  I asked someone to please get me something cold for my face....hoping to stay conscious....and to hold something up in front of my foot so I would not see that gruesome sight.

It wasn't until later that day while in the hospital did I learn that it was not a meteor at had been some heavy beverage mats that had been folded up and placed on the dark carpeting very close to the end of the table I was going to be sitting at that had stopped me in my tracks.  Apparently the dining room where we were seated had previously not been open and they opened it because of the large group of ladies coming for lunch.   Who ever had cleaned the floors in front of the beverage station had removed the mats...stacked them on the carpeting and had not replaced the mats before the guests were seated.  Dark dining room, dark carpeting and dark mats that I could not see were the cause of this nightmare.

After reading this....every reasonable person I have met has told me that was an accident just waiting to happen.  Come to find out....the legal system in Michigan where the restaurant is located did not see this as an accident waiting to happen....they see it as an "open and obvious" situation where I did not take necessary care to assure my own safe passage.  

I will pause here...because this is definitely a situation that requires chapters.  I will conclude by sharing that I had to file a lawsuit to have my medical expenses and the expenses for my care covered.  As a result of that lawsuit the opposing attorney was reading my blog.  Once I learned blog no longer felt like my felt like a place where people who were attempting to find things about me to twist and turn to suit their story and I wasn't going to continue to be vulnerable.  I felt violated....yet at the same time...I know I'm a very open and honest person with nothing to hide...yet...I needed to feel safe and sharing my daily experiences didn't feel my blogging trickled down until I completely stopped posting all together.  The suit is now over and again I feel comfortable to return to sharing my experiences.

Choosing to Smile,


Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Recent Adventures

I know many have e-mailed to inquire as to what has happened and to express their care and concern.  Thank you so very much....I have to say I feel very loved and that is a wonderful feeling :)

Last Saturday I went to my Machine Embroidery Guild (MEG) meeting for a wonderful presentation on machine embroidery greeting cards given by Ellen Snyder.  I had a great time and loved Ellen's power point was excellent!   Another member, Carol, brought some hand made greeting cards from Germany that are thought to be from the 40's.  I took several close ups in preparation for a blog post (wasn't expecting the title to be "The Adventures of Calamity Jane" that's for certain!
I really enjoyed seeing these old cards and could certainly appreciate the time and effort put into making them.

This was also my first visit to Quilt Heaven's new location.  Wow, what  a big beautiful store Lois has....if you live in the area, stop by and check it out.  I took a few pix of the shop to share.
Oh....I gotta tell ya it was also the last day of a sale, 25% off all fabric and an additional 5% if you finished the bolt. know I  did some shoppin'....and then some more shoppin'.......  Taking my sack of fabric to the car and leaving to have lunch with my girlfriends from the MEG meeting... I was very happy.

That happiness came to an abrupt end when I broke my ankle.   Suffice to say since then, time has passed in a new way.  I had 3 fractures and a dislocation which basically means I was in a world of hurt like I never knew possible.
It was Wednesday before I could get my thoughts together and I still don't recall much of  Saturday night through Tuesday.  I was taken down for Physical Therapy on Wed. and when I returned to my room someone had cleaned it nicely.  Yep...that's my quilt....I took it with me in the ambulance to help me feel safe when they took me back to Toledo Hospital Saturday night late.  My quilt provided many opportunities for conversation and of course much warmth and beauty to an otherwise un-fun place to be.

This is an inside view of my 7 days spent in and out of a narcotic haze.  See all these arrow buttons?  Do you think they all work? Nope!  Try to figure out which ones work and which one's don't while on narcotic pain killers is a very tough task indeed.  I pretended they were "needle up/ needle down" indicators and I was least I was doing something I enjoyed...LOL.

Laying there I heard several things over the PA that mostly didn't make sense at the time but are quite humorous to me now.  The first was a Code Brown being announced.  Following the Code Brown came a description of a person and that they were in the West Wing.  My narcotic haze translation:  

Someone has had a toileting accident in the wouldn't be giving a description of there person would they?  Oh don't tell me they are describing the the person as a brown person....I give up, I'll ask someone later.

When I asked I was told a Code Brown is a missing person....a patient who is not in their room and should be.  I was so relieved to know there were no potty in the hall...LOL.

Time as Relative

We've all heard that long does a minute last?  Typically it doesn't feel like a minute is a very long time but since this accident...I  know know the entire length of 60 seconds VERY well.  When 60 seconds is attached to another 159 of it's friends and the pain is so intense all I could do was pant....well....I can tell you I have an intimate awareness of the passage of a minute.  There were several of those hours this past week and I never want to experience those again if at all possible.

THEN there were "THOSE THREE MINUTES" yesterday when time came back in to the center of my conscious awareness.  It was 12:58 on Saturday, October 19th and I had laser focus....what was I doing you may wonder?  Trying to sign on to Quilt In A Day TV for the 1:00 (my time) airing of Lady Eleanor's 35 Anniversary Party. 

There was a blank screen where you see Lady Eleanor and I was in a tizzy.  There was no way I was going to miss this program...I had my phone charged in case the ambulance transport arrived on time (little chance of that happening I thought) AND just to be 100% CERTAIN I would miss it I had my computer completely charged so I could watch while in the ambulance going across town to the Rehab Center.  The screen was blank until 1:03 when I started to hear the music play and my heart raced and I was back in my happy mode and time was fun again.  Hooray for me!  I was fortunate enough to watch 42 minutes of  Lady Eleanor and her beautiful family celebrate their 35 year Anniversary...then my screen went blank again and the streaming stopped.  I won't focus on the end....just those fun wonderful 42 minutes I so enjoyed.  Those grand babies are sooooo sweet :)

Congratulations Lady sure are one very lovely role model inside and out!  I say "role model" and  I'm not referring as much to your amazing quilting career (you Quilt Hall A Famer you!!! :)  as I am to the fine woman you are and the fun you bring to what ever it is you are doing.  We need to make a beautiful red carpet just for you...a scepter  and a throne too!   Will someone get right on that as I'll be laid up for a while yet.

Last evening I lost all track of time while looking at every piece of sale fabric at Quilt In A Day....don't miss their big'll be very sad if you do! 

Until next time....thanks for hanging out with me here in the Rehab Center :)


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