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Monday, December 21, 2009

Life Is Good :)

Ahhhhh.....this is the part I like the best.....the really bad stuff :)  First you start out with several really pretty boxes that you have purchased 9 months ago for 25 cents each (new from a candy shop).  Then you store them in all that extra space you have.....just move your stash over....or pile the boxes on top of the fabric....your choice.

Then you melt Nestles Chocolate Chips or Chunks.  Purchased on sale of course. (Pretend you are not reading this part....this is really shave some Gulf Wax and melt it into your did not see this part remember?) 

While you have your chocolate melting on low heat in a double put 24 oz of Jif Peanut Butter and 1 1/3 sticks of Imperial Margarine (softened)  into the blender.  Mix well.

Then add as much powdered sugar as necessary to get it to a consistency to roll into balls.  You might have to use your intuition by the seat of your pants....what ever works for you.  I use more than 16 oz and closer to 20 oz sometimes.

Then walk out onto your back steps and put that bowel of Peanut butter nastiness there to get cold.  If you happen to be one of "those" who live in warmer climates....guess you folks will have to put yours into the fridge.  So sad for you.  (Yes those are my foot prints from my house shoes.  Well what did you expect....size 5 on a woman who is 6 feet tall?  Yes they are a size 12....who asked anyway:)  My house shoes say "Life is Good" on the much fun in the snow :)
Then, when your peanut butter mixture gets firm enough to roll into roll them up and place them on wax paper.  With a toothpick, you poke into a ball and dip it into your melted chocolate.  Carefully place it onto the wax paper or parchment paper lined pan.  Take your finger and dip it into water and then you can smooth that little hole closed if you wish.  When they get you know what you have? 


I had never had one until I moved to Ohio.  I don't like peanut butter and chocolate together.  My neighbor made them for us for Christmas the first year we lived here.  To be polite I tried one.  To my shock and surprise....I liked them.  Should I have been grateful or really ticked?  Who actually needs another really nasty thing to like?   

Naughty Smiles,

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