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Showing posts with label Desire. Show all posts

Monday, July 27, 2009

Found Another "Gotta Have"

Is there a limit to the human spirits ability to "gotta have"? It must be my age that now allows me to understand the meaning of "desire" and I just wonder why money is the root of all evil and not desire.

My little girl eyes saw this and just wants it....desire.....(I think there are a lot of spiritual teachings that allow a person to stare down the hallway of desire and see white light and not the hungry Grand Canyon of want.....but that is NOT what this post is about!!!)

You are probably thinking it is chocolate, diamonds, stacks of cash, a jar full of tokens for endless hours of house keeping done by someone else, a Featherweight, a store room full of fabric all for is this.

Isn't this sooo pretty?

I apologize if I am feeding your dark monster of want too. Someday we'll tame them but not today!!!


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