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Showing posts with label EQ6. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Electric Quilt 6 ~ 15 More Minutes of Practice

Fifteen more minutes with my EQ6 and I'm 15 minutes more creative and I still can't believe how cool this really is.  If anyone dares e-mail me to tell me I have absolutely no clue about colors....don't waste your time.  I do not now, nor will I ever claim to be talented in the area of design.  And I don't have to be either....I can try it all out before I cut it all out :)

I'm following along in the EQ6 Simplified Book that takes me step by step through every click.  Now that I am comfortable with some of the buttons and what they do,  I had to add another square, add borders and star blocks to my borders.   I learned to rotate stripped fabric and color several parts of a block at the same time with a single click.  You can refer to me as "Mrs. Smarty Pants" if you want to. 

You can see I was changing colors here and there to see what I liked the best. 

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For some reason I really like green and purple together.  I've not added any fabrics or colors to the pallet yet.  These are some of the one's that are on the side of my screen.

Next I've added the the Star Block 4 to the corner of my border.
I've also added some stripe fabric to the second border below.  I decided I really liked the red in the stripe so I changed some of my blocks to red.  You might be able to tell....I hit the wrong red at first.  So in the next pix you can see I noticed that and made them all the same tone of red.

You may not have noticed, but "Mrs. Smarty Pants" rotated the striped border fabric.  Look closely and you'll see that the stripes are no longer going up and down on the sides.  How cool is that?

So, for all of you who like green, red and purple together....this is my new creation in just 15 minutes.  I'm really proud of myself because I would have never ever ever ever attempted this without encouragement to just try it for 15 minutes. 

I'm on the last page of Lesson One.   I don't plan on making this quilt but I have to watch the software calculate fabric for me.

Please join me in this dance as I celebrate my new found "talent."


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

EQ6 Is Very Cool

I don't know about you but I'm one of those people who has a hard time with visualizing how certain fabrics will look made into different quilts. Often I avoid cutting into my fabric stash favorites because I don't want the finished product to come out wonky. Or because I did not realize they colors would have played better if I had separated them. I can scan in my fabrics and play with them to see how they will look in quilt patterns before I ever cut a piece of my "good stuff."

The EQ6 is for those of us with impaired visualization or I actually think it has something to do with seeing in 3D and engineers do this really well (I studied this stuff so long ago that is all I remember....all that money on my education and I can't remember...guess that is what Google is for!!!) and many other people who want to see and print what they are making. You can go to the EQ6 website and check out the various tools this software offers. I really liked this video on designing quilts .
I think their site offers quit a bit of information so if you are new to quilting or an advanced quilter you will probably see or learn something on their site. However you will not learn much from me about the workings of the brain....mine is mushy today :)

P.S. Did you see the price: $149.00? My price is $109.00 that is 40 more dollars for fabric girls :)

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