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Showing posts with label Easy Reach Thread Carousel. Show all posts

Friday, March 19, 2010

30 Days of Giveaways Continue- Day 5

Inventor: Virginia Lauer

If this giveaway does not make you
Twist and  Shout
nothing will!! 

Inventor, Virginia Lauer (Kuala T. Inventive Sewing Solutions-Plus, Inc), was the very first IHAN Anniversary Giveaway contributor!!!  Thank you Virginia Lauer!!!

There are 48 1/2 " dowels and 24 smaller dowels that will hold up to 72 bobbins on the Large Cone Thread Carousel.  It is made from Red Oak and its base rotates (like a lazy Susan).  To see a visual demo of the Thread Carousel in here :).   That beautiful baby weighs just 8 pounds and stands 14 in. tall and  11 in. wide.  This is a heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation. 

Below is a photo of mine.  I have the Easy Reach Thread Carousel. I love that I can see my threads and they are within easy reach of my sewing machine.  It keeps my bobbins nice and orderly and I just spin it around when I want to see what colors of thread I have to go with a project.

Virginia has also designed a  Notions Caddy that can be added to either Thread Carousels.  I think it is very handy.
Virginia is a wonderful and generous woman. She stands behind her product and has each one inspected before it is shipped. Virginia has great integrity and I admire her greatly as an Inventor and as a Woman.  She is TOPS in the IHAN book :)

Every sewing room needs a Thread Carousel, don't you think?  I do!!!  One lucky IHAN reader is going to win a Large Cone Thread Carousel.   Virginia will ship the Carousel to the winner of the drawing. 

How can you win this beautiful beautiful Large Cone Thread Carousel?  You need to leave a comment and share how you currently store your thread and how having this beautiful Heirloom will compliment your sewing space. 

For a bonus entry, e-mail a photo of your current thread storage situation and comment on how having the Thread Carousel will get you out of the mess you are in :) to

For those of you who may be first time visitors to the IHAN blog, you may want to read more about the 30 Days of Giveaways and learn how to get more entries into the drawings. You can go to the IHAN website.  On the left side of the screen,  on the bottom,  there is a link that says "Happy First Anniversary" just click there :)  Winners will be drawn on April 16, 2010.

Post Script:  I have gotten feedback that my blog is "very busy" and it makes finding where to leave comments and knowing what is being given away confusing.  If you have found that to be the case....please e-mail your suggestions to and you will get extra entries into the Grand Prize Drawing.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Easy Reach Thread Carousel

I forgot to post pictures of my Easy Reach Thread Carousel after it was filled. Here it is....isn't it beautiful? I just love it. It saved me two wall racks worth of space. Also two acrylic boxes that held my bobbins. Huge space saver and very convenient to keep near my machine. These are fine heirloom quality thread carousels and I feel very lucky to have one.
Virginia Lauer is the inventor of the Thread Carousel. She is such a dear and sweet woman. I am very lucky to have met her. Her Thread Carousels will be featured in some big magazines keep your eyes out. I'm not sure I'm allowed to say just that's all I'll say for now :)

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