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Friday, April 24, 2009

Eli Whitney

I remember being in Paris looking at all of the creations/art. It was everywhere I looked. I was amazed at the hours that it took to create all the art that I saw. The ideas that came first, before paint went to canvas, the stone/clay/bronze that was a lump before it became the art. All the people that must have been involved in the process. I was in awe.


Aaron & Zach

You know I can cook, Baby!!!

The real "Joy of Cooking"

"The Artist, Formerly Known as Aaron"

Now back to today....I look at all the cloth that I have and have seen. Someone must have picked the cotton, taken it to the gin (do they still do that? Where would be be without Eli Whitney) chosen the dye, picked the pattern/style of print, put it all together to make fabric, packaged it to go to the distributors, drove it to the distributors, the people who bought it to sell it, the folks who unloaded it and put it on the shelf, the person who cut the fabric, the person who rang up the order, the other people you shared your new purchase with and who helped in the decision making to get to the final result: your project.
Are you following me?
Where does your creative energy come from? How many people were involved in the final outcome? Do you really appreciate all that it takes to cut up some cloth, thread, yarn, paper, clay, etc............take a moment now to just fathom how truly blessed we are to be able to have time to do what we love.....what brings us pleasure. Then there is our inspiration. The little faces you see in the opening of this post are my inspiration. My heart is completely full of joy when I see these pictures and it is this joy that translates into energy to continue creating new fun projects every day. And by the way, did I mention I made those aprons? I tie design is my own....I call it "The Gentleman Diner."
Please don't call the men in white coats to come for me because my trains of thought go this way and that way and the other way and back again. I was born this way!!!

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