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Showing posts with label English Paper Piecing. Show all posts

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Post in progress

I'm having some technical difficulties today.  Not sure if it is blogger or the wind interfering with my internet service.  I'm just going to post a little teaser next blog post will have something to do with the photo above.  As soon as I can debug the issue...the rest of the post will go live.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

It Is True

I often get asked how I do all I do...and it is true.... I am always doing something.  However, between the doing... I do take time for being and that is what keeps me going.  Come travel through just a few of the activities I've  "done" in the past few days while I was away from blogging:
While driving to the Post Office to ship international packages, I stopped and took notice of what the Flamingos were doing.  They are all gathered under a tree and they are planting some very pretty flowers.

After the Post Office I went to pick up my co-workers from their Lego Camp.  I stopped to watch the pleasure and joy they had in their accomplishments at  camp.  Then, back to doing....
Make dinner, find the boys baseball uniforms and fill water bottles, run down and pack orders to be shipped out the following day....gather the troops and head to the boys baseball games....yes, both had games at the same time on two different fields.  I spent the evening walking between each boys game.  I forgot my camera when I walked down to Aaron's game so I didn't snap a pix of him playing.

After baseball, come home feed the boys their second dinner of the evening.  Yes, they eat light between 10am and 7pm and then they eat the rest of the evening...they are funny like that. 
Now it is 8:30pm...Aaron knows that is the best time for off to the pond I go.  I was thoroughly enjoying the cool evening and watching him pull in the fish.  (we put them way I'm cleaning any of those things...yucky)
Both Aaron and I were marveling at the beautiful evening sky.

9:30 -10:00 get cleaned up and ready for bed....and then I have the choice to sit down and write a blog post or just relax....that night...I chose to relax....ahhhhh.

Thursday was full of much the same except Thursday night Waldo and I headed to Bowling Green for our guild meeting.  
Denise, a guild member, had made this smock last year.  The challenge was to re-design one of those smocks worn for mammograms.  I laughed and laughed....I love her smock.  How could you not laugh if you walked in for your mammogram and that was the smock you were handed?  Thank you Denise for the laughter.  The program that evening was wonderful too....which had nothing to do with this smock by the way.

Friday Morning:
Aaron's agenda was to make his Daddy some brownies for his birthday.  Without any help ....he did everything except put the batter into a pan and turn the oven on.  I never even asked or checked if he followed the directions....I figured it was his gift to his Daddy....I'd just put it in the oven.

Then pack orders, answer e-mails and wrap orders for shipping before the mail man arrives. Then off to get Daddy some birthday gifts.  Where do the boys want to shop?  Garage sales...where else.  How could I say no that that one. 

While on our journey we walked past some beautiful flowers and some lovely homes. Aaron carried his wallet in his hand while Zachary walked around with a gallon size zip lock bag filled with his change and a few dollars.  A real site for sure! The boys were given a few free treasures from a few of the folks having garage sales yesterday.   

The next four pix were taken at the same garage sale.  I sort of took them surreptitiously....

This is an example of what I call Marketing!  This woman had washed out the containers that her coffee and butter had come in and put them nicely in a bag and was selling them....yes....selling them.  Another of my favorites was the plastic silverware from fast food joints.  They were nicely placed on a table and yes...they were also for sale.  I think the all time best was the ice cream sticks above the plastic silverware....if you look at the second photo'll see a plastic bag filled with sticks from  Dove Ice Cream treats.  Either the woman or her family had eaten all the Ice Cream and then were selling us their sticks.  She was a lovely woman too and this was all done with sincerity.....INGENIOUS....why didn't I think of that?  I'm thinking about taking all of our old underwear and putting them in plastic bags and writing "dusting cloths" on the outside and putting them in my next garage sale....ROFL.  What a fun afternoon :)

You are looking at all the treasures the boys purchased for their Daddy for his birthday.  They were so proud and gave each gift with such joy.  Rick was beaming with joy as he received each gift too....oh is was fun to see.  He did indeed need a new golf ball retriever thingie so that was a real find at $1.00.  Zach chose the wooden mask and the bobble head pen for Dad's desk at work.  Aaron found the mini Tabasco bottles and though his Dad would just love them and the skeleton too.  The real gem was the putting thing that you plug in and put your golf ball into.  If you make it in...the ball pops back out at you so you can put again.  Aaron asked the man if he would take 50cents instead of a was hysterical watching him doing his wheeling and dealing.  Think of all the fun we would have missed had we gone to the mall and bought a shirt.

While I'm running here and there I always have my little treasure bag with me.  What's in my treasure bag you ask?

Scraps of  fabric, paper hexies and needle and thread of course.  Weather I'm watching a baseball game or sitting at a guild meeting.....doing anything where my hands are free....I stitch  hexies.  I have hundreds and hundreds of hexies. 

These are some of my favorite here....aren't they so fun?  These are all smaller than a quarter.  People ask me what are you doing and when I tell them they can't believe it.    Mary Jane taught me English Paper Piecing and this was the size I made in my first lesson.  So what do you think I've continued to do?  Yep...I make them all the same size...LOL.  It never occurred to me to make them larger.....I'm funny that way....go can laugh too.

Do ya'all know how to do English Paper Piecing?  I always assume everyone knows how so I have never entertained the idea of a tutorial because I thought it was common knowledge until some of the gals at guild asked me to show them what I was doing.  If you want me to do a little tutorial....just let me know in the comments below.

If you are still reading...THANKS for walking along with me in the last couple of days!!!


PS...the brownies were amazing....forgot to mention that earlier :)

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