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Friday, July 23, 2010

Feed Sack Heaven

I could not resist putting on a Vintage Feed Sack Dress the first day of my vacation just after I woke up.  I had not even combed my hair or brushed my teeth.  Quit laughing and run to the bathroom before you wet your pants!!!  
A rare beauty indeed :)

Remember these little "turkeys?"  The ones that wanted to hop out of the coop?  A wild turkey and her two two little babies came up today to check out the chickens.  They looked at each other through the fence.  It was so cute.

Check out these vintage feed sacks my girlfriend has.  Aren't these amazing.  35 of them in all.....I could not believe my eyes.  She is going to sell them so if you know anyone who collects vintage feed sacks or is making a 1930's quilt have them e-mail me ( and I'll pass along the information.  They have all been washed and pressed (they smell fresh not vintage!).  All of the feed sacks are going to be sold as a collection and not broken up.  The photos below are just pictures that I took of them as she was showing them to me. 

These are close-up views of the feed sacks out of the box.  I know you are going to cry your eyes out, but my dress is NOT for sale!!!  LOL

I thought I would also announce the winner of the latest giveaway:

The winner is Gigi and Grandy in Katy.  Congratulations!!!  Please e-mail me with your address and I'll ship your book to you on Monday :)

Not so vintage smiles,

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