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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Need Homework Help - Flat Stanley

My name is Zachary, I'm an IHAN co-worker.  I have recently read a book about Flat Stanley.  This is my Flat Stanley here in the photo above.

I need some help traveling around....can you help me?  Can you print him and take him to someplace interesting in your city or town and take a photo of yourself with him? When you are done visiting with Stanley can you please send me a letter (an e-mail will do) telling me about his trip to visit you?  Thank you for helping me with my reading assignment.  I need to take all my letters and photos back to school before May 15th.  You can e-mail your letters and photos to my Mommy ( and if you want to send me a real life letter, just ask my Momma for our address in your e-mail.

Thank you,

PS...this message was approved my Zach's Mom...LOL

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