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Showing posts with label Gift Ideas. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Gift Ideas. Show all posts

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gift Ideas from IHAN

Believe it or not, I've already been thinking about gifts for the holidays.  I thought I would point out a few things here at IHAN that I think are particularly great gifts to give during the holidays....and anytime really.

I'm a huge fan of handwritten notes.  So, no surprises when the top two things on the list are note cards....but not just any note cards....these are excellent in my humble opinion (and need I say not one has paid me to say a

The first is this The Art of Quilts Postcard Collection - Animals by C &T Publications.  The minute I saw it I had to have it.  There are 30 beautiful Art Quilts featured.  I just took a few pix just to show you a sample but the list of folks featured are: Susan Carlson, Joan Colvin, Dale Fleming, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Ruth B. McDowell, Velda Newman, David Taylor and Ricky Tims.

Cover art- "Sir Francis" by David Taylor
This is the photo the inside cover, "Looks Like It's Going to Be Cold Again Today" by David Taylor.
Old Man Turtle by Katie Pasquini Maspoust
"Madame Blu's Chickens" by Ruth B. McDowell

"Tickled Pink" by Susan Carlson

"SUNblooms" Correspondence Cards by Amy Butler Design is another of my favorites.  I use these all the time and people always comment on how beautiful the cards are.
These are the 4 designs.  Both the card and the envelope are wonderful to the touch.  Very nice quality and a note card I've enjoyed sending.  Great for any occasion too because they are blank.
Who would not enjoy some Best Press?  I wish I could claim the credit for the perfect name for this product....I know I thought it was me....but no....not this time!!!
Yes, I realize now that I only took a picture of 5 of the you'll just have to imagine the sixth bottle :)  These are nice to be given as a set or one to each stitching friend as a little sampler. 
I love fun tote bags and the next two are made from 100% recycled materials!!  The bottoms open up nice and wide so if you want to use them to take shopping you will be able to carry quite a bit in them.  The one above is the Kaleidoscope Tote

This one is the Rhapsody Tote Bag.  Both bags are by C & T Publishing and the measure 15-1/2in x 15in x 8in.  Talk about making a statement while out and about....I think these totes are beautiful and fun.

If you have friends or family members who like great notions these are some of my favorite to give as gifts.  The Sewline Fabric Pencil is nice for marking on fabric.  It has an eraser (yes it works:) and the bottom has a nice gripper. 

Alex Anderson's 4 in 1 Tool is another gift idea( Usually 19.99 IHAN price 13.95 while supplies last).  It has a Bernina Seam Ripper, an Awl, a pointed wood endcap for turning bias tubes, stuffing small items (dolls/pincushions etc), and Flat End Presser for finger pressing and folding.  It is great for applique and for paper crafts too.
I know the next item is an expensive gift...BUT....if you don't want the person to ever forget you....or you could just go right ahead and ask for a pair yourself....Dovo Solingen 3 1/2 inch Applique/Embroidery Scissors.  I have yet to show mine to a person that did not want a pair and I'm not kidding.  Look how fine and sharp the tips are.  I was able to cut out the antenna on the dragonflies on my Challenge Quilt.  Teeny tiny little wings and those tiny checks in gingham can actually cut a tiny square without cutting in from the edge.  These are a slice of heaven!  I own 4 pair of Dovo and Brint the Scissorman says he won't stop liking me....he is a modern new age guy I guess!!  LOL 

There is always the GO! Baby Fabric Cutter and Tote that IHAN has on Pre-Order Special.  You get the Tote and Fabric Cutter for 149.00 (a 184.00 value-saving you 35.00)

Those are just a few of the ideas....of course a new sewing room with custom furniture wouldn't be bad either!!! 


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thrifty Gift Ideas

I find it difficult to get gifts for some of my family members and friends for birthdays and holidays. I've moved away from the traditional gift giving .... get a from the list etc. Since most people I know have their "needs" met I decided to make gift giving more of a creative adventure. For example:

Calendars such as these from I Have A Notion:

I guess I mention these first because I love Calendars. Some of these even have patterns included....really makes the price extremely reasonable given you get two gifts in one.
Last year, my girlfriend and I decided to restrict gifts to things that have been previously used, purchased from a garage sale or rummage sale, re-purposed items, handmade/homemade things and things we got free. We had the best time thinking of wonderful gifts like these. I know it is not the best thing for the economy right now....but why not try it for yourself?
I gave Rachel a beautiful was really pretty. She opened the gift and was just thrilled....then I much do you think I paid for that....(she is like me....gets a huge charge out of paying almost nothing for something wonderful)? I paid 1.00 at a church rummage sale and the tags were still on it. I could have and would have easily paid 40.00 for the nightgown....but I loved giving it to her and I paid 1.00. This makes the gift giving adventure more thoughtful....because you have to search high and low to make sure your gift fits into the category.
I'd love to hear your experiences like these....or if you decide to do this as well....please leave a comment and if there are enough....I'll publish a chapter on fun gift giving ideas.
Thrifty Smiles,
PS....did you know I Have A Notion has a gift registery and gift certificates? We do!!!

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