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Monday, June 29, 2009

Make Sure You Read Day One's Giveaway Explanation

Hi again. Since we've last visited the Tooth Fairy has visited. Aaron is completely surrised that the Tooth Fairy would know he was on vacation. But she knew and he's thrilled.

Ok....just a reminder here. Here is how the giveaway is going to go: I will draw a random number 1-9 (one for each days gifts) then I will draw a random number between one and the number of comments for the day. So you could have commented on Monday but win Friday's gifts. Get it. So be sure to leave comments each day. No one said I would go back and check the time stamps so if you missed a day....what the hoodle doodle....just go back and leave a comment with the day's requirements.

Have fun and don't be like me.....keep the secret of the giveaway to myself so I have better chances of winning.....go ahead and let others know too.

No pix to upload today.....I'm in the boonies and the camera is in the doonies.

Smiles, Kelly

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