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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winners Announced for Robert Kaufman Fabric Charm Packs

The IHAN Posse has arrived and I can't believe I remembered to post about the Giveaway....even without Gene reminding me....Oh I'm getting good!!  LOL

Instead of the Random Number Generator I relied on the IHAN Posse (all arrived safely tonight)....I walked in and told them to pick two numbers between 1 and 95 and the first numbers that were said were 13 and 72....sooooo

Congratulations to Patty and Marcia W.  Please e-mail me at with your addresses and I'll put two charm packs each into the mail.

Thank you to everyone who left comments.  I'm really glad I thought of asking to hear what you had learned because I learned so much from the comments myself.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway & Exploring Embellishments Winner

My sincerest thanks for all who visited.  It was a pleasure having you visit and I look forward to getting to
to know some new followers.

Lucky Linda from "Quilt Cookies"
won the Westminster Fabric  Roll!!! 
I still can't believe how many comments that were left for one Fabric Roll...532  I did my best to reply to every one's comments that were re-ply-able :)

Lucky Joyful Quilter won Exploring Embellishments!!!

The Three Beaded Wool Gems Kits go to:
Woolen Sails
Penny's Hands
and you are not going to believe this one....I didn't when I saw the number come up again....but it is the honest truth
Joyful Quilter.  I guess it pays to be Joyful today :)

Congratulations to all the winners....and let me remind you.....we are all winners.  To have the privilege of being able to communicate with one another over the Internet and be concerned about little in and of it self an wonderful gift and I hope we all continue to do gratitude checks.....especially now when here on this part of the earth the days are getting shorter and the darkness can bring some low moods.  Lets continue to remind one another of our blessings....I know I need that continued support.

I also want to say THANK YOU to everyone who went over to Linda Poole's Blog and voted.  She had over 1,000 people vote total.  I was fortunate to win the Quilt Challenge and I am grateful and thrilled....and I so appreciate every one's voting for my quilt.  The Iridescence Fabric Line is available now as well as Linda's new line (which I get a yard of each....oh my word I can't wait) Seahorses.

If you are a fish person too and love the sea/water....all of these fabrics are available for purchase from here and scroll down :)

"Life Is Good" Smiles,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winners Announced for the Cheryl Phillips Patterns and Book

Do you remember this post?  I thought I might get buried under comments for the Blog Hop and yes indeed I did forget to post the winners.  So without further ado....

Cheryl Phillips Designs

Barb-Bejeweled Quilts


Dana-Key Largo Fl.

Banded Agate
Sam-left e-mail addy as s.downes
Thank you to everyone who left comments for the Cheryl Phillips post.  If you are one of the winners, please e-mail me with your address.

Blog Hoppers....Welcome, you must leave a comment on the Blog Hop Post and not on this post.  The two featured blogs on today's list are
Jaybird Quilts Blog- Julie Herman

Crazy Mom Quilts Blog- Amanda Jean Nyberg

Good Luck and have a wonderful day.  I'll be at the educational facility for my co-workers because they have a Hop-A-Thon and I'll be monitoring the little hoppers. Hmmmm....Big Hoppers here and Little Hoppers there.....there seems to be a theme emerging.


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