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Showing posts with label Green Fairy Quilts Charity. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Green Fairy Quilts Charity. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Green Fairy Quilts is going back to Romania

What do quilters want?  FABRIC...that's and easy one!!!  Beautiful fabric is even better....and Free Beautiful Fabric is BEST...and I right?  You bet ya I am....100% right and I beg any one of you to differ with me...LOL.

What would you do with this jelly roll if you could do anything at all?  Wait...don't answer that just yet....

 What about this Charm Pack? what pretties could you create with this? 

 How about this big beautiful Fat Quarter Stack? what would you do with all this lovely fabric?
Don't tell me....go tell Judi and Clint from Green Fairy Quilts....they are the ones to tell....especially if you want to win it!!!  They are hosting this giveaway....nothing but a comment is required.

Most all of you know Judi and Clint from Green Fairy Quilts (and if you don' might just want to go over and introduce yourself to some very fine people....some of the finest I know).....they are headed back to Romania to deliver 50 quilts and purchase food, clothing and school supplies for children and families who are in desperate need. 

My 2 Cents......

I can speak for myself and say I am always happy to help with cash but getting on a plane and going to see those hungry faces is more than my soul can handle.  I know I would not be able to come back and continue life as I know it.  (If you don't believe me....just ask and I'd be more than happy to tell ya how I know...privately).  Judi and Clint have 4 beautiful their own business and take their precious time and money (they pay for 100% of their own expenses....not even one postage stamp is purchased with donations...impressive isn't it?) to go to Romania each year.

Here is their last trip's video....

What can we do to help?  Too late to send a quilt for this year....there's always next year though.  You can donate so when they arrive they have money to buy food, clothes and supplies for those they meet who are in need.  How much is enough to donate?  Anything....any amount at all....join me in supporting an impressive young couple in pursuing their lives calling. 


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