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Showing posts with label Happy Together Blog. Show all posts

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Tutorial I Could Not, Not Share

This post was supposed to "air" on 2/5/10 and it did not post....don't know why.  So here it is:

I found this blog: Happy Together.  Not only is the title so wonderful but the photos and the designs are really wonderful too.  Have you ever clicked on a blog and said to yourself, self....this feels good....great photos....and projects I can connect with?  This is one of those.

Jessica has written a tutorial for these pin cushions.  Who would not want one of these?  If you have a zillion pin about a sachet?  A block to put into a project?  Just a photo to save and smile at when you see it?

Make sure you click on the first link and scroll down to see a picture of a beautiful little girl smiling and playing in her tent.  It will melt any Mommy's heart.....and if you are not a Mommy....just pretend for a moment!!  If you pretend longer than may have issues that can not be discussed in this blog post....ya better e-mail me off line. (LOL)


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