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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harrison Rally Day in Perrysburg OH

The Harrison Rally Day was held last Saturday here in Perrysburg, OH. The Perrysburg Area Arts Council hosts a Rally for the Arts. There is a parade in the morning and the kids just love it. Candy is thrown and the children scramble to put candy into their little bags. Local politicians and social groups come together and parade down the street. Bands and dance troops come as well. Local artists, businesses and social groups have booths as well.

I met Lois Morgan, Cut Loose Designs, that Saturday. Lois has knitted fabric to make some fun bags. She is a jewelry designer and sells her work to galleries. The bags were something fun Lois did for the Harrison Rally Day. She sells patterns and kits as well. If you are interested please e-mail me at and I can put you in touch with Lois. I think this is an excellent use for salvages and thin strips of left over fabric.

As usual, this photo does no justice to how nice this bag really is.

The best part of the parade for me were the Way Public Library Ladies. I've never seen this done before and I absolutely loved it. The ladies were pushing their carts in the street....then to the music...the did a formation and pushed their carts like the Shriners do their little cars. I really laughed and smiled. That is my kind of entertainment and humor.

Then of course the boys had their faces painted by two very talented ladies. Here they are with their friends.

I had to post this one of Aaron. Down the street comes the Fire Dog and Aaron walks into the street with his arms wide open wanting to hug the Fire Dog.
Rick and I had a great time and enjoyed the day with the boys and friends.


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