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Showing posts with label Hugo's Amazing Tape Product Review. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Hugo's Amazing Tape Product Review. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ-Hugo's Amazing Tape Product Review

It is Wednesday!!  The best part is 1. I know it is Wednesday, 2. I'm back from fishing and I have lots of non fish stories :) and 3. I'm a little more rested than I was before I left for my "Fishing Trip."

Do you know about Hugo's Amazing Tape?  I have known about Hugo's Amazing Tape for quite a long time but never really considered buying it...until Patsy Thompson (Patsy Thompson Designs) loaned me some of her threads.  She had her spools covered (keeps the dust out too) with Hugo's Amazing Tape. 

When I brought her threads home with me I fell in love with the tape she had around the spools.  I knew I had to have more Hugo's Amazing Tape.  It keeps your threads from tangling and those loose tails from being annoying.  (I know you know what I'm talking about...LOL)  You can also use it for marking seam allowances on your sewing more adhesive on the plate or table.

 Here is a photo of the one inch clear tape on a spool of my thread.  What is "Amazing" about Hugo's Amazing Tape is that it is reusable and it sticks to itself without adhesive and best is self clinging too.

There are hundreds of are a few examples:
 I hate messy cords....Hugo's Amazing Tape to the rescue!!  I wrap all cords so they don't get tangled and especially my camera cords.  When I travel I can 't seem to find the cord to the right camera so I tape them around the camera before I put them in my camera bag!!! 
Who wants adhesive glue on your fabrics?  Yikes!!  If you have a stack of fat quarters that you are storing or taking with you....wrap some Hugo's Amazing Tape around it and you are good to go.

How about using Hugo's Amazing Tape for playing cards, game pieces, storing things in the freezer (yes it works in the freezer), holding your sugar and flower bags closed, keeping the lids on liquids when you travel (cosmetics etc), perfect for holding things together so they don't get separated when you move or travel, keeping all threads, ropes, cords, fishing line, cut fabric strips, patterns,etc. together.    My skin is very sensitive and the typical adhesive on band-aids can irritate my can use Hugo's Amazing Tape over gauze and wrap it around your owie too :) ....I hope you don't have any owies!  OK, you get the idea. 

Reusable....that is huge to me because I'm all into re-purposing and reusing what ever I can.  After you are finished using it on one can use it again on something else.  The piece you cut not long enough?  No worries....just cut another strip and it will hold to the first piece extending it's length.

Hugo's Amazing Tape is available in the following widths:

                            1/2" x 50 clear             1" x 50 clear           2" x 50clear
                 2 3/8" x 50 clear                                1" x 50 blue

If you use Hugo's Amazing Tape please leave a comment below and tell me the uses you have found for the tape.

Many thanks to those who have been very patient with me replying to emails and blog comments.  I took a much needed break and I never once forgot about the kind comments and emails I  have received.

Big Fishy Smiles,

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