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Showing posts with label Human Touch Massage Chair. Show all posts

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ahhhhhhh The Human Touch Therapeutic Massage Chair

Ahhhh....taking a break is soooo good.  Some of us are faster than others....this is Rosemary's finished plate.  Didn't it come out great?  I'm going to work on finishing mine today. 

I am so glad I carry my camera with me everywhere I go.  This picture was taken at my favorite garage sale.  These gals get together once a year and have the best garage sale.  I stopped by last Friday to see what they had.  It was 3:00 and as I walked through the yard I saw a gathering of ladies having shrimp and wine.  Some were sitting in wicker furniture that was for sale...and when there were no more seats....this lady just made a seat for herself.  I LOVED IT!!!

Yes, she is sitting in a kitchen sink drinking a glass of wine and using a trash container for a table.  This is my kind of girl time....just hanging a sink!!!  I wanted to take a picture from the front but she did not think that was the best idea.  Too bad because that was the best view.

Here comes the R & R....Jackson style.  Back in March before my birthday, we stopped into Costco to get some groceries.  It was a Saturday so you know they have every imaginable free sample to pass out.  The boys love going to Costco on Saturdays.  Can you guess how long it took me to sit down in one of these massage chairs they were demoing?  Do you think I was hesitant....or waited politely to be offered to sit down.....OH NO....the minute I saw these chairs...I walked over and sat right down.  It could have been the electric chair for all I knew....but it looked to inviting and I was willing to take the chance.

There were 4 chairs, two here and two on the other side of that advertisement.  All four Jackson's were flat out on our backs with feet up being massaged.  I think we stayed there for 20 minutes or more.  I was so surprised people were not lined up just waiting to sit down.  Guess they are not as adventurous as we are!!
Zach gives it his approval.
Sir Aaron would not get up.
Here is the pix with the machine on high...LOL.
This was the poster than had next to the chairs.  20 years of use....that chair would last longer than many marriages.  And much less costly than a wedding too!!  LOL

I was sold.  All I knew was that I wanted that chair.  Rick said he would like to think about it.  There is something you may want to know about he and I.   Invariably we end up on the same page....I end up there immediately....he ends up there in 3 days.  I'm patient and I wait :)  My birthday was on the 18th of March and all I knew was I wanted that chair.  We typically don't spend money like that except for on appliances and furniture.  I was convinced having this chair would prolong my life (and I tried to convince Rick I would live longer....all he did was laugh.  Do you think he wants to shorten my life? either.)

We celebrated my birthday on the Sunday following the 18th with my family here.  That morning Rick got up and called the man (Rodney -661-886-3889) at Human Touch and ordered that chair for me (all of us).  I was so excited I could barely wait.  They said it would arrive in 2 weeks, but the local delivery person called that next week.  It was a Friday and he said he could deliver on Monday.  With great enthusiasm I asked if my chair would sit in a warehouse over the weekend.....oh no it won't....I'm coming to get it....where are you?  Oh yes....I drove right over that afternoon and brought that chair right home.  I went next door and got the neighbor and his son.  When Rick arrived I had the entire posse ready to bring my chair in the house.  I am in love with that chair and I sit in it almost every day.  Rick falls asleep in it and the boys love sitting in it too.

I know it can not sew.....but dang it sure is Wonderful!!!!  Don't you wish I had invited them to join in the IHAN Anniversary Celebration?  Me too....but I knew I could not have been honest....I would have pulled my name and won another one.....and then I would have felt guilty for the rest of my life.  Some temptations are just too great :)

Relaxed Smiles,

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