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Thursday, April 29, 2010

IHAN Anniversary Celebration Statistics

No wonder I'm tired!!!!  I had no idea the number of gifts nor their value until I sat down and tabulated these Stats.....unbelievable!!!

Now keep in mind these are rough numbers.  I did not go back and recount and obsess.  I'm sure there is someone out there who will re-count for me...feel free!!  LOL ( need to see a psychiatrist for your obsessive tendencies if you are the one who actually does it)

Number of Prizes: over 160
Retail Value of Prizes: $3300.00
Number of Winners: 83
Total Number of Comments: 4613
Qualifying Grand Prize Enteries: 2448

Can you believe it?  I couldn't!!!  If I seem a bit wonky lately it was from having to exchange e-mails with 83 winners (multiple times) and many contributors to coordinate shipping of prizes.  Then there was the calculating postage, paypal requests for postage, boxing up prizes for about 75 people, and hand written notes in the packages.  Hmmmmm.....yep....I guess there is a good reason I've been tired lately.  This was a 4 person job not a one person job :)

You know what kept me going?  It was all the wonderful thank you comments I received from IHAN blog readers.  So many people took the time to thank me for doing the 32 Days of Giveaways and complimented my posts and efforts.  What an incredible Pay Check that was!!!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and leave comments.  I so appreciate your kind words and support.  It is truly fuel for my soul.  Not only that.....several folks sent nice thank you notes back with their postage.  A few sent extra postage and more offered to send more to cover additional expenses.  I don't know of another business person (I"m sure they are out there....but I don't know them) that people actually offer to pay more....go figure!!!

Then there were those few gals who worked in the background....they had the toughest job of all.....they gave me feedback and support when the going got rough.  Their suggestions, help, several daily e-mails, and kind words really allowed me to keep my sense of humor up until the end.  You girls know who you heart felt thanks!!! 

Oh yea....there is someone to blame for all of know who YOU are too!!!!  This is all your fault and don't forget it.....LOL :)

Huge Smiles and Monster Gratitude!!!

(edited to add the total number of grand prize people)

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