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Showing posts with label Island Batik. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I am smack dab in the center of all the good stuff for sure :)

In the past month I have received some amazing prizes from just hopping around blog land.  I'm sort of embarrassed to show everyone because you'll think I rigged the drawings!  Hope you all know I'm not that tech savy so I'd never be able to do that....but I could learn!!!  (Perhaps in time for the next giant Aurifil thread giveaway...LOL)

During the Quilters Giving Thanks Blog Hop sponsored by Michelle at The Quilting Gallery I was lucky enough to win this amazing bundle of hand dyed fabrics.  The funny part was I received an e-mail telling me I won and the gal had gone out of town so she was just getting back to me.  WELL...what a fun surprise fro me.  I was able to go over to DyeCandy on Etsy and choose which bundle I wanted.  How can a girl turn that down???  She can't :)

I remember leaving a comment on Chris Daly's blog because she was opening this amazing Retreat Center and looking at her pictures made me dream and drool about going there with some girlfriends to sew.  The name of it is Woodland Ridge Retreat and it is in Downsville, WI.  If you have not visited their website, go look at this beautiful place...there isn't anything they don't have...including barrier free showers...oh yeah baby!

Chris was so kind that she even offered me a gift certificate toward a visit to their Retreat Center, can you believe that one?  Talk about generous!!!
Recently I won on SewCalGal's blog as well.  The Quilters Bee Charity Fundraiser event was a great event and I won this amazing bundle of Batiks from Island Batik!  My sincere appreciation to SewCalGal and to Island Batik for participating in the Charity Fundraiser and for sending me these amazingly beautiful batik fabrics :)
 This bundle was amazing and I have not had the time yet to play with all the yummy goodness that was included in the package.  I will post a review when I have the time to use them. 

I'm in shock that I won so many amazing things recently.  I guess it was in part due to my inability to move around much during the holidays and I was on my computer more than usual.

I'm headed to PA this weekend for my annual PA Retreat with my girlfriends there.  I so badly need to get away and I look forward to this event every year.  Last year I ran into Brenda's car necessitating a repair....lets hope this year comes off without a hitch!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where in the World....Day 3

Much to my amazement...I read comment number eleven on day 1 and thought to myself..holey smokes...this is a small world!
Robin recognized one the of  Hawaiian dancers and my charade was over....LOL.  That' why I posted the photo of Visions Museum  in yesterday's post....I know several of you would make the effort to Google and know immediately where I was.

After lunch at Souplantaion (one of my favorite spots) ...I got very sleepy and decided to lay down for a short nap.  

Where would be a great place to take a nap?  Why not in this lovely pile of batik fabric?  Better yet.....

sleeping in yardage seemed so much more inviting :)  I know all of you who love batik fabric as much as I do are turning dark green about now....

I bet you are wondering how I found such a plush place to sleep.....I happened to be with a very "insightful" blogger....SewCalGal and she arranged a tour of  Island Batik in Carlsbad, CA..  SewCalGal was talking with Caleb and Katie and I slipped off for a little nap.  When I woke up...they were still talking (chatty bunch) and that's when I made my move.

As I crept through the isles I looked up and noticed some suspicious looking storage bins....hmmmmm what treasures are hidden????  Inquiring minds wanted to know....soooo

I was wishing I had worn a vest with many pockets under my shirt.....what a bad day to be unprepared!!!

 JACKPOT!!!!  I can see these panels embellished...oh the my heart beat became more and more palms began to sweat....I thought for sure I was having a "Batik Seizure Party" in my brain.

I was not on top of my game because I forgot to look for security cameras.  As the "Batik Seizure Party"  took over the frontal cortex of my brain I lost all control and headed for the exit....who could blame me right?

I was thinking SewCalGal caught on to my dilemma and she continued distracting Caleb.  That's what I call an amazing will will be the accomplice to the crime :)  Much to my dismay, SewCalGal doused me in ice cold water to "snap me out of it" and I didn't even get out the door.  (Nasty expletives where floating about)

Thankfully Caleb and Katie were very forgiving and allowed me to remain in the warehouse under the close supervision of SewCalGal.

Look what I found.....

Then I spotted this....
Shazam....a bolt of lighting struck....that's when I made my move....I scooped up 4 little Island Batik bundles and they fit perfectly into my pockets.  I just know that I would not be prosecuted if I were to face a jury of my wants to be on the jury?

As "payment/bribery" I'm offering anyone willing to be on my jury a chance to own one of those beautiful bundles of  Island Batik Fabrics :)  Leave a comment on this post committing to be on the "jury" and if you want to increase your chances of'll get an extra entry if you go to Island Batik on Facebook and "Like" them...make sure you leave a separate comment here that you did do that.  . (Click Here to be transported to Island Batik Facebook page)

Will I find 4 peers?  Time will tell...

Oh more thing...there was more fun after that...and I'll be back from the beach later to tell you about the adventures.


Disclaimer:  portions of this "story" may have been changed to protect the innocent...but I won't confirm nor deny which parts...LOL

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