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Showing posts with label Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors. Show all posts

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Essentials for the Traveling Quilter

Hello, it's Kelly's friend Jean(ie) popping in to keep the blog going. Kelly is busy and unable to post, so I thought I'd pop in (surprise!) and take a task off her list.

This past week I've been blessed to get to know more members of my guild (Stray Thread Quilt Guild in Woodinville, WA) during a couple of sew days. These amazing people inspire me. We have a wonderful assortment of quilters among our group -- art quilters, traditional quilters, modern quilters, quilters who play with scraps, crazy quilters (aren't we all crazy?), and those who adore handwork.

What unites us all? Thread, fabric, pattern, color, and texture. And sew days. Days in which we all "get away" and get together and just sew. This past weekend I spent two days sewing with my guild and I had fun!

When I go out sewing -- whether it's at a local shop or meeting place, there are several things I don't leave home without. First up on the list is my handy-dandy Tutto bag. I have a large machine and this rolling bag makes it easier for me to carry my full-size machine to classes. Plus, it has tons of extra room to stuff all sorts of notions, thread and fabric. To read more about the Tutto Machine on Wheels case, click here.  They make these cases in a multitude of sizes. And just so you know, I've even used this very case for a suitcase during a car trip. I was able to cram a whole lotta stuff in there! It has handy pockets for thread, notions, rulers and a really roomy interior.

The extra-large interior space fits my oversize machine, 2 small tackle boxes, a quilt top and backing, and an iron!

Another thing I take with me are my Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors. These stay in my handwork bag. Kelly recommended these to me and I absolutely LOVE them! I use them for my applique work and fabric cutting. I've been hot into hexies for handwork. I trace my template on fabric and cut. The scissor blades really cut through the layers of fabric cleanly and without issue.

Another Must-have for the traveling quilter is the Scrap-Ma-Bob Clamp On Holder for Beverages and Scraps. I get lots of comments on this one. Folks always stop by my table and tell me how clever it is! Why do I love it? It's impossible for me to spill my drink on my sewing machine and workspace. And believe me, if my water is by my machine, the machine will get soaked, but not when I use my Scrap-Ma-Bob. It keeps things dry. And the little scrap bag, I've got tons of bag space for those thread clippings and fabric scraps that are too small to recycle.

What are your traveling must-haves when quilting (besides chocolate)?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Applique Giveaway & Master Applique and Hand Applique Follow Up

Before I go any further, I need to clarify something I wrote in my post about Mary Jane's Baltimore Album quilt.  The center block is an Elly Sienkiewicz design, the leaves and berries surrounding the block is what I was supposed to point out as being MJ's design.  I sincerely apologize to Elly.  Thankfully Elly didn't catch this and write to me....I'd have been so embarrassed!

I loved reading all the comments about Mary Jane's Baltimore Album Quilt.  So many of you guessed correctly, my favorite is block number 9, the one with the bird. 

I put everyone who left a comment into a little bag and drew out a name. 

A great gift for applique just might be a wonderful 4" pair of Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors....and the name I drew out was.....SARA! (I'll give ya three days after that...I'll draw another name)

Sara, e-mail me with your full name and address and I'll send you Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors....might I just add that Karen's Perfect Scissors honestly rock big socks....truth!

Thanks for reading and leaving comments :)


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